Bartolo Colon suspended 50 games for positive test

The Indians have old and new history with Bartolo Colon. The one-time Tribe ace most recently beat the Tribe at the age of 39 as a member of the Athletics on August 18th. No fake websites for Colon. He’s taken full responsibility for the incident.

”I apologize to the fans, to my teammates and to the Oakland A’s,” Colon said in a statement released by the players’ association. ”I accept responsibility for my actions and I will serve my suspension as required by the joint drug program.”

No word from MLB yet if the A’s will be forced to vacate any wins. It sure would be a relief to the Tribe who could use any win they can get right about now.

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  • c3j1v62

    color me not shocked. Grant it, these Indians are bad, but not Big Fat Bartolo Colon striking everyone out bad.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I knew he was juiced the way he mowed down the mighty Indians in his last start!

  • Harv 21

    First the suspicious stem cell transplant in his shoulder a few years ago and now this. His public expressions of contrition aside, this dude is clearly not willing to go quietly toward his post-major league income plummet.

    I’m sorry it’s only 50 games.

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Got to it before I could.

  • I agree. There’s all the incentive in the world for them to juice. 50 games is not a big deal. Even an invalidation of his contract wouldn’t punish him for what he’s already gained in $. Problem is that there’s no clear cut way to figure out what moeny he “earned” by cheating or a mechansim that would make him disgorge it back.

  • MrCleaveland

    That’s a great point, CB. A guy at the end of the line might as well juice if he can get one more payday out of it. There’s more to gain than to lose — excepting maybe health.