Why don’t we talk about Trent Richardson more?

Are we not talking about Trent Richardson enough? In some senses I guess there isn’t much to say. Richardson has even successfully avoided letting Jim Brown and his comments get under his skin all throughout the off-season. His contract isn’t signed yet, although it doesn’t really appear that anyone is remotely concerned yet. What does it say about us as a fanbase that we aren’t ending every Browns conversation saying, “But yeah. Regardless, I can’t wait to see what Trent Richardson does this year.”

Are we already taking him for granted even without seeing him play? Did we just plug him in atop the depth chart and instantly go to Brandon Weeden and the QBs because that conversation is just so much more comfortable? Probably. We should also probably stop that.

Trent Richardson does have a lot to prove, but there is a lot of reason for potential excitement.

Richardson might have instantly become the best running back in the AFC North. Rashard Mendenhall is a beast, but he tore his ACL against the Browns last season, so there are plenty of question marks surrounding him. The Bengals got rid of Cedric Benson in favor of BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Say what you want about Benson and his character, but I still think he is a better running back than Green-Ellis. Ray Rice is clearly the #1 on paper right now, but he’s been franchised by Baltimore and who knows where he is mentally or physically as he scraps with his agent for a long-term deal. It wouldn’t be the first time that a guy who was due a big contract came back bitter and out of shape.

Considering all that, Trent Richardson instantly walks into the division with a good chance at being the second best running back right away. And if Richardson is as good as the Browns think he is, he might just be equal to Ray Rice. Browns fans should be so lucky, but you aren’t an idiot for hoping for that level of quality from a guy with Richardson’s pedigree who was picked 3rd overall.

Maybe we all need a bit of controversy in order to spike the conversation, but it’s kind of wrong. Trent Richardson is more likely to make Brandon Weeden’s career than vice versa. Brandon Weeden is important, but clearly not as big a deal this year as Trent Richardson.

  • “Maybe we all need a bit of controversy in order to spike the conversation, but it’s kind of wrong.”

    The only part of this I disagree with is the “kind of” part. The desire for controversy is to an embarrassing level, including but not limited to Brandon Weeden. Had Richardson shot back at Brown, he’d make headlines galore. He takes the high road and no one says a word.

    Great post, Craig.

  • Harv 21

    Ha-HAH! so we aren’t entitled to stop talking about him even between post-draft and the opening of camp, during the few respites between OTAs? Bob DiBiasio just read that and smashed his laptop.

    Pretty clear you’re itchy, Craig, but let’s wait for something to analyze. At least for camp to open, or better yet the meaningless preseason against other rooks.

    Or maybe you’re just stretching your Browns article chops.

  • Yup

    Yes, why aren’t we talking about what a mistake it was to draft a RB at 3? Why aren’t we taking about how by almost every metric, RB is the least valuable position one could draft in the top 10? Hear, hear! Let’s talk about Richardson more!!

  • Steve

    Why aren’t we talking about a guy who hasn’t said too much to the press during his team’s offseason? Really? I’ll patiently wait for the “why aren’t we talking about Jason Kipnis article in November, especially if the Browns are actually competing for the division title at the time.

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    I guess because there really has not been much to talk about.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    “Trent Richardson is more likely to make Brandon Weeden’s career than
    vice versa. Brandon Weeden is important, but clearly not as big a deal
    this year as Trent Richardson.”

    I guess I disagree. A good defensive game plan against the Browns this season is to stack the box and make the rookie QB beat them. If Weeden can consistently complete throws downfield and beat blitzes, the opposing defenses will have to back off, which will allow Richardson a chance to get to the next level. If Weeden can’t do this, teams will just stack the box and key on Richardson, limiting his impact.

    There is a symbiotic relationship here, and no doubt having a premier back (who is a good blocker to boot) should make Weeden’s job a little easier. But if Weeden can’t at least keep the defenses honest in pass coverage, it’s going to be along year for TRic

  • me

    Rashard Mendenhall is no beast.

  • DontbringLBJback

    You want controversy… How about this: the dude made one of the dumbest statements ever. After fumbling the ball 3 times during his first practice, he blamed the “numbers on his jersey.” He said it would “take a little time to get use to.”

  • fanforlife

    I see a lot of talk about better players,,and guys stepping up and becoming the
    great players they where supposed to be,,,the browns have the talent to play with
    anybody,,,BUT,,will the coaching be as good as the players,,so far I have seen
    nothing that shows me that,,,,,A great race horse is nothing without a great