While We’re Waiting… Pavlik Battling Back, McCoy Wants to Play and Waiters’ College Career

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“Kelly Pavlik, the former middleweight champion and recovering alcoholic, knows all too well about the downside of having too much idle time and too much money. He wound up in rehab, and his life, let alone his boxing career, was in jeopardy.

He’s now in the midst of a comeback and will fight Will Rosinsky on Saturday in the opener of an HBO-televised doubleheader at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif.

It’s his second fight in a month and some have speculated that it might be too much too soon.

The question really, however, is whether Pavlik can afford to sit out. Pavlik is one of a large contingent of fighters who is better off being active. He needs to be in the gym, refining his prodigious skills and avoiding the temptations that go along with lots of down time.” [Iole/Yahoo]


Believe it or not, yesterday was Cliff Lee’s first win of the season– “Uncle Sam waved his stars and bars and ensured that, on the greatest and most American day of the year, Cliff Lee would get a win.

8.0 innings, 7 hits, 2 runs, 1 walk, 9 strikeouts. ONE WIN. Congrats, Cliff. Today, you are America.” [Getting Blanked/The Score]


“Jimenez’ five June starts stand out against the rest of his season line (even his start on Monday); they’re a contrast in quality. He still walked too many, but his K rate increased substantially. Both his SO/9 and SO/BB for June would make him the SP team leader overall were they his season rates, although that’s a bit of a silly way to approach things. At any rate, he deserves credit for that 8.9 in the June line; he did face Houston Pittsburgh (first and second in Baseball in strikeouts), but he also faced New York, Saint Louis, and Detroit, all teams that avoid K’s regularly. ” [Let’s Go Tribe]


“For Daniel Colt McCoy, the word quit isn’t his vocabulary. While it would be easy for the former Jim Ned and Texas great to just give up and request a trade, it’s not in his nature. He wants to fight for the starting quarterback job at Cleveland. Not just for him, but for his teammates and the Browns fans. “I really like Cleveland,” McCoy said Tuesday after wrapping up his two-day youth football camp in Abilene. “I’ve always been a guy that wants to finish what he starts.” [Richards/Reporter News]


Brendan gets the inside info on Waiters from a Syracuse blogger– “StepienRules: Why did he not start for Syracuse last season? Did the fact he didn’t start ever matter to you, or to Orange fans?

SK: Dion’s not starting was more tactical than anything. It was not because Scoop Jardine and Brandon Triche were “better” than him. Boeheim used Waiters as a not-so-secret weapon. So when the other team’s starters started to come out, here comes Dion with all his energy and athleticism. After that, he played just as many minutes as Scoop and Triche and played in crunchtime just as often. I see a lot of people citing that Ohio State game as proof he doesn’t play in big games. Did those people watch that game? The refs were on such a foul-calling spree it’s amazing everyone didn’t foul out in the first half. The fact that he didn’t start never mattered to us and we find the whole “he never started!” complaint rather humorous. When the game was on the line, most SU fans would tell you they wanted the ball in Dion’s hands.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


Position analysis, WR– “Better than 2011? One of the factors the front office is counting on is that the returning receivers all know the system and what’s expected of them. They expect Little to take a major step from a very productive rookie season and emerge as the team’s top receiver. Massaquoi is also expected to step up in a big way. Cribbs showed he can be productive and between Mitchell and Norwood, the Browns are expected one of them to break out.

Benjamin is the only new addition and his blazing speed should stretch the defense, but it’s hard to know if he can be the game-changing receiver the Browns hope as a rookie. The Browns will give Benjamin every opportunity to break into the lineup.

Weeden’s bigger arm should help make the receivers look better. The biggest question is whether they will be able to hang on to the ball after leading the NFL as a group in dropped passes in 2011.” [Greetham/FSO]

  • Jack

    Weary of Colt conversations…

  • Harv 21

    MoMass is “expected” to step up – again. Benjamin’s speed will stretch the defense -as Carlton Mitchell’s speed has done? Weeden’s arm is expected to … blahblahblah.

    Why wait to see if someone can actually play the game, get off the line and run a route, catch the ball, throw to the right spot under pressure. Predictions based upon zero information are fun. Publish them early because if you’re lucky enough to be right you can brag you said it first, and if you’re wrong no one remembers except a few cranky weirdo losers.

    This heat is making me cranky.

  • Garry_Owen

    “Uncle Sam waved his stars and bars”
    Point of order: Maybe Jeff Davis raised those, but Uncle Sam was decidedly anti-Stars and Bars. There was a whole “civil war” fought over that.
    “Stripes.” The word we’re looking for here is “stripes.” The stars go with stripes.

  • Harv 21

    This Waiters dude has high maintenance written all over him. Hope it’s in a Baron Davis/pain-in-rear-but-loves-big-moments way rather than the Gilbert Arenas/total-disrupter-when-volume-of-shots-threatened way.

  • porckchopexpress

    I’ll try and talk you down on Waiters. He’s a young kid who was asked to pass up potentially millions of dollars because his coach wanted him to play 6th man even though he could have started.
    If you were 18-21 years old and your boss said “We’ve got a job that you are the most qualified for, but we are keeping you in a lesser role because its better for the company. Now what we are doing could cost you literally 10s of millions of dollars but we need you to suck it up and do what is best to make us 10s of millions of dollars.”
    Don’t you think you might have an issue with that?
    To be honest if he turns out to be a young Baron Davis with better eating habits we are well on our way. Young Baron with Kyrie would instantly become a completely ungaurdable backcourt.

  • Harv 21

    I too would have an issue with that. But the various profiles of him, in the NYT, etc. paint a pretty clear picture that this kid’s issues with authority and maturity didn’t start at Syracuse or end when Boeheim read him the facts of life. I see him knocking heads with Scott as a regular pattern.

    And I’m ok with the high risk/high reward player because it’s already Kyrie’s team and because it will be Byron guiding Dion’s first NBA habits, not a Flip Saunders or a Randy Wittman type. It looks like he brings electric skills and an arrogance that might pair beautifully with Kyrie’s calm and composed dagger style. This pick is also growing on me because to become a great team you just have to take some chances unless the annual can’t miss pick falls in your lap.