While We’re Waiting… O-Line improvement, Ubaldo’s second half and CFB trends

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“Assuming the aforementioned players can play at a high level, the Browns could have one of their best offensive lines for the foreseeable future. Adding former first-round picks Joe Thomas and Alex Mack to the mix, the Browns have not been negligent to that position. Thomas is entering his prime in his sixth season and has been voted to the Pro Bowl in each of his first five seasons for his play at left tackle. Mack has anchored the center spot since joining the Browns and has been to the Pro Bowl.

Pinkston and Lauvao played all of 2011 at guard and should only get better. Schwartz is penciled in as the right tackle and the Browns are hoping he will be there for a long time. The depth is expected to come from veterans Greco, Cousins and Miller. There are eight other candidates vying for a roster spot, including four undrafted rookie free agents.” [Greetham/Orange and Brown Report]


Big League Stew’s Top Ten players that need a good start to the second half. No argument here. “7. Ubaldo Jimenez, Cleveland Indians 8-7, 4.50 ERA, 1.51 WHIP, 86 ERA+

The Tribe traded two of their top young pitchers to Colorado last summer in hopes that Jimenez could serve as the staff ace for the playoff push ahead. That didn’t happen as Jimenez struggled and the Indians quickly faded behind the Detroit Tigers. Perhaps it’s now a pipe dream to think that Jimenez can regain his early 2010 form, but the middling Indians rotation needs something — anything — from him if they want to stick with the White Sox and Tigers atop the AL Central.” [Kaduk/Big League Stew]


Not quite sure how it would help, but here’s one fan’s idea– “Scott Rubin, former editor-in-chief of National Lampoon, is finally attempting to kick his addiction to his habitually losing team, the Buffalo Bills. The film “Losing It” will document Rubin’s crusade to either end his dependence on watching his team lose again and again, or completely turn things around and bring them to win a championship. Rubin hopes to pick up fans of other losing teams along the way, and is reaching out to fans of all Cleveland sports in the fight to get his team, and Cleveland teams, to quit being losers.” [Losing It Kick Starter]


Sullinger looking good in summer league– “In his first three games with the Celtics’ summer team, Sullinger scored 20 points, grabbed 16 rebounds and scored 16 points, respectively. Read: This week, no one’s talking about Sullinger’s back issues or the fact he was “red-flagged” by NBA doctors. He’s shown an ability to power his way over taller defenders, draw fouls, hold his position near the paint and work his way toward the basket for easy shots. Sort of like he did in his two seasons at Ohio State.” [Amico/FSO]


Interesting read on college football trends– “Picking up on an idea that has spread amongst Airraid coaches such as Holgorsen and Tony Franklin, I spent several weeks detailing the rise of packaged concepts. The idea is simply to take what has made option football so effective–making a defender wrong every time, and expand it to the passing game to give an offense options against multi-faceted defenses. This fall will be a good glimpse into how this concept can expand, for example with an offense combining the traditional power play, which already amasses blockers at the point of attack, with stick, which pulls out the front side linebacker against this amassed threat. So long as an offense can address timing issues and a combination similarly accomplishes the same option effect, expect offenses to continue to attack with these combined looks. ” [Fulton/Eleven Warriors]

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    I was with the whole “Losing It” premise, until he suggested he might switch allegiances to a winning franchise. Unacceptable.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Is “Losing It” an Arrested Development reference? There’s an episode where Maeby is reading scripts for her new job as a movie exec and she retitles “Losing It” as “The 14-Year-Old Virgin”, then retitles “The Sexual Assault of Abigail F” as “Losing It”. Chances of this being a coincidence? Zero.