While We’re Waiting… Jose Calderon, Barkley spilling the beans and Larry Doby’s path

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Making a case for the Cavs to get Jose Calderon– “Calderon sees the court exceptionally well, something that Irving struggled with as a rookie without a decent mentor. If Calderon can teach Irving how to see and use the best passing lanes, as well as how to keep his teammates involved and productive, the impact could be amazing. Calderon has the skill set and the experience to help accelerate Irving’s development from an impressive rookie to a truly elite offensive force.

Calderon’s defense is another matter entirely; John Hollinger once compared him to a traffic cone. The Raptors were 7 points worse defensively when Calderon was on the court, and that is not likely to change with Calderon turning 31 before the start of next season. While Irving can learn a lot from Calderon on the offensive end, he (and everyone else) should be required to shut their eyes when Calderon is defending – heck, that’s probably what Calderon is doing. We’re talking Jeff McInnis-bad here.

But the Cavs don’t need a lockdown defender backing up Irving next season. They need a mentor for the young man, and Calderon would be a very good fit.” [Curry/Cavs HQ]


“It’s not easy to accept the quick downfall of Hillis. This was a guy who became the identity of the Browns offense two years ago out of nowhere. Just as quickly as he gained his fame, he lost it. I don’t want to remember the drama-filled season with Hillis. I want to remember the good times, like when he hurdled a Falcons defender or bulldozed over a Panther into the end zone.

After bypassing on Hillis in free agnecy, the Browns made a fast transition away from him. When April’s draft hit, they traded up to the No. 3 pick to take Alabama running back Trent Richardson. We haven’t seen Richardson play a single snap as a member of the Browns, but he has garnered a lot of support for the way he has carried himself around Berea this offseason. Hillis might be a distant memory to some, but this writer has not forgotten about him. I still check out our Kansas City Chiefs affiliate, Arrowhead Pride, every couple of days to see what the latest news is with Hillis. During last year’s offseason, he was pulling trucks as part of his workout routine. As it turns out, he’s doing the same thing as a member of the Chiefs. The Kansas City Star even shot some video of it recently. It almost makes me feel like he’s still a member of the Browns…but he’s not.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


Watch this video of Charles Barkley talking about how the SEC works, framed in a story of the first time he met Dirk. [Men of the Scarlet and Gray]


“The Cleveland Cavaliers have been linked to CSKA Moscow’s Alexey Shved as a potential Free Agent target over the last couple days. I wanted to learn more about him so I reached out to some people familiar with Shved and the CSKA organization last night. I asked about Shved’s contract situation with CSKA, as well as how they would describe Alexey as a player. I also asked if they knew anything directly related to Shved and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but they didn’t. ” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


“Larry Doby walked onto a team whose players didn’t have all that much use for him, and not only due to the age-old scorn of rookies. There were honorable exceptions—Joe Gordon, Jim Hegan, and Bob Lemon being names you might well recognize—but to most of the rest, Doby was an interloper, not a teammate. From opposing players, opposing managers, and fans, he got treatment that is still painful to recount at this far remove. “I can’t see how things were any different for me than they were for [Robinson],” Doby would later say.

He was partly right. The animus against him was comparable to what Robinson suffered, but the support for him in his struggles was much less. For one, the black newspapers of the day, united in extolling Robinson, let Doby fade from their pages. The story was the First Man, not the Next Man. This was short-sighted: that next man mattered very much, in insuring that Robinson wasn’t a fluke, that there would be a next man, and a next, and a next.

But it’s understandable that they might not look too closely at his performance, because in 1947, it did not stand much scrutiny. To be blunt, Larry Doby had an awful 1947. He started exactly one game (the day after his debut), and his .156/.182/.188 line over 33 plate appearances didn’t justify much more.” [Hardball Times]

  • barkley clip is priceless.

    the humorless [jerk] writing the blog is not:
    Yet here Ohio State is…serving a brutally harsh penalty for a coach “covering up” free tattoos and trophy selling.

    lighten up francis. ohio st and tressel broke the rules. moveover they did so knowingly, willfully, and within months of USC getting reamed and so had to know there was a bullseye on their back. stupidity? hubris? both?

    setting up a false equivalency with a charles barkley anecdote as your cause for outrage? this is the stuff that makes people dislike buckeye fans.

    and two wrongs do not make a right. get past your ‘everybody does it’ argument unless youre still thirteen.

  • Kade

    Did you really just tell me to “lighten up francis?”

    This coming from a guy who said the following things:

    barkley clip is priceless.the humorless [jerk] writing the blog is not.and two wrongs do not make a right. get past your ‘everybody does it’ argument unless youre still thirteen.

    But you are right about ONE thing you wrote…tattoo’s and 200k cannot be equated. One (and I’ll let you guess which one) is far more egregious than the other.

    I absolutely LOVE how serious you are taking this…must be a Michigan fan.

  • cmm13

    Two points for the Stripes reference. Love that movie.

  • oh yeah. i did. lighten up francis. the chapter is written, we’re on probation, let’s just serve it and move on. lets NOT continue to act the victim. lets learn something from this.

    actually im not taking the video ‘serious.’ i’m pointing out that you did. you took a funny, innocuous barkley video and twisted it into some defense for osu rules violations.

    as for the defense youre still proffering, it doesnt address the violation of self-reporting. when youre on an honor system you dont get to choose what violations to report. when youre one of the highest profile ‘football mills’ in the country and governed by an organization trying desperately to be even-handed in fulfilling its hypocritical mission (preserving ‘amateur athletics’ for a billlion dollar revenue stream), it is wise to be scrupulously clean. it is not wise to cover up known and public violations and then to try to say ‘everyone is doing it.’

    since you suggested: born riverside hospital, raised in grandview, three OSU diplomas for my folks, earliest memory includes the 50-14 ‘why’d you go for 2; because i couldnt go for 3’ game, rode my bike to games in the archie griffin era. definitely a penalty in the fiesta bowl. solid buckeye fan. even some buckeye fans can see that OSU athletic department lost its way on this.

  • Kade

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha……I honestly can’t laugh at you enough. You inability to comprehend writing is priceless. You are simply reading into what YOU want to and putting words in my mouth.

    Tressel is gone. Scholarships are gone. Postseason is lost. The damage has been done. The video is absolutely priceless….Barkley is one of the funniest sports personalities ever. But…BUT…

    He does point out what everyone already knows. The SEC cheats….and does it bigger and better than everyone else. The point is not that everyone does it…but that it seems like only select schools get in trouble for it.

    I don’t need 3 diplomas to see that an entire conference is getting a pass, while USC and OSU get hammered for comparatively far less than what the SEC does on an almost daily basis.

    Frankly I don’t believe you are a Buckeye fan…and if you are, you are a self loathing Buckeye fan…which is far worse than a Michigan fan. And I’ll also point this out to you since you go back so far as an OSU fan….

    You sound like a Woody fan…..I bet you didn’t know Woody would actually instruct his players where to go to sell there trophies, jerseys etc…but hey….this is a problem that just now cropped up.

    I can’t roll my eyes enough at you.

    PS. Have fun rooting for quite possibly the absolute worst professional football team on Earth.

  • The SEC cheats….and does it bigger and better than everyone else. The point is not that everyone does it…but that it seems like only select schools get in trouble for it.” <–note link

    you dont get it and wont, but i'll repeat: it does not matter what the SEC, ACC, PAC12, or any other team does. it matters what we/OSU do. that is all that OSU can control.

    gonna wrap it up there before the snark impulse takes over.

  • Kade

    All we need to know about “Jim” is he is a soccer fan.

    Do you also knit sweaters and frost cupcakes in your spare time as well?

    I am an OSU fan and have absolutely no control over what OSU does…so I’m not sure why you are using the word “we.”

    The fact is, what the SEC does off the field to attain players gives them an enormous advantage on the field. And it’s shielded by players like ESPN who protect the SEC at every turn.

    But hey…keep rooting for Les Miles like I know you will.

  • Personal attacks are not allowed in this forum. I personally don’t think the soccer crack is a personal attack. I like soccer too. The part about knitting sweaters and frosting cupcakes also doesn’t seem like a harsh personal attack. I don’t knit sweaters, but I do frost cupcakes.

    Anyway, be careful. Personal attacks aren’t allowed and if you want to get into ugly sniping, please do it on Twitter or something.

  • Kade

    Does that also include him calling me a jerk or is this a double standard of this site?

  • An interesting point. When he called you a jerk, you weren’t a commenter here just yet. You were an author from another site that we linked to. It raises an interesting question. Are our commenters allowed personal attacks on other people who aren’t commenters? People attack players and celebrities all the time, but we don’t feel the need to police that.

    The fact that you came her and commented after the fact threw a monkey wrench into our policy. Hmmm.