While We’re Waiting… CLEVELAND!

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I’m back, and hopefully better than ever! Just completed a move to the 440. Looking forward to some awesome Cleveland experiences on the daily. As such, check out this Cleve-centric piece– “I don’t try to come off as the Pollyanna of Cleveland. As a trained journalist, I believe in bringing honesty to my writing whether positive or negative. But there are some nights where I just can’t see the bad here, or I’m enjoying the city to a point where the bad loses importance.” [Huff/This is My Cleveland]


Grossi and Florio on the Browns ranking at PFT– “I thought Florio brought up an unusual concern, and that was, “what if Trent Richardson gets injured, doesn’t everything go to hell?” I don’t understand why that would be a specific concern for the Browns. Are they going up and down every other team in the league and wondering what they will do if their starting running back goes down, or if their top draft pick goes down? Things happen, but it’s not like the Browns took an injury-riddled Montario Hardesty in that spot. Grossi acknowledged that if the backups stay healthy, he thinks Cleveland’s depth at the position is better than it has been.” [Pokorny/Dawgs by Nature]


From the way-back machine– “80 years ago today, one of the wildest games in baseball history took place. In fact, you can make a damn good argument that it is the wildest game of them all. It was July 10, 1932 when the Indians squared off against the A’s. It was unusual even before the first pitch was thrown. The game was in the midst of an A’s-Indians series in Philadelphia, but due to Sunday laws in Pennsylvania, they teams traveled to Cleveland for this one day. That proved to be crucial, as Connie Mack decided to bring just two pitchers with him – starting hurler Lew Krausse and veteran arm Eddie Rommel as the one-man bullpen.

Well, as it happens Krausse didn’t have it that day, so Mack pulled him for Rommel after surrendering three runs in the first inning. At that point, after one frame, the A’s trailed Cleveland, 3-2. It was up to Eddie Rommel and just Eddie Rommel for the rest of the game. Sure enough, Rommel would win the game. Or rather, he’d be credited with the win – after surrendering 14 runs on 29 this and nine walks. Oh, and he also uncorked two wild pitches.” [Jaffe/Hardball Times]


While we were moving, my wife discovered an old Mark McGwire Topps Rookie All-Star card. Nothing like what another Ohioan found in their attic. [Brown/Big League Stew]


Finally, as he did with Dion Waiters, Brendan Bowers talks with a Carolina blogger about Tyler Zeller. “StepienRules: Are there any reasons for Cavs fans to be concerned about drafting Tyler Zeller in the first round? Carolina March: Nope, I think you pretty much know what you’re getting with him. There were a couple of early injuries in his college career that gave him a bit of a bad reputation, but they really were fluke collisions, and he’s been the healthiest player on the team for the last two seasons.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]

  • mgbode

    I love Batum. One of my favorite players in the 2nd half of last year (after Portland traded Gerald Wallace to give him playing time).

    Is he worth a 4yr/$45mil contract? I say yes without any hesitation. In today’s NBA, that seems about right for a guy who is likely the third best player on a contender as he grows.

    Is he worth a 4yr/$45mil contract, 2 future 1st round picks, and a future 2nd round pick? well, umm. wow. that’s apparently what Minny is offering (w/ 2nd going to Chicago and Korver going to Portland w/ the 2 1st round picks). And, Oshley is still saying that he’s going to match.

    The Twolves are going their best to give their RGIII-offer to Portland. It will be interesting to see if anything actually plays out from it, but it still looks like the Blazers are content to just wait for the offer to be signed and match it (risky if Batum decides to threaten to sign the 1yr qualifying offer).

  • mgbode

    Rick, great that you got into the ‘440’. Wish I could make it back there.

    Visited the last week of June though and having sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-70s the entire week gave my kids the most picturesque view of the city imagineable (Mapleside’s great outdoor playground didn’t hurt either).

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    I think Florio focusing on a Richardson injury reflects the general view that the Browns offense will be one-dimensional and predicated entirely on the run. Something along the lines of: “Well, their receivers are terrible, so they’ll have to give Trent the ball 30-35 times a game….if Trent Richardson gets injured, doesn’t everything go to hell?”

  • Which actually sounds like prophetic words.

  • mgbode

    Interesting that Philly writers think that Pence will be on the trading block. This particular writer wants back a MLB-ready 3B in return. With Chisenhall out for the season (and PHI not caring about this season) and Pence being the RH-cornerOF power bat that we are searching for, it poses an interesting question.

    Chisenhall (controlled through 2017) for Pence (controlled through 2013). Who says no?

  • saggy

    i actually think it’s solely based on his injury history. that’s why i don’t think it’s such a stretch to discuss the what-ifs of Trent Richardson getting injured.