While We’re Waiting… An open letter from a Steelers fan, Gordon shines in first practice, and thoughts on the Cavs’ schedule

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The Browns have a lot of potential on offense. “In his first practice, Josh Gordon caught the attention of Browns fans. Nearly 3,000 fans showed up despite threatening skies and scattered thunderstorms to see the Browns on display for the first time.

After he caught a pass from Colt McCoy in 11-on-11, the crowd cheered wildly for him.

“This feels like a place that I definitely want to call home,” Gordon said after practice about fans cheering for him.

Pat Shurmur has been pleased with Gordon’s ability to pick things up.

“He’s really a fine learner and he was a little faster (today).”

Shurmur said due to the rules the defensive backs weren’t allowed to bump-and-run in the OTAs and minicamps, so this is the first time the receivers have been challenged. Shurmur said Joe Haden went up and hit Gordon at the line and reported back to Shurmur.

“He has great size and didn’t have to deal with the bump-and-run in college,” Shurmur said. “In this league, you get challenged. Joe came back to the sideline and said ‘Wow, this is a big sucker’.”” [Fred Greetham/Orange and Brown Report]

I thought this open letter to Jimmy Haslam was pretty clever. “And to flirt around with that sorry of an excuse for a team? That’s like being married to Kate Upton and flirting with that awful looking woman sitting two desks down from me. I’ll spare you the picture, because you don’t want to see it.

And we don’t appreciate those who intentionally spite us. Approximately 84 percent of us are now blocked on Mike Wallace’s twitter feed due to our discord over his holdout. Ask Plaxico Burress. He’s all but banished and all he did was tell Ben Roethlisberger to call a different play in the huddle. Plus, that whole “spiking the ball before being tackled” thing never sat well, and I’m being fair in assuming it never will.

Where were you when the Jaguars were for sale? I didn’t read your name back then. Granted, Jacksonville isn’t Shangri-La either, but compared to Cleveland, it’s Shangri-La with free drinks and crab cakes. Maybe toss in a cigar.

This says nothing of the rivalry we have with Cleveland. You know, the whole Steelers/Browns thing? I know in your time you’ve never seen the Browns beat the Steelers, and even if you stayed in Pittsburgh for another 20 years you still may not ever see it, but you had to realize they’re still in the league, right?” [Neal Coolong/The Steel Curtain]

These games against the Twins count just as much as the games against the Tigers. “Remember Thursday night?

When the Indians – in what was being called their biggest game of the year – stared down baseball’s best pitcher and their divisional rival and exploded in the 7th inning as the momentum of a season seemed to shift at the corner of Carnegie and Ontario?

Since then, the Indians have been outscored by a 23-5 margin by a team that had been outscored by 106 runs in their previous 98 games in the Twins…and they looked bad doing it.  Up and down…up and down, and as this team continues to astound (Thursday’s game against Verlander) and confound (Friday’s game with Tomlin likely punching his ticket to the bullpen or Columbus and Saturday’s debacle), the Indians find themselves trying to figure out what they’re going to do, with the full knowledge that making any significant upgrades isn’t going to magically turn this team into a cresting juggernaut, but with the pang of a feeling that this AL Central is still inherently flawed as the White Sox (with the tenuousness in their staff) and the Tigers (who always fail to impress when they play the Indians) still look “catchable” for the Tribe…as hard as it is to see this Indians team going on an extended run to catch/pass either or both.” [Paul Cousineau/The Cleveland Fan]

My NBA schedule analysis: the Cavs play everyone in the NBA. Fin. “Cavs fans will have the opportunity to see 3rd overall pick Bradley Beal play here in Cleveland on opening night when his Wizards come to town. He’ll be matched up with 4th overall pick Dion Waiters.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, the 2nd overall selection in this year’s Draft, won’t be back here to CLE until the second last home game of the season on February 6th. January 4th the Cavaliers travel to Charlotte for a road match-up in their only other meeting of the season with his Bobcats.

At first I thought the Cavaliers would not be playing against 1st overall pick Anthony Davis and his New Orleans Hornets. Somehow I didn’t see the February 20th home date between this year’s number one pick and last year’s. Pretty weird I missed that.

It will also be weird when Skyenga and his Lakers make their triumphant return to Cleveland on December 11th, but you already had that one circled. Steve Nash is coming with Kobe and Christian that night, along with Antawn Jamison.

Ryan Hollins will also be out for revenge himself on November 5th when the Cavs head to Los Angeles to do battle with his Clippers. Ryan will have teammates Chris Paul and Blake Griffin fired up for that one to be sure. ” [Brendan Bowers/Stepien Rules]

Justin Masterson’s hard work paid off for roughly three innings yesterday. “Masterson’s season started on Opening Day, and he looked as dominant as one could possibly look. He pitched eight innings, allowing only two hits and striking out 10. According to Baseball-Reference, he was only the third pitcher since 1918 to put together that line score on Opening Day. He left the game leading 4-1 over the Toronto Blue Jays, but Chris Perez and the bullpen could not hold the lead, and the Tribe eventually lost in 16 innings.

“Personally, it’s not disappointing at all, because that is the nature of baseball,” Masterson said. “As a team, you’re upset because it’s Opening Day and you want to win that game. We were close, and again, that’s how crazy baseball is. It’s just happens to be one of the two blown saves our closer has. It happens.”

What happened for Masterson were three bumpy starts, resulting in two losses and a no decision, making him winless to start the season and holding a 6.65 ERA. According to Indians Manager Manny Acta, Masterson made some mechanical changes in his delivery, and the results began to show on April 27 when he went eight and one-third innings, allowing four hits and two runs against the Los Angeles Angels. According to Masterson, the adjustments were just minor in nature.

“You never really make any serious mechanical adjustments,” Masterson said. “Really there is a point where you get scared and worry if you need to make some major adjustments or just some minor tweaks, and that’s what we did, made some minor tweaks. That’s what you do whether you’re feeling good or not. You’re always going to have some minor bumps.”[Mike Brandyberry/Did the Tribe Win Last Night]

I’m really interested to see where this new Ownership takes the Browns. ” Because Lerner did not sit behind a desk every day at team headquarters in Berea, because he dared to have outside interests, most notably Aston Villa of the English Premier League, Lerner became an easy punching bag for disappointed and angry Browns fans.

Being a “hands-on” owner does not correlate to on-field success, however, a fact lost on many fans. You just have to look at the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins for proof of that. Jerry Jones (Dallas) and Dan Snyder (Washington) are two of the most involved owners in all of professional sports. But what do they have to show for it? Since 1999, when Cleveland returned to the NFL as an expansion team, the Cowboys have exactly one more playoff win than the Browns.  Snyder bought the Redskins in 1999 and since then Washington has two playoff wins.
Perhaps Jones and Snyder should find something else to do with their time.
This doesn’t take Lerner off the hook, however. It’s probably safe to say he never intended to become the owner of the Browns, only taking over after his father passed away. And no one pays $119 million for a soccer team, like Lerner did for Aston Villa in 2006, just for fun. He wanted Villa, but he was responsible for the Browns.” [Tom Moore/Red Right 88]

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    who ever wrote that “open letter” has never been to Jacksonville. that place is a total dump. from a far i looks okay, but once you get in the city you can tell it’s a total crap hole

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