Rumors of Cavaliers Involvement in Dwight Howard Trade Heat Up Again

According to NBA sources, the Cleveland Cavaliers are once again thought to be involved in a potential Dwight Howard trade. This time, the Cavaliers would theoretically be landing Lakers big man Andrew Bynum.

According to ESPN.com’s Ric Bucher:

The Cavaliers would land Lakers center Andrew Bynum for a package of draft picks and veteran power forward Anderson Varejao, according to one league source. The Lakers would receive Howard for Bynum. Orlando would get Varejao and draft picks. The source said this was merely the framework of a deal being discussed.

Obviously we’ve heard rumors like this before, so this isn’t exactly new territory being covered. But for what it’s worth, it sounds like there’s some smoke to this fire. Which, of course, means nothing is probably going to happen.

For the Cavaliers, though, it’s a chance to pair a top 5 PG in Kyrie with a top 2 center in Bynum. It’s a core that you have to believe you can build around and, frankly, gives you 2/3s of your own Big 3. It’s a risky trade for Cleveland and it throws a wrench in the rebuilding plan, but it’s probably a risk that makes too much sense to pass on for Cleveland.

Again, assuming these rumors are true.

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  • Steve_Not_Chad

    The Lakers won’t take Richardson due to the fact that he doesn’t get along with Steve Nash.

  • mgbode

    they would be fighting with the Nets and Pacers to be the 2nd best team. with Irving&Bynum, I’d take my chances.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    agreed…but you’re not including all those draft picks. I think I need some sort of commitment from him to stay with us before we pull the trigger. Cleveland’s been burned too many times.

  • Jack

    People talk about trades because it’s fun. Especially trades that net you something that’s already bloomed. It’s like gardening. You plant a seed, and sure it’s nice to cultivate it and watch it grow over time. But what if you could have a flower that’s already to bloom tomorrow, instead of in a month or whatever?! Isn’t just the possibility exciting? Or on a cooking show…they throw something in the oven or close the grill, and they cut out the in between and show the final product because it’s way more exciting. Staring into the heating apparatus isn’t necessarily.

    Have fun. Indulge a little. Dream of a world where you can eat your delicious pot roast way sooner than you thought you could’ve…


  • RyanH

    But why would the Cavs want to make a trade for one year when Bynum said he may come here in FA in a year. Unless he signs an extension before the trade, we would be losing draft picks and Andy (possible chip for other trades) to do better for just one year (worse lottery odds in future). I say either wait or make sure he signs extension first (which would be ideal).

  • Brett

    I’ve thought more about this since the last rumor, and I think we should pass. Call me risk averse, but hear me out.

    Last year was the first time since 06-07 that Bynum was healthy for almost a full season. It was the first time he averaged better than 15 ppg and only the second time he averaged over 10 rpg. He has earned a reputation as non-chalant when it comes to his effort on the floor, and that’s stating it nicely. Why do we want this guy on the team?

  • Dee P

    I want to agree, I really do. Bynum would be fun. But I like having 6 picks over the next 3 years. When it comes to free agency, we aren’t on a level playing field, because NBA stars prefer other cities over Cleveland. So to balance that out, we need to have the advantage in the draft. That’s our equalizer isn’t it?

  • Jon

    I would love to have Bynum and Kyrie together, and if all we gave up was Varejao and draft picks?!? Sign me up! If even one of Thompson and Waiters turns into a star level player and we trade for a good SF (Igoudala, Paul George, Granger, Rudy Gay) that’s a championship contention team.

    PG – Irving : Sloan
    SG – Waiters : Draft pick
    SF – Gay/Igoudala/Granger : Gee
    PF – Thompson : Samuels
    C – Bynum : Zellers

    That right there is a championship level team 2014.

  • Jim

    Um, ever heard of Tyson Chandler?

  • mgbode

    even Tyson Chandler thinks that’s funny

  • mgbode

    probably have to add glen davis and jason richardson in there (contracts to take back).

  • mgbode

    the Lakers wouldn’t “keep” Q, they’d simply waive him and take on his salary

  • floydrubino

    It’s confusing to me how the lakers would just let some 24 year old all world center just leave unless there are some underlying reasons. Don’t get me wrong I would gladly take him because this is an opportunity the cavs couldn’t pass on for his upside but I will temper my expectations. Obviously the only way to do this is if he signs a long term deal but if he did play to his potential we would be tough to beat.

  • Captain Kidd

    If LeBron signs off on it, cool with me.

  • mgbode

    2 reasons
    1. he doesn’t get along with Kobe (surprise) and wants a bigger piece of the offense. so, he might not re-sign with them.
    2. Dwight is better. alot better. Bynum might be the 2nd best, but there’s a big gap there.

  • dwhit110

    The Celtics replaced Ray Allen with Jason Terry. That’s decent and they had two good draft picks. I’m not counting them out in the East yet.

  • Jaker

    Rather give up the Sac pick than any other. Odds are that the Sac pick will become a 2017 second rounder because they’re most likely always going to stink and thus “protect” that pick

  • Jaker

    “J” Rich not “Q” Rich

  • Jaker

    I LOVE this deal. So most of what we give up wasn’t ours to begin with? Brilliant! We may need to include the Sac pick but I’d be ok with that because its Ultra-protected and will most likely become a 2017 2nd rounder… Switch Richardson with Duhon, but we’re nitpicking at that. May need to put Gibson/Casspi in but this deal is gold!!! Also need to get an extension out of Bynum

  • Jaker

    But he knows how Scott runs his players, so if he’s willing to sign an extension with BS’s team, he would be signing his name to a TON of hard work. He knows the deal won’t get done if the Cavs can’t get a guaranteed signature from him, and he knows he can get super-paid next summer no matter who he plays with this year. So why sign an extension with the Cavs? Because he knows what He, Kyrie and Scott can do together for a long time. If he doesn’t want to sign longterm, we won’t do the deal. If he does wanna sign, we’ll know that he knows the commitment he’s making. Simple as that.

  • floydrubino

    If Dwight was 100% healthy then he is better but you don’t know the health of Howard right now. Also Howard is so limited on offense that I don’t think the gap is as big as you think. I don’t think any one of them are that good to be honest because Shaq and Olujawon would of destroyed either 1 of them. Howard is viewed as being this good because their are no good centers in the league and he is the best of an average group. Howard is a great defensive player but so was Mutumbo and we didn’t view him as a great player but rather a great defender. I would of course take either player because they are the best prospects and I would without question take Howard over Bynum but that’s because Bynum doesn’t even play hard and doesn’t try over half the time because if Bynum did as far as I’m concerned it’s a wash because Howard stinks on offense.

  • mgbode

    really? well, good. I want J-Rich if we do this trade (we need another scoring SG – his contract is bad, but we’re taking a bad contract anyway)

  • mgbode

    if Garnett stays healthy, then they can be a top4 seed. if not, then I think they’ll fall apart. just noting how they say he has to have a 1hr training session just to get his knees ready to play each and every single day, etc.

  • Because your ability to acquire a player like Andrew Bynum is something that rarely happens. This is it. Your chance to acquire the 2nd best center in the NBA. A legit superstar. Someone who, with Kyrie Irving, makes you a contender for years to come. He might walk, or he might stay. But if you don’t trade for him, you’re 100% not getting him. Trade for him, I’d say you have about a 70% chance of keeping him. I think it’s a worthy gamble.

  • mgbode

    he averaged 57% FG on 13 shots/game last year (scoring 20pts). down from 59% FG on 13 shots/game and 22pts/game the year before. he averaged 4 offensive rebounds per game. yes, he is a terrible FT shooter.

    his PER the past 4 seasons: 24/26/24/25 (largely an offensive statistic though more is involved)

    Yes, his FG% is elevated by his propensity to dunk. but, guess what, dunks count and he’s great at getting them. he did all of this with Jameer Nelson as his PG. he even worked with Patrick Ewing the past couple of years and has developed a few good post moves (the catch-n-hook to the right being his best one).

  • “Basically I’m curious as to why people want to talk about a trade that may or may not happen. Plus state trade senarios that the fans have no control over. Hmm….”

    Umm, because it’s fun? It’s part of what makes sports great. Talking with other fans in your community about ridiculous scenarios that we know probably won’t happen but are still fun to imagine. What’s not to like?

  • Billy Smalls

    If you can get Bynum to sign long term before trade, you send Varejao and whatever 3 or 4 1st rounders you have to to get this done….. We have 2 possibly 3 next year…. No brainer! get it done Grant!

  • Jack

    You didn’t like my overwrought analogies, Andrew?

  • Haha, I actually wrote my response before I saw yours. But FWIW, I did give your comment a +1, so there’s that. And I’m hungry for pot roast now, to boot.

  • mgbode

    are the carrots, celery, and potatoes cooked with the roast? mmmmmm

  • architrance

    I completely agree! If the Cavs want him and he wants to be a Cav- why not just wait a year and sign him in FA?!?!

    With another lottery pick next year, plus a ton of extra picks to probably trade back up into the lotto again, this team should be STACKED with young, affordable talent. An I’d think we’d be an ideal destination for a big FA to round out the rotation!

  • RGB

    Bynum is a knucklehead.

  • floydrubino

    Of course he is effective and a good player he is going up against nobodies every night. The discussion isn’t if Howard is a good player it is how much better is he than than Bynum. We all know already that Howard is an all pro but when he plays on a better team and his shots go down he will be mostly a post defender on a great team. You can throw the stats at me but it doesn’t change that he doesn’t have much of an offensive game. Like I said if Bynum tried hard every night the lakers would not even be trading him because he would be as effective as Howard. I like Howard and the reason why I wanted T-Rob was the same reason why I like Howard which is he gives 100% and he is a beast on the boards. I would welcome Howard or Bynum on our team gladly but like I said in my original post for a team like the Lakers to give up on Bynum is a red flag but fortunately for us it’s worth the risk to get Bynum.

  • mgbode

    “Howard stinks on offense”
    “Of course he is effective and a good player he is going up against nobodies every night. The discussion isn’t if Howard is a good player”

    Ok, I’m throwing up my hands on this one. I’ll just say that Dwight is an elite defender and a very good offensive player. enjoy.

  • BrownsFanSF

    I’m on the fence about that one. On one hand, I keep saying eveeentually they have to be outside the top ten right? On the other hand, this is Sacramento we are talking about. I feel like we’ll get it the year after this next one, when T-Rob and Boogie are killin’ folks down low (and maybe ‘Reke reads Eat, Pray, Love and finds himself or something)

  • Jaker

    Crap, please don’t make me say it… If this deal gets done, we would have a glaring hole at SF, opening up for “The Return” which is more of a reason why this will never happen. I hate rumors.

  • Jaker

    agreed. lemons and lemonade

  • floydrubino

    A very good offensive player is insane. He doesn’t have a jumper and he doesn’t have post moves. He gets his points from being more athletic and quicker than the guys he goes up against. He works hard on the boards. You can be bad at offense and still be effective. He is the defensive player of the year and this is his game. Like I said before the reason why I want Howard is because of his rebounding and defense and that is where he does his work. Olajuwon is a very good offensive player not Dwight Howard. Howard does not have good footwork with his post moves because if he did he would average over 30 a night for who he goes up against.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I thought I heard somewhere that Hedo Turkoglu was the other big contract Orlando wanted to rid themselves of and that he’d be going to the Cavaliers along with Bynum from the Lakers. For me the biggest sticking point is Bynum signing an extension. I don’t know if he’s as wishy washy as these reports have it with teams he’d sign an extension with because there is always a new version of what’s being reported.

    The only other risky part is Bynum’s inability to stay healthy. I believe I heard he’s only played one full season or near it since he’s been in the league. At only 24 that’s not exactly inspiring. Of course Zeller would be here but still.

  • Steve_Not_Chad

    Mmmmmm……….. Lemonade.

  • MoreGolfLessWork

    don’t want bynum. thanks but not thanks… i think he’s overrated, immature, and injury prone. also, the cavs getting bynum in no way, shape, or form makes them a good playoff contending team. “2nd best team in the east”? sorry, but nope. takes more than a disinterested center to make the leap from 2nd worst in the league to 2nd best in the east..

  • mgbode

    you are correct. it would take more.

    it would take Bynum, Jason Richardson, Glen Davis, Dion Waiters, and Tyler Zeller. plus getting rid of inefficient players such as Anthony Parker and Antawn Jamison. and getting a full season out of Kyrie Irving.

    now, if only we had a way of doing that. OH WAIT!

  • BrownsFanSF

    How does Bynum know Scott? I know reputations perpetrated by the media in the NBA are far from accurate… but Bynum has the reputation for being aloof and uncoachable, and Scott has a reputation for being a tough, not player friendly coach, who expects a lot from his guys.

    This worries me

  • Chucky Brown

    I could live with the potential starting line up of
    TT &
    w/ Gee, Zeller, Samuels, Gibson and Casspi off the bench

  • NoWearMan

    If you don’t want to discuss it, DON’T. But you’re here….discussing it.

  • mgbode

    i have left Hedo out of all the trade comments I have made because “I hate that guy” it’s childish and silly, but I would find it very difficult to ever cheer for him (or Rashard Lewis for that matter)