Report: Cavs discussing sign and trade of Antawn Jamison

According to Marc J. Spears the Cleveland Cavaliers have had talks with the Nets about signing and trading Antawn Jamison. Spears also mentions that Golden State and Charlotte are in the mix too, whatever that might mean, exactly.

Jamison went from being considered a piece of the puzzle to an awkward veteran personality on an obviously rebuilding team. If the reports are true, it would be nice for the Cavaliers to be able to book-end Jamison’s time in Cleveland as one of the pieces of the future by getting something that will help them moving forward.

It should work for Jamison as well. A sign-and-trade should presumably get him more money than what some of these cap-strapped teams might be able to offer him via exceptions and veteran minimums.

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  • nice!! works for everyone

  • thenoclist

    I know everyone has ragged on Jamison the last few seasons but despite his shot selection he is a total class act. Good luck to him in the future.

  • mgbode

    something for nothing is a good thing

  • 2k12 legend

    Do whatever jus plz get him gone I’m sure he is a good guy but since he was picked up its been down hill..

  • Devin


  • 6thCity

    I guess i don’t get how a guy who played the most minutes of any player last year, who was second in scoring and second in overall rebounding, somehow still gets a bad rap these days. I wouldn’t want his next contract, sure, and I wasn’t a fan of the trade that brought him here, either; however i’m not sure he did anything last season other than make more games watchable.

  • jmgatskiejr

    Class comment! It certainly wasn’t his fault that his game was never designed to play off LeBron’s but clash. Just a bad fit from the first offensive set. Great guy. Godspeed.

  • AParker

    Good sign and trade deal with the nets would be for taylor, the rookie point guard that can be a strong back up point guard and after some good experience with irving and sessions last year they could play them both together in stretches if the game allows it. Another idea would be to offer a second rounder with antawn for a number one

  • mgbode

    we have no plans to re-sign Jamison. we would get something back in a trade. that is all.
    you read a bit too much into my comment.

  • WayneEmbrysKids

    I wanted to like him but he sucked from Day 1.

  • mgbode

    apparently, Mike Brown put in a good word for Antawn. Kupchak is making a push to sign him (vet minimum or sign-n-trade though I don’t know what they have left to offer)

  • Tron

    Is there more to this report, like what we would be getting back in return for Jamison? I’d be curious to see what they’re offering

  • mgbode

    haven’t seen anything. if the Bobcats want to work a sign-n-trade though, then I wouldn’t mind taking a chance on Reggie Williams for our backup SG slot (and hope that the GS years were his true value and last year was an aberration on a terrible team).

  • Vindictive_Pat

    The bad rap tends to be about his defense (non-existant) and his low shooting percentages. I’m not sure anyone else on last year’s team other than Kryie would have benefited the team by taking more of Jamison’s shots, but he’s not a guy a contending team would want in a starting role. He’s a nice bench player and a great teammate, so there’s definitely value in that. The Cavs were just forced to use him in an ill-suited position where he played a ton of minutes.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    This shows Chris Grant is exploring every possible scenario to improve the roster. You have to like that certainly when you compare it to the other professional sports teams in town.

  • HereWeGoAgain

    This is good to hear! A sign-and-trade to Golden State for Brandon Rush and Jeremy Tyler. Golden State gets the back up PF for Lee and Cavs get AP 2.0 younger and another young big to develop.

  • Steve

    His net defensive rating of -9.09 last year was by far the worst of anyone resembling a regular on the roster. His .481 TS% only beat out Thompson among the regulars. His rebound rate was closer to Gee and Casspi’s than it was to Harangody and Samuels’ (to make it clear, the latter two beat him on the glass). Maybe you enjoyed him just jacking up a bunch of shots, but it was infuriating for me to watch, especially considering he had no future on the team.

  • Steve

    It most certainly was his fault. You’re brought in (for next to nothing, mind you) to an already-60-win team that is humming along smoothly. Your goal should be figuring out how to fill a role to help the team out, however small, not how many shots you can jack up.

  • ArchitranceHaskellarchitecture

    Highly doubt the Nets trade Tyshawn Taylor, I believe he’s from Hoboken, NJ and Brooklyn has to be desperately trying to keep their Jersey fans on board.

  • very true i think jamison was a true pro during his time in cleveland good luck to him

  • No.

  • The Jamison hate needs to stop.

    Yes, he jacked up a ton of shots last year, because he was a 13 year NBA veteran on a team of rookies and scrubs. What, did you want to see, Harrangody and Casspi throwing up more bricks? Ryan Hollins bouncing the ball off his head and out of bounds? Outside of Kyrie, he was our best player, and thus deserved the shots he took. Hell, Scott encouraged him to do it!

    Also, what’s with these comments ripping him for hampering our team chemistry in 2010? We didn’t lose to the Celtics because ‘Tawn jacked up a lot of shots (he shot 47% in 11 playoff games that year, averaging over 15 PPG), we lost because we couldn’t defend KG. Granted, that’s largely Jamison’s fault, but his lack of D isn’t news to anyone. It’s not as if Amare would have done a better job defending Garnett had we acquired him instead.

    Jamison’s a class act, and unlike 99% of the rest of the league’s star players, who would’ve bitched their way out of Cleveland in the past two seasons, AJ kept his mouth shut, went out and played hard. I dunno how anyone can rip him.

  • al

    old man wad the leafing scorer. Why I. such big hurry to let him go when the team desperatly needs experience. resign him at a more reasonable salary

  • HD

    If only there was a team that could net us a decent SF in a sign and trade!

  • jmgatskiejr

    I understand your logic and respect it but his game is so unorthodox that it was destined to be disruptive to the flow of the players around him whether he tried to fit in or not. He takes odd angles when he cuts, shoots from weird places a and generally is just a delorean on a floor full of Porsches and Ferraris.