OSU LB Storm Klein Arrested

Ohio State senior linebacker Storm Klein was arrested Friday evening in Columbus on charges of domestic violence and assault.

Klein, who has started 10 games for the Buckeyes and a potential starter, remains innocent until proven guilty of course. But his arrest marks already the 3rd arrest for Buckeye players since Urban Meyer’s arrival.

The Buckeye coach came to Columbus with a reputation for having players with legal issues at Florida and while he didn’t recruit any of the players who have been arrested, this certainly isn’t going to sit well with the coach. If the charges stick, expect Klein to be made into an example by Meyer.

No details or comments have been released by Ohio State at this time.

  • dombard

    Supposed to hit the QB not your girl!!
    Lets see how te urban show handles this! GO BLUE!

  • Bootha

    Dmbard, plenty of um players have messed up, grow up, make a legit comment, and stop reading osu posts unless the um posts are that bad!!!!
    Go scarlet and gray

  • BuckeyeDawg

    Generally speaking, I am willing to give most college age kids the benefit of the doubt a time or two. I think most of us did stupid things that we aren’t proud of when we were that age. That being said…domestic violence is different, and doesn’t fall under the “youthful indiscretion” description in my book.

    Suspend him for the year.

  • The overwhelming opinion among the numerous UF alums I work with when the news of Urban Meyer to OSU was made official was this: He’s going to get you multiple top-5 recruiting classes and 2-3 national championships while he’s there, and leave you with fewer scholarships and 2-3 seasons of bowl bans when he leaves. I was here in Florida for his tenure as UF HC, and frankly he did a poor job of handling things off the field. Now, I realize that a) wins matter, b) a HC can’t possibly control every action of 100+ college-age young men every second of every day, and c) wins matter. And you can argue that the guys who have gotten in trouble recently weren’t “his guys”. But the fact is, he’s the head coach at Ohio State now. These are ALL “his guys” now, whether he recruited them or not. Ohio State is clearly going to be under closer watch than most from the NCAA (not to mention ESPN) because of our previous indiscretions. Now we bring in a guy with a great winning percentage, but also a history of poor team control off the field. I promise you, no one is going to care who recruited current and future troublemakers to this team. The focus will be on any inability to keep them good citizens once they get here. We will be on a shorter leash than just about any program in the country, and Meyer is not off to a good start in that regard. Fair or not, perception is reality.

  • Dombard

    A starting TE to taking a leak tween apartments and start LB for beating someone .michigan blogs have just.been telling me the talent is coming to u of m.
    Soorry this hurtd your feelings!

    Go Cleveland and go blue!