NFLPA Files Lawsuit on Behalf of Scott Fujita

The Associated Press is reporting that the NFL Player’s Union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of three suspended players, including Browns’ LB Scott Fujita-

“The NFL said the action is an “improper attempt to litigate” and said there is “no basis for asking a federal court to put its judgment in place of the procedures agreed upon with the NFLPA in collective bargaining.”

“These procedures have been in place, and have served the game and players well, for many decades,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said in an email to The Associated Press.

The lawsuit asks a judge to set aside earlier arbitration rulings and order a new arbitrator to preside over the matter. The suit comes two days after Goodell denied appeals by four players. The other player, Jonathan Vilma, has sued the NFL and Goodell separately.”

Nothing more American than the good old fashioned lawsuit.

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  • Jack

    hate the nflpa more and more. really dislike fujita. wish we would just cut ties…

  • Brett

    Eh, if they want to waste their time with a lawsuit, go for it. I haven’t seen what the grounds for the suit are, but my guess is the court is likely to throw it out unless the arbitrator made a huge mistake anyway.

    I get that Fujita feels like he’s been wronged here, but he and the NFLPA would probably be better off dropping it instead of keeping the whole bounty thing in the headlines.

  • MrCleaveland

    Fujita and his bounty buddies are really getting annoying.

  • BenRM

    Hey! Guess what law suit has no chance? THIS ONE!

  • BenRM

    Frankly, I think the NFLPA is simply using the Bounty Suspensions as an attempt to re-negotiate the CBA. They dropped the ball, and they know it. So now they’re trying to use the courts to squirm their way out of the Godell stuff.

  • Wow

    Talk about beating a dead horse

  • humboldt

    Is this is Brett Favre reference?

  • Wow

    seriously who are the losers giving every comment a thumbs down?

  • Wow

    I’m lost sorry