NFL Report: Claiborne Signs; Seven First Round Picks Remain Unsigned

Today the Steelers signed first round pick David DeCastro, and moments ago the Dallas Cowboys reportedly signed CB Morris Claiborne, the sixth player taken overall in this spring’s draft.

That leaves only seven first round draft picks that remain unsigned. And wouldn’t you know the Browns have two of them.

The two players selected in front of Trent Richardson have signed, and Brandon Weeden is now the lowest first round pick without a contract.

Ahem… get these deals done!

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  • Brant A

    Only the Browns could figure out how to screw this up…

  • Vindictive_Pat

    So the Browns can be added to the official list of Cleveland teams with front offices that are a pain in the %@# for agents to deal with. And here I thought it was just the Cavs and Indians! I don’t care as long as nobody misses any training camp (so basically they have 2 more days to get it done).

  • whoa.
    it’s not my money, BUT…
    looks from here like browns are being told to match the language the DAN SNYDER agreed to.

    i dont have any problem with the browns telling these guys’ agents to screw. seriously.

    “running backs have a average life span of what, five year? you really want to sit out this year and leave 20% of your career earnings on the table this year trent?”
    “and brandon youre gonna be what, 30 next month? oh, 29? hmm. so you’re older than aaron rodgers and eli manning is that right? and you’re really prepared to sit out training camp? yeah.. you might wants to play this year, ya dig? tempus fugit. tick-tock.”

    eff these guys. ive had it with grasping the last dollar. … and i bet it’s not even them. it’s their fakakta agents and union reps.

    the agents are out for the agents. wonder if any of these guys have ever heard of brady quinn? you can be quite sure their agents havent shared _that_ story with their clients.