NFL CBA Affords Players Early Day Off

There is no practice in Berea today.

The complete Browns roster has been in camp for three days, and had two full pads practices, and will enjoy a mandatory day off today. This is not your father’s NFL.

Gone are the ‘dog days’ of August with two-a-days practices. No more three straight weeks of camp with maybe a day off if the team has been working and practicing hard.

Browns’ coach Pat Shurmur said yesterday that the team had an off day, “but not a vacation day.” He reiterated that he expected them to act like professionals; to take care of their bodies and prepare themselves for practice on Wednesday.

That practice will focus on Red Zone offense and defense according to Shurmur. The team installed the information in team meetings and walk-throughs yesterday afternoon. By design, the team will have more meetings and a walk-through on Wednesday morning to “review what was installed” before going full contact at practice (open to the public) tomorrow afternoon.

That type of schedule will be repeated throughout training camp to accommodate the off days. While the Browns would prefer to do their full pads practicing in the morning, they will switch it up and go in the afternoon following an off day.

You have to wonder if the front office and coaching staff don’t have a little bit of fear about these off days.

Sure, there will be a player or two that will likely tweet pictures of themselves at Cedar Point, or off having fun somewhere in the city. And that really doesn’t or shouldn’t bother anyone.

It’s the headlines that the team is hoping to avoid.

Day after day, football fans that use twitter to keep up with the NFL see reports tweeted and re-tweeted about football players getting into trouble. Since the beginning of the year, anywhere from 23-30 players have been arrested, depending on who you get your information from. (Detroit leads the league with 6 arrests. Congratulations on wrestling the title away from the Bengals!)

It isn’t just arrests though. As Cleveland fans, we’ve come to expect the worst when it comes to motorcycles or recreational vehicles as well. You name it and NFL players have found a way to get in trouble because of it.

So enjoy the day off. But please, think before you act.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    They need a few days to discuss the dead zone I mean red zone. Players who were with the team prior to this upcoming season needed to be reintroduced to the end zone while collegiate players like Trent Richardson looked on in stunned silence.

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Wow a day off after a couple days of practice. Im not saying being an NFL player is easy but you just got off a 5 month break!!!!! Unions at their finest!

  • hahah.. ain’t it something?!

  • By the way, that’s me sitting on the bench behind Brown in the picture.

  • humboldt

    You do realize that they are playing a sport which science has established as elevating risk for early onset dementia by 19 fold? There are legitimate reasons for cutting down the exposure to repetitive impacts to the head during training camp.

    I guess spewing crass anti-union rhetoric spares you from having to think about that though.

  • bglass02

    Is that a note pad for autographs in your right hand?

  • Um, that would be frowned upon.

    It did cross my mind though as I stood three feet away from Doug Dieken.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Cool, Rick! Just out of curiosity… how did Flash Gordon look in full pads? I know he dropped a few balls, but did he have a “presence” about him? Did he just look nervous? What was your take on him overall?

  • He looked a lot like a rookie. Several times was pulled aside for individual instruction.

    I was impressed with his hands on a few ‘bad pass’ drills. Especially a low ball drill that they had to turn and reach down for. But I think it would be a bit foolish to expect too much from him this year.

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Looks like I hit a nerve there. I will give you points for using the phrase Crass anti-union rhetoric though. Sounds cool.