NBA Summer League Box Score: Cavaliers 94, D-League Select 88

In a little bit more up tempo affair than Sunday night’s game, the Cavaliers used a late surge to top the D-League Select squad by a final of 94-88. Tyler Zeller was the star again for the Cavaliers with 19 points and 7 rebounds. Donald Sloan added 19 of his own and was the catalyst for the late scoring run to seal the victory. Dion Waiters struggled with his shot for the second straight game, hitting just 4-of-14 shots, finishing with 11 and adding 3 assists and a highlight reel dunk on a fastbreak feed from Zeller. The Cavaliers face the Suns tomorrow night in Vegas at 8:30 PM.

D. KennedyG-F10:241-10-00-0+30110101002
S. SamuelsF21:272-30-07-8+1816715210011
T. ZellerF-C24:595-80-09-10+643704212019
D. SloanG29:025-81-18-10+702203120019
D. WaitersG29:384-140-13-4+301133020211
J. Holiday16:222-50-20-0+10221101014
L. Harangody18:154-61-13-4-1211214000012
G. Temple10:220-30-11-2+30331010001
M. Eric11:561-20-02-2-10221601204
T. Campbell19:142-42-25-5+111210110111
R. Jones04:580-10-10-000111100000
M. Pressey03:230-10-10-0+10000200000
46.4%40.0%84.4%TEAM REBS: 12TOTAL TO: 10
NBA D-League Select (1-1)
A. EmmettF34:124-110-46-9-500046420014
M. DoveF13:082-40-01-4-130330300005
M. CousinC08:021-10-01-2-91010300003
M. CollinsG23:136-90-00-2-433611020112
J. WiseG13:400-30-00-0-130001111120
J. Smith26:067-124-63-4-305511210021
C. Daniels13:542-50-21-1+81450402115
C. Johnson16:551-20-02-2-10221501004
K. Hayes04:490-00-00-1+20000301000
L. Lyons22:453-62-37-8+411214031015
R. Major18:003-40-00-1+50110301106
J. Pattillo05:161-20-01-2-10000101003
50.8%40.0%61.1%TEAM REBS: 13TOTAL TO: 15


  • Cavaliers: —
  • NBA D-League Select: —


  • Cavaliers: —
  • NBA D-League Select: —


  • Lead Changes: 8
  • Times Tied: 9


  • Arena: Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas, NV
  • Officials: #11 Lauren Holtkamp, #38 Greg Dandridge, #24 Damian O’Connor
  • Attendance: –
  • Duration: 2:02

  • Lunch

    Three things about this game

    1. I have to wait until 3am to see the game on TV.

    2. Waiters still seems to be struggling, but I think that he just needs to work on his shot. He’s getting the looks, but they arn’t falling in.

    3. Zeller 19 pts. 7 rb. Why was this guy not a lottery pick?

  • Dee P

    Didn’t see the game, so don’t know if they were “cheapies” but I love the 4 offensive boards by Zeller.

  • Dinner

    Don’t be surprised if Waiters is struggling because he’s still trying to adapt to Byron Scott’s system. Zeller, on the other hand, appears to have his system down pat. Wow!!

  • BrownsFanSF

    Waiters played faster tonight, fed Zeller for 3 of his trips to the free-throw line and missed two easy ones around the bucket, plus had a jumper half way down. I’d say he is improving.

    Zeller is a 4 year guy. He just knows how to play basketball

  • mgbode

    plus he and Samuels combined to shoot 16/18 from the FT line. That’s some good shooting from the big men.

  • mgbode

    Zeller was not a lottery pick because he played college basketball for 4 years and scouts are worried that he is already close to his ceiling. He was one of the safest picks in this draft and a legit 7fter, so I don’t know how he didn’t end up a lottery pick.

    (personally, I think his ceiling is higher. I think he can add some girth over the next couple of years and be able to handle the stronger 5s in the league and become one of the dying breeds of centers that can play offense and defense)

  • BenRM

    Looks like Waiters is working to figure it out. I wish he had a few more boards though. I liked the 4 REB line from the other night.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    As usual, I agree… was big on Zeller before the draft and I’m bullish on him now as well. His frame can take a good bit more muscle. He’s showing that he can hit that 18-footer, which makes him a big factor on offense… he’s pulling the center away so our PFs can grab offensive rebounds. I don’t think we’ve seen his ceiling yet.

  • mgbode

    I am anxiously awaiting his battles with Greg Monroe. I think that will be a good litmus test his rookie year with a division rival to boot.

  • mgbode

    figured this might be a good spot to throw in my scouting report from before the draft on Zeller (it was during the Henson v. Zeller debates):

    Zeller is 22 (January) 7’0″ 250lbs

    athleticism – big and strong for a college player with room to get stronger, doesn’t get moved off
    the block. I count this as part of athleticism. He also can and
    does run up and down the floor.

    defense – can play most size guys. smaller, quicker
    PFs he has enough athleticism to stay with and not give them easy
    buckets. bigger guys he can bang with underneath (though will likely struggle with the Bynums & Al Jeffersons at first). he takes charges,
    he is great on help defense, and he rotates great on screens. also was
    pretty good at anticipating passes and batting them away.

    offense – hard to judge UNC bigs due to their fastbreak
    and secondary break. they have to run, then get setup with easy
    transition (or secondary transition) shots underneath. good finishing
    at/above the rim. But, he shot well on jumpers when he took them
    and was an 80% FT shooter. Does need more work on his post moves.

    ball-handling – not bad but not great. turns the
    ball over too much and has a low assist rate for the UNC system.

    rebounding – great at getting position and fighting for boards. even with Henson also a “+” rebounder managed to rebound at a very good rate (nearly identical with Henson who is more of a “leaper”).

    Overall: Zeller is a true athletic center and would make
    up for skipping over Jonas-V last year

  • mgbode

    I had him rated as the 6th best prospect.
    I had Waiters 9th (behind J.Lamb and T.Ross at SG – and also Barnes if he could manage to be a SG)

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Spot on. That’s exactly what we’ve seen from Zeller in two summer league games so far. I’ll be interested to see Jonas V when he comes into the league… I still wonder if there’s anything he does at an elite level that will help him stick in the NBA. He gets a lot of layups in the international game and I’m wondering if those will dry up against NBA-level defenses. His offensive game really reminds me of Varejao… he’s good at knowing when to cut to the basket in the pick’n’roll and does so quickly for a guy his size. Like TT, I think he will need a couple years in the NBA to develop his game. He has a jump-shot, which TT does not. He doesn’t play much defense, which TT does.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Count me in on the Zeller bandwagon but I’ve been there since he played in college. Not flashy, not sexy just fundamentally sound and producing. I think the area he’ll work on most is defense.

  • mgbode

    Glad to hear that Zeller is doing what he was able to do in college against slightly older competition (Bobcats game likely a better indicator).

    I have no real idea on Jonas-V other than what I have read or seen quick clips from. Hard to scout the Euro guys when you don’t know the guys they are playing against (even when you do find a rare full-game on youtube).

  • technivore

    I think the big difference between Jonas V and Zeller is Zeller is about 2.5 years older. So what you see is what you get with Zeller right now, though that may not be true of Valanciunas.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    That does seem to be the opinion of the draft experts as well. I don’t really buy it myself… I don’t really think that athletic ceiling = talent ceiling. What I mean is that an NBA player can learn skills to improve his game even if he is at his athletic and physical peak. For example, you could probably say the same thing about Dirk Nowitzki when he was drafted… tall, but not athletic and probably not a lot of room to improve there. But he learned a skillset to make him invaluable. Hibbert was tagged the same way coming out of college… not athletic, not getting any bigger, so he is what he is. But he learned to get a hook shot off with both his right and left hand from about 8-10 feet out… almost unguardable. For Zeller, it could be that he makes himself “automatic” from anywhere inside the 3-point line a la Kevin Garnett. I might be in the minority thinking this way, but I think too often guys get tagged as having “limited upside” when that doesn’t end up being the case.

  • Dee P

    Great point. Physical guys who hit the free ones are huge.

  • Dee P

    I’m not too worried about Waiters struggling right now.

    1. It’s 2 games of summer league.

    2. He’s feeling pressure to validate the 4th pick – you bet he’s read the criticism.

    3. The game will be a whole lot easier for him when Irving’s on the floor – right now all defensive focus and all eyes are on him – when Irving’s there – stopping Waiters becomes priority #2 – that’s when he can take off.