Kyrie Irving Undergoes Successful Surgery

The Cleveland Cavaliers have announced that point guard Kyrie Irving underwent successful surgery today at the Cleveland Clinic to address a fractured bone in his right hand. The injury occurred when Irving, out of frustration, slapped a lightly-padded wall during a practice in Las Vegas.

Said surgery was performed by Dr. Thomas Graham and Cavaliers Head Team Physician Dr. Richard Parker. Irving is projected to be ready for the start of training camp at the end of September and his status will be updated as appropriate.

The reigning NBA Rookie of the Year averaged just under 19 points and six assists per game for the Cavaliers in 2011-12.

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  • Natedawg86

    I didn’t know it was because he slapped a wall….CMON man what did that wall ever do to you?

  • MSkog

    Whew! I was worried about how it would go but since the Cavs said it was “successful” I know it’s all cool now.