Roberto Hernandez Gets Visa, Will Be In Cleveland This Weekend And Then Serve 3-Week MLB Suspension

Roberto Hernandez, the pitcher formerly known as Fausto Carmona, was granted a visa and will return to the United States on Saturday night and meet with reporters at Progressive Field on Sunday, according to Paul Hoynes of the The Plain Dealer. Stephen Payne, the lobbyist who worked on the right-handed pitcher’s behalf, told Hoynes that Hernandez must serve a “brief” suspension before returning to the club. Hoynes reports that the suspension will be three weeks, making Hernandez available on August 11th.

Payne seemed confident that Hernandez will be playing again for the Tribe, and Hoynes indicated that he will start rehab assignments soon:

“I do know Roberto will be playing baseball for the Cleveland Indians — if he’s physically ready — sometime in August,” said Payne.

Hernandez is scheduled to throw a simulated game next week for the Indians coaching staff. He will then go on a rehab assigment to the minors. He’ll need at least three to four starts to get ready.

The suspension is somewhat unexpected, as the Indians claimed that Hernandez would not receive a comparable punishment handed down to the former Leo Nunez of the Marlins, now Juan Carlos Oviedo.

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  • While I’m glad this is straightened out,I’ll be quite pissed if Antonetti tries to play this off as some sort of deadline addition and doesn’t try to improve the club in the next 2 weeks.

  • FearTheRoo

    By the time Hernandez can pitch, we’ll probably be about 10 games back.

  • cmm13

    Finally…our big trade deadline move.

  • AlexMathews

    This isn’t that bad…if he’s MLB ready by August 11th (and that’s a big if), then there’s still a significant part of the season left to make some noise.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Exactly! White Sox traded for a possible closer replacement in Brett Meyer from Houston.

  • Who does he replace though? As bad as Lowe’s been lately, I can’t see them moving him. They’d be stupid at this point to send McAlister back down…he seems like he’s ready to stay. I guess it would be Tomlin, but I’m not sure we’re better off with Fausto.

  • Matt underwood

    Prepare to be disappointed…

  • LOL @ everything about this whole debacle

  • Natedawg86

    Really need to suspend him 3 weeks way to go MLB…. Fockers

  • Three weeks is nothing, he should be suspended for an entire year. At least he would have been if he was caught at his original signing time. For more insight on this, check out the movie Pelotero. And you’ll also understand why Fausto/ Roberto did what he did.

  • zonk

    Just like I was when you called this a home run…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=112YUI1yFZQ

  • Natedawg86

    Yeah I do agree with you. Though when he gets back (if Aug 11) he will have missed 114 games which is over 70% of the season

  • mgbode

    Tomlin has always given up too many HRs and not SO many, but he had his BBs under control last year. This year, he has doubled that number and you just cannot do that when you are the type of pitcher that he is.

    Love the underdog side of Tomlin, but he’s been our worst pitcher (in a season of terrible starting pitching) and he needs to be replaced.

    I think Fausto-Roberto can manage a 5.34ERA (as long as he’s been keeping in shape).

  • mgbode

    more importantly, it gives us a window to see how much of the starting rotation we can expect him to be for 2013.

  • Garry_Owen

    @#$%! I just made this same joke on another post. 2 days too late, it seems. I need to check the interwebs on weekends.
    Well done, good sir. Well done, indeed.