Colangelo: Kyrie Irving is “Advanced,” All But a Lock for 2016

Kyrie Irving is a player that literally you could move from one court to the other court. He’s that far advanced in terms of his talent, it appears. He’s made a good showing here. He had a terrific rookie season in the NBA and certainly he will be one of the leading candidates going forward.

– Team USA managing director Jerry Colangelo referring to the two courts that delineate between the Olympic team and the “select” team. Irving, who had 11 points in a 14-11 select team victory on the first day of camp, has been reportedly “excellent,” and has all but locked up a spot on the 2016 squad that will look to achieve a gold medal in Brazil. Irving averaged 18.5 points a game, shot 46.9 percent from the field and 87.2 percent from the free throw line for the Cavaliers in 2011-12.

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(Source: Sheridan Hoops)


  • Dee P

    2016 Sports Story of the Year:

    Kyrie Irving wins the 2016 ESPY Male Athlete of the Year after leading the Cavaliers to their first NBA Championship, then a month and a half later leading Team USA to a gold medal in Brazil.

    Side Bar:

    Cleveland, once a championship starved city, enjoyed their first NBA title thanks to Irving’s MVP performance. All this coming on the heels of the city also winning their first Super Bowl trophy last year led by two time NFL MVP Trent Richardson.

  • BrownsFanSF

    cheers to that!

  • I hope you are a better prophet than Dan Gilbert my friend.

  • Mike E

    + 1 billion!

  • mgbode

    if the Cavs win a NBA championship just 6 months after the Browns win the superbowl, will anyone in the city be sober enough to notice?

  • JB

    Breaking news: Soon after two sports championships, the city of Cleveland was burned to the ground accidentally by drunk fans. Akron now becomes part of Cleveland to try and raise tax dollars and rebuild.

  • zonk

    In the gold medal game of 2016, the US is up by 25 against host Brazil late in the game, Kyrie Irving drives to the hole and collides with Anderson Varejao attempting to take a charge. Both players are hurt on the play, adding “the charge” into the era of Cleveland sport memories…

  • Grif_E

    I think Cuban, Stern, and company will have the “World Basketball Cup” or whatever they’re calling it up and going by 2016, and likewise there will be no NBA players in Brazil let alone Kyrie.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    LBJ would never let that happen… remember that Akronites HATE Cleveland.

  • Steve

    I like how the team in town closest to winning anything is completely excluded.

  • mgbode

    according to these comments the city burnt down before the Tribe had a shot at making it a clean sweep.

  • Yup

    You are utterly dillusional if you think the Tribe is close to “winning anything.”

  • Chris Perez

    It’s a freaking Browns-town baby – I can’t get any respect – even on a Cavs basketball post! Waaaaaaa! Waaaaaaa!