Box Score: Orioles 10, Indians 2

The Indians returned to Cleveland for their first home series of the second half. But it was an ugly night at Progressive Field on Friday, as starter Derek Lowe’s struggles continued. The O’s hammered the sinkerballer for nine earned runs in just three innings work. Old friend Jim Thome blasted on of his patented homers to right off Lower — his first since joining Baltimore. It was never close after Lowe’s implosion.

N. Markakis rf400001000.269
    E. Chavez ph-rf-lf101000000.176
J.J. Hardy ss611000104.216
J. Thome dh523110100.277
A. Jones cf321002001.294
M. Wieters c410101102.249
W. Betemit 3b211103000.255
C. Davis lf412101003.264
    S. Pearce lf-rf000000000.254
M. Reynolds 1b511200305.211
R. Flaherty 2b511310104.196
2B – E Chavez (3, C Perez); J Hardy (16, D Lowe); J Thome (3, D Lowe); A Jones (21, E Rogers); W Betemit (13, D Lowe); C Davis (13, D Lowe); M Reynolds (15, D Lowe).
HR – J Thome (1, 4th inning off D Lowe 0 on, 0 Out), R Flaherty (3, 3rd inning off D Lowe 2 on, 1 Out).
RBI – J Thome (3), M Wieters (46), W Betemit (33), C Davis (43), M Reynolds 2 (31), R Flaherty 3 (10).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – J Hardy 3, C Davis 1, R Flaherty 1.
Team LOB – 10.
DP – 2 (R Flaherty-J Hardy-M Reynolds, M Reynolds-J Hardy).
S. Choo rf402000000.297
    A. Cunningham rf100000000.181
A. Cabrera ss311110101.280
    J. Lopez 3b200000101.253
J. Kipnis 2b401000000.275
M. Brantley cf400000001.295
C. Santana c100002100.223
T. Hafner dh301000101.234
J. Damon lf403000003.233
C. Kotchman 1b400000006.230
J. Hannahan 3b-ss411110302.240
2B – S Choo (30, M Gonzalez); J Kipnis (11, M Gonzalez).
HR – A Cabrera (12, 1st inning off M Gonzalez 0 on, 1 Out), J Hannahan (4, 7th inning off M Gonzalez 0 on, 2 Out).
RBI – A Cabrera (43), J Hannahan (23).
2-out RBI – J Hannahan.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – J Lopez 1, J Damon 2, C Kotchman 2, J Hannahan 1.
GIDP – A Cabrera, C Kotchman.
Team LOB – 9.
M. Gonzalez (W, 2-1)6.27222521.292.61
M. Lindstrom1.02000001.432.42
K. Gregg1.10000201.383.72
D. Lowe (L, 8-8)3.07995021.635.04
C. Allen1.00002102.000.00
E. Rogers2.02110200.712.29
J. Smith1.00000001.112.83
T. Sipp1.01001101.295.52
C. Perez1.01000301.053.06
WP – D Lowe.
IBB – N Markakis (by D Lowe); C Davis (by D Lowe).
HBP – C Santana (by M Lindstrom); T Hafner (by M Gonzalez).
Pitches-strikes – M Gonzalez 114-79; M Lindstrom 23-16; K Gregg 19-13; D Lowe 82-37; C Allen 30-16; E Rogers 25-20; J Smith 16-11; T Sipp 22-14; C Perez 18-12.
Ground balls-fly balls – M Gonzalez 7-10; M Lindstrom 2-2; K Gregg 1-1; D Lowe 7-7; C Allen 2-0; E Rogers 2-1; J Smith 1-2; T Sipp 1-1; C Perez 0-0.
Batters faced – M Gonzalez 28; M Lindstrom 6; K Gregg 4; D Lowe 22; C Allen 5; E Rogers 8; J Smith 3; T Sipp 5; C Perez 4.

  • BuckeyeDawg

    They are who we thought they were. A .500 team who with a few breaks and a couple of guys overperforming, might challenge for a playoff spot in a mediocre division. It sucks to say it, but that’s the reality. Hard to believe we’re only 3 games out after the way we’ve played since the break.

  • TribeTimeNow

    Is the train coming off the tracks? If Fausto/Roberto returns does he replace Lowe or Tomlin, the two struggling vets, or does Manny have to be political and ship down McCallister to avoid hurting any vets feelings? This team really is only going to score about three to four runs a game so it’s imperative our pitching improves, um, immediately. Ugh. I really want to get behind this team but I fear I’m setting myself up for more heartache and disappointment. I’m willing to stick with em til at least the end of this series and see how they do against the Kitties. If they lose three out of four to the O’s and then get trounced by the Tigers and fall six games back I just might have seen enough. Please please just win these series to keep it interesting.