Box Score: Indians 3, Tigers 5

The in-stadium host made a big deal pregame about how many consecutive games the Indians have played without committing an error. You could feel from that moment things weren’t going to go right for the Tribe.


Scoring Summary
Top 1st: Detroit
– M. Cabrera singled to right center, A. Jackson scored, Q. Berry to third, M. Cabrera out at second
Top 2nd: Detroit
– A. Jackson safe at first on shortstop A. Cabrera’s throwing error, A. Avila scored, O. Infante to third, A. Jackson to second
– Q. Berry singled to shallow left, O. Infante scored, A. Jackson to third
Bot 3rd: Cleveland
– C. Kotchman homered to deep right center, J. Damon scored
Top 5th: Detroit
– P. Fielder hit sacrifice fly to left center, A. Jackson scored
Top 6th: Detroit
– Q. Berry singled to shallow left, A. Avila scored
Bot 9th: Cleveland
– T. Hafner homered to deep right


A. Jackson cf421101101.316
Q. Berry lf403201001.289
M. Cabrera 3b401101103.328
P. Fielder 1b200101000.306
D. Young dh401001203.269
B. Boesch rf400000003.251
    D. Kelly rf100000101.176
J. Peralta ss400000004.266
A. Avila c322001000.240
O. Infante 2b310000000.143
2B – A Avila (12, D Lowe).
S – O Infante.
SF – P Fielder.
RBI – A Jackson (45), Q Berry 2 (22), M Cabrera (82), P Fielder (69).
2-out RBI – Q Berry.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – Q Berry 1, B Boesch 1, J Peralta 3.
GIDP – M Cabrera.
Team LOB – 10.
DP – 1 (A Avila-J Peralta).


S. Choo rf201002000.294
A. Cabrera ss401000203.280
J. Kipnis 2b300001100.274
M. Brantley cf401000013.293
C. Santana c400000001.234
T. Hafner dh411110301.230
J. Damon lf310001100.232
C. Kotchman 1b411210000.233
J. Hannahan 3b300000100.235
2B – S Choo (31, M Scherzer); M Brantley (28, M Scherzer).
HR – T Hafner (9, 9th inning off J Valverde 0 on, 1 Out), C Kotchman (10, 3rd inning off M Scherzer 1 on, 0 Out).
RBI – T Hafner (28), C Kotchman 2 (38).
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – M Brantley 2, T Hafner 1.
Team LOB – 5.
 Base Running
SB – M Brantley (11, 3rd base off M Scherzer/A Avila).
CS – S Choo (5, 2nd base by M Scherzer/A Avila).
E – A Cabrera (12, throw 2).
Outfield assists – S Choo.
DP – 1 (J Hannahan-J Kipnis-C Kotchman).


M. Scherzer (W, 10-5)7.03224811.384.49
J. Benoit (H, 22)1.01000001.092.87
J. Valverde (S, 19)1.01110011.303.89


D. Lowe (L, 8-9)6.08543101.645.09
E. Rogers1.00001000.832.49
C. Allen1.10001200.900.00
T. Sipp0.20001201.345.34
HBP – P Fielder (by D Lowe).
Pitches-strikes – M Scherzer 105-64; J Benoit 13-7; J Valverde 6-5; D Lowe 94-55; E Rogers 25-16; C Allen 21-12; T Sipp 21-13.
Ground balls-fly balls – M Scherzer 5-9; J Benoit 1-2; J Valverde 3-1; D Lowe 12-6; E Rogers 2-1; C Allen 0-1; T Sipp 0-0.
Batters faced – M Scherzer 27; J Benoit 4; J Valverde 4; D Lowe 30; E Rogers 4; C Allen 5; T Sipp 3.