Box Score: Indians 2, Rays 4

Four hits. That’s all the Indians could muster in this one. Even so, mix in five walks and they still had a chance. They just couldn’t get the big hit to push runners in. Bases loaded with no outs and all they got was one run on a sac fly.


Scoring Summary
Bot 1st: Tampa Bay
– C. Pena homered to deep right, B.J. Upton scored
– L. Scott tripled to shallow right, B. Zobrist scored
Top 4th: Cleveland
– J. Lopez hit sacrifice fly to right, A. Cabrera scored, J. Kipnis to third
Top 5th: Cleveland
– J. Kipnis singled to shallow center, L. Marson scored, S. Choo to second
Bot 6th: Tampa Bay
– J. Lobaton singled to shallow right, D. Jennings scored


S. Choo rf401000001.296
A. Cabrera ss411000102.274
J. Kipnis 2b301101100.276
M. Brantley cf200002000.300
J. Lopez 3b300100103.254
C. Santana dh200001102.221
S. Duncan lf400000004.228
C. Kotchman 1b301000100.236
L. Marson c210001201.287
    T. Hafner ph100000001.226
SF – J Lopez.
RBI – J Kipnis (51), J Lopez (28).
2-out RBI – J Kipnis.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – J Lopez 2, S Duncan 2.
GIDP – S Duncan.
Team LOB – 7.
E – C Kotchman (4, field).
DP – 1 (J Kipnis-A Cabrera-C Kotchman).


Tampa Bay
B.J. Upton cf412000000.247
C. Pena 1b411210002.198
B. Zobrist 2b310001000.250
M. Joyce rf400000202.273
J. Keppinger 3b402000001.317
L. Scott dh401100002.206
D. Jennings lf310000014.232
J. Lobaton c301100000.216
E. Johnson ss200000101.265
3B – L Scott (1, J Tomlin).
HR – C Pena (14, 1st inning off J Tomlin 1 on, 0 Out).
RBI – C Pena 2 (39), L Scott (43), J Lobaton (8).
2-out RBI – L Scott, J Lobaton.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – D Jennings 2.
GIDP – C Pena.
Team LOB – 5.
 Base Running
SB – D Jennings (16, 2nd base off J Tomlin/L Marson).
DP – 2 (J Keppinger-B Zobrist-C Pena, F Rodney-C Pena).


J. Tomlin (L, 5-6)5.27441111.385.51
T. Sipp1.10000101.205.40
J. Accardo1.00000101.333.42


 Tampa Bay
M. Moore (W, 6-6)5.03225301.464.39
W. Davis (H, 6)1.10000101.172.89
J. Peralta (H, 20)1.10000200.954.42
B. Badenhop (H, 5)0.10000101.303.29
F. Rodney (S, 27)1.01000000.770.86
WP – M Moore.
HBP – E Johnson (by J Tomlin); C Santana (by F Rodney); C Kotchman (by M Moore).
Pitches-strikes – J Tomlin 88-54; T Sipp 14-8; J Accardo 12-8; M Moore 90-51; W Davis 12-9; J Peralta 20-14; B Badenhop 6-3; F Rodney 11-8.
Ground balls-fly balls – J Tomlin 10-8; T Sipp 3-0; J Accardo 2-0; M Moore 2-11; W Davis 1-1; J Peralta 1-1; B Badenhop 0-0; F Rodney 1-1.
Batters faced – J Tomlin 26; T Sipp 4; J Accardo 3; M Moore 24; W Davis 3; J Peralta 4; B Badenhop 1; F Rodney 4.


  • FearTheRoo

    This trend of winning the opener of a series, then losing the rest is getting old. Also wonder how many runners we can strand, and how many big opportunities we can let slip away.

  • Wow

    Meanwhile Chicago wins again. Gotta love mediocre baseball.

  • Dee P

    They made their move early and are being rewarded for it…

  • ChitownTribeFan

    I loathed Youk as a BoSock and now I have more reasons to despise him. Of course if the Tribe had traded for him he would probably be batting a Johnny Damon Esque-average because for some reason nothing works out for our beloved teams.

  • Vindictive_Pat


  • “Fun” with Indians numbers:

    The Indians have played 90 games, as of last night. They have scored
    400 runs over that period, or 4.44 (repeating) runs per game.

    Their starting pitchers (Masterson, Lowe, Jiminez, Tomlin &
    Gomez, who started the most games in the first half of the season) have
    an average ERA of 4.87 since opening day. Jiminez has the worst (5.51)
    and Masterson the “best” (4.14).

    Suppose we had signed Willingham at the beginning of the season
    (which we should have done) and he had batted for Hafner all year long.
    W. has 65 RBI and Hafner has 26, a difference of +39. Add that to our
    run total, and we would have scored 439 runs over 90 games, or 4.87
    (repeating) runs per game….or our current combined starting rotation’s


    Thoughts? MGBODE, still think Hafer basically == Willingham?
    (Reposted from While We’re Waiting, because I think this is an amazing bit of information).

  • Thisguyrighthere

    Clearly the front office’s steategy isnt working. If they keep doing what they’ve always done, they’ll keep getting what they’ve always got: no championship. You can’t succeed without taking risks. Make a move and get some Major league caliber bats in here, Antonetti! You already missed out on Willingham and Youk. Make a commitment to win a title or leave. I’m sick of just missing the playoffs year in and year out.

  • mgbode

    good to see you preparing for the Olympics being in England this year.

  • mgbode

    see my reply over there.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    God save the queen

  • Steve

    If only it was so simple as just adding RBI. That’s lazy and illogical. Sorry kiddo.