While We’re Waiting… NBA Combine Measurements, Kyrie Irving Interview, And A Chat With John Mirabelli

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The NBA Draft Combine measurements are always a big discussion items. Draft Express has analysis of the numbers. For example, Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal, “Bradley Beal(6’3.25 without shoes, 6’8 wingpsan, 202 pounds) is almost a mirror image of the average SG in our measurements database (6’3.5 without shoes, 6’7.8 wingspan, 201 pounds). He matches up well with past shooting guard prospects like O.J. Mayo(6’3.25 without shoes, 6’6 wingspan, 200 pounds) andMaurice Ager(6’3.25 without shoes, 6’7.75 wingspan, (203 pounds). Much has been made of Beal as a potentialRay Allen type shooter, and Allen measured in at 6’5 without shoes on in 1996 as a point of reference.” [DraftExpress]

Kyrie Irving was on “CBS This Morning” the other day. Brendan Bowers at Stepien Rules grabbed the video.

Tony Lastoria at Indians Prospect Insider did a Q&A with Indians VP of Scouting John Mirabelli, “Oh yes, they are much different drafts.  In my 22 years of scouting when you start stacking up all the drafts and what all the players have done, I think it is a pretty good guess that this year will have the fewest amount of Major League production. It was a weak draft all the way around. There will be some surprises and some guys that exceed expectations. I don’t think it has been a secret that the professional game has really done a terrific job of signing the high profile high school guys the last few years, and that was really evident in the pool of college position players. A lot of things came into the equation, but in a draft that was a weak draft overall with the picks we had, I really think we made the most of them.” [Indians Prospect Insider]

I don’t watch the show myself, but I’m guessing several of you (including a few of the writers on the site) will enjoy this article from Stephanie Liscio at It’s Pronounced “Lajaway” comparing Mad Men Characters to Cleveland Indians past and present.

Conrad Kaczmarek at Fear The Sword takes a look at Syracuse center Fab Melo, a definite possibility for the Cavaliers at pick number 24, “He’s a legit 7’0 center with a massive 255lb frame. He has a 7’2.5″ wingspan and a 9’1.5″ standing reach. The guy is massive. Was a great zone defender for Syracuse last year and is a legit shot blocking threat (nearly 3 per game) down low. Offensively, has a nearly unblockable sky hook and a decent turn around. He knows where his range is…and makes sure that he stays in that range. Does not try to shoot the ball outside of his range. For his mass, he actually runs the floor fairly well and he’s actually a fairly decent passer too. ” [Fear The Sword]

The Hardball Times has a cool look at who had to face the most drama between the six Mariner pitchers that combined for the no-hitter against hte Dodgers on Friday night, “When Tom Wilhelmsen entered the game in the bottom of the ninth, the probability of a complete-game no-hitter was still less than 50%. His one-inning performance took the game from less-than-likely to sure-thing.

Let me be clear before someone misquotes me: I’m not saying that Wilhelmsen deserves the bulk of the credit for the Mariners’ no-hitter. Millwood obviously does. But I’ve created this stat to capture something else: to quantify which pitcher was on the mound for the most no-hit drama last night. I’m guessing that most fans were not on the edge of their seats when Charlie Furbush retired the side in order in the seventh.” [The Hardball Times]


  • Markn95

    Mirabelli knows a lot about weak drafts.  Just ask Trevor Crowe, Jeremy Sowers, David Huff, and Beau Mills.  And those are just the 4-A guys that actually surfaced in the majors. it doesn’t even count the guys who never made it to Carneige and Ontario.