While We’re Waiting… Looking for the Ohio Cup, Irving puts on a show and Kent State right where they want to be

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“Wait, why am I explaining the Ohio Cup to you? Surely, you are well aware of the history and the pageantry associated with this series of stratospheric import. Now, I’m not going to suggest that the Ohio Cup is somehow commensurate with the Stanley Cup or the World Cup. Those trophies naturally have the benefit of time on their side — something the Ohio Cup, officially instituted in 2008, does not yet possess.

But if you’re compiling your Cup rankings, I’d go ahead and slot the Ohio Cup somewhere in between the Stanley and, say, badmitton’s coveted Ibrahim Rahimatillah Challenger Cup. Long story short: It’s a big deal… Where, exactly, is the Ohio Cup, anyway?” [Castrovince/]


“Kyrie Irving put on a show for the couple hundred fans in attendance. His team played against Ohio State great and future NBA player David Lighty, who also did his part for the fans gathered around the sidelines. Lighty mixed in a couple high flying dunks with some long-range bombs from the corner, and I continue to think the Cavs would be well-served by signing Lighty to a FA deal next season. There was one stretch in the game where Irving took the ball three times into the far corner himself, crossed his guy over a couple times, stepped back, and drilled a three on consecutive trips. That series alone was enough to make me willing to pay to get in, despite the free admission.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


This is a great idea for a series. Ranking them though would be tough. I would need more parameters. “That got us thinking about some of the biggest Cleveland sports moments in our lifetime in the pre-blog and social media era, which we are defining as anything before 2004. Because while Syknet may have become self-aware in 1999, sports blogs didn’t become prevalent in town until 2004, the same year Facebook was created, and Twitter did not launch until 2006. So we came up with the 20 biggest sports stories that would have made the Internet blow up in Cleveland had these various social media platforms existed at the time.” [Red Right 88]


“Kent State and Stony Brook came to this College World Series as the party crashers, Cinderellas with remarkable stories who had defeated history and convention and now would be faced with the daunting task of trying to defeat college baseball’s blue bloods.

Stony Brook got bounced in two games. Kent State went flat and got a little overwhelmed in losing to Arkansas 8-1 in its World Series opener, then came back to beat Florida despite walking the bases loaded on 12 straight pitches to start the ninth inning of a one-run game. Just another day at the park that’s led to another day at the park.” [Jackson/FSO]


Finally, the Bobcats will sport new uniforms next season. They are an improvement, but not sure I like the ‘Cats one. [Uniwatch]

  • hey hey! i got a mention as part of #19 in the 20 biggest pre-web cleveland sports stories! damn you, homer jones.

  • mgbode

    Homer had 10rec for 141yds? man, even Robiskie did better than that for the Browns.

    and better to be a footnote in history than not included 🙂

  • Thought you might like that one!

  • mgbode

    apparently, Benson has promised a new logo/uniforms for NO. that is far more interesting to me than a boring redesign of Charlotte’s uni’s (and the CATS is just asking to be made into jokes)

  • you guys have to check this out. amazing.

    i was looking to follow on to follow on titus’ warfield deal because i knew the next year the browns gave the dolphins bob matheson for something (1972 2nd draft pick, Lester Sims). thank you google for linking me to a miami newspaper article that literally called the browns front office SANTA. (here’s the second part of the article.

    Jim Marshall, Ron Johnson, Marvin Upshaw, Mike Lucci, Willie Davis, Henry Jordon, Jim Langer (!! i didnt know that!), Paul Warfield, Bob Matheson. That’s not a pre-season All-NFL team, though it could be. It’s a partial list of players dealt away by the Cleveland Browns..”

    now then. this has got to be art modell, right? who else would’ve been making the deals after paul brown left.

  • mgbode

    Link to Castrovince going on an Indiana Jones style quest.
    Link reminding us all of the Jason Grimsley MI-style theft of Belle’s corked bat.
    And now, our own Jim Kanicki doing his own research and uncovering yet another reason to hate Art Modell.

    Why buy a mystery/action/detective book when we get the writing here for free?

  • mgbode

    also, Percy Harvin is requesting a trade from the Vikings. if they are dumb enough to trade him, I would make sure we are among the first at that door.