While We’re Waiting… James Harden, Browns’ wide outs and player/managers


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Watching the playoffs, dreaming of future free agents– “Heading into the 2013/14 season, the Thunder will be paying Kevin Durant $18.8M. Russell Westbrook just signed a 5-year $80M extension this past January. Oklahoma City is even scheduled to pay Kendrick Perkins $8.5M that year. If I’m Serge Ibaka’s agent, I’m probably starting his contract talks by saying: ‘Umm…we want $10M more than Kendrick Perkins, I think we can all agree that’s fair.’ Ibaka, also a RFA that year, has a qualifying offer at $3.3M. My thought is Serge will end up getting somewhere between $8 and $10M per season, and OKC figures out a way to keep him. I expect Harden to get more. That, combined with Ibaka’s unique skill-set in comparison to Durant and Westbrook, will be why he stays in OKC over Harden.” [Bowers/Stepien Rules]


Call me skeptical– “Mike Holmgren mentioned high expectations for fourth-year receiver Mohamed Massaquoi and Shurmur was asked about him, as well. “I think he’s had a great off season,” Shurmur said. “I’m very pleased with where he is. He’s come in healthy. He’s taken advantage of the off-season and he’s made plays out here. That’s money in the bank for him as he gets ready for training camp.” Massaquoi had just 31 catches for 384 yards and two touchdowns in 2011 in 14 games. He had 34 receptions for 624 yards and three touchdowns as a rookie and 36 catches for 483 yards and two touchdowns in 2010. He also was knocked out of a game with a concussion by the Steelers’ James Harrison. He also missed two games in 2011 with a concussion.” [Greetham/OBR]


“In order to trade for an impact player who could help the Indians in a pennant race, they would normally have to give up a top major league-ready, or nearly ready, prospect or two as part of the package. That animal doesn’t exist in the Indians’ system right now.” [Ingraham/News Herald]


Dan Coughlin on Tribe player/manager Lou Boudreu– “Lou was the shortstop. He ran the team from the middle of the infield. Owner Bill Veeck had brought in old timer Bill McKechnie as baseball’s first “bench coach” to advise the young manager, but the responsibility still fell on the shoulders of Boudreau, who turned 31 years old that summer.

That is only part of the story, however. Boudreau responded with the greatest offensive season of any Indians’ shortstop ever – maybe the best year by a shortstop in baseball history. Boudreau batted .355 – second only to Ted Williams’ .369. Lou hit 18 home runs and 45 doubles. He drove in 106 runs and scored 116. Lou was a shortstop and he put up numbers that would have made Joe DiMaggio proud.” [Coughlin/The DiaTribe]


Finally, a candidate for quote of the year. Broncos head coach John Fox– “I think our passing game is way further along now than it was at this time a year ago” [Shutdown Corner]

  • Natedawg86

    We need Mo’ Mass than we have seen in previous years.

  • Natedawg86

    Finally, a candidate for quote of the year. Broncos head coach John Fox- “I think our passing game is way further along now than it was at this time a year ago”

    That is like saying, “I don’t think that blind kid can see.”

  • Boomhauertjs

    Didn’t we hear how good the Browns’ receivers were before last season?

  • Harv 21

    Re MoMass, remember similar comments during OTAs about Robiskie, including raves by Delhomme. Very concerned not just about his concussions but the way he reacted after he returned last year, flinching and bobbling passes over the middle.

  • Harv 21

    “Boudreau.”   That’s a name we should make sure to spell correctly around here.

  • mgbode

    not sure if it has to come down to Harden vs. Ibaka.  I think OKC will do everything in their power to keep both of them and jettison everyone else if it’s what it takes to make it happen.

    Perkins could be for sale in that case (and happens to be just what we need in our frontcourt).  Presti doesn’t exactly have a history of “losing” trades though.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    We sure did… all the talk doesn’t mean a thing until the regular season gets underway.  We’re supposedly going to get the answer to the question, “Is it the QB or the receivers?”  I’m pumped, although I suspect it might have been about 50% contributor from each side last season.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I wondered if anyone would talk about the Cavaliers instead five of the first six comments (surprise) are about the waste of space known as Mohamed Massaquoi.

    Anyways Maybe Harden and Ibaka are two of the guys Grant has in his crosshairs for down the line.  If so it will be interesting to see how he continues the rebuilding with this years draft.  I think it’s clear the Cavaliers need help both in the frontcourt as well as the backcourt.  For me I address the backcourt first particularly since you have TT, Varejao and Samuels.  Those guys can get you by until a better player is available either in the following draft or free agency. 

  • mgbode

    top10 pick draft strategy for me is to always go BPA.  if BPA = C or PG and you are already set there, then you should be able to find a trade partner.

    the #24 pick is where it becomes more interesting.  most of the guys I like best (T.Ross and Waiters specifically) will likely be gone.  I wouldn’t mind getting a 1-D guy like Jenkins (since that shot is soo good).