Undrafted Rookie Kevin Jones signs with Cavs

Via Stepien RulesBrendan Bowers, West Virginia senior Kevin Jones tweets that he has been picked up by the Cavaliers:

Yahoo’s Jeff Eisenberg says that Jones was one of the best players left unselected after Thursday’s NBA Draft:

To appreciate how little stock NBA franchises sometimes put in a draft prospect’s college production, consider this example for a moment.

West Virginia’s Kevin Jones earned second-team All-American honors last season, scoring 19.9 points per game, grabbing 10.9 rebounds and shooting 50.9 percent from the field in the rugged Big East. That still wasn’t enough to get him drafted, however, as NBA teams apparently found 60 guys they thought had greater potential.

The only good news for Jones is he’s far from the only highly successful college player not to be selected in this year’s draft. Here’s a look at a list of the top college players who were not drafted Thursday night the same way Notre Dame’s Ben Hansbrough, Kansas State’s Jacob Pullen and Georgetown’s Austin Freeman weren’t last year:

1. Kevin Jones, F, Sr., West Virginia

Comment: The 6-foot-8 forward did everything possible as a senior to earn a second-round look, carrying an otherwise uninspiring West Virginia team to the NCAA tournament. Unfortunately for Jones, that apparently wasn’t enough to change NBA scouts’ opinion he’s unlikely to thrive in the league as a result of a lack of size and outside shooting combined with a game that is decidedly below the rim

Hard to know much more, maybe he and Samardo Samuels can have some nasty, undersized, undrafted bigman low-post battles in practice. Look for the Cavs to continue to scour the D-League and undrafted FAs for potential roster fodder throughout the summer.

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  • King Me

    Decent consolation prize for the 2nd round picks we traded. Works hard and is a banger, even if he’s a little undersized. Still leaves room for another SF though, any word on the status of David Lighty?

  • Chris

    Terrific pickup. Love it.

  • Looking for an NBA team to latch on to. He’s a year younger than Gee (almost to the day) so age shouldn’t be a huge issue. Just not sure he could crack the rotation as he wouldn’t exactly be an upgrade.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Definitely a nice signing. Hopefully he plays with a chip on his shoulder which never hurts.

  • Ritz

    Ever had a chip on your shoulder? Bet it does hurt pretty bad…

  • Mr Derp


  • Hypno_Toad

    lol Mr Derp….

    I hope you’re around for Browns season. You could be making quite a few appearances.

  • mgbode

    surprised he didn’t at least get drafted, but now glad that he didn’t. I’m not expecting a ton out of him, but he could come off the bench to play defense, and grab boards. basically, the anti-Harangody

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Agreed… rebounding usually translates to the NBA and I personally think he’s got a higher upside than Harangody. Could work his way into the backup 4 spot now that Jamison is gone. He’ll probably remind you of Udonis Haslem if he keeps working on his mid-range game. He’s got a mediocre jump shot, but it will probably get better with time. Not sure he’ll ever be a 3-point shooter, but that’s not a big deal to me if he can hit an 18 footer. He’s a VERY good post scorer… wonder if that will translate to the NBA when he faces guys with more length.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    The more I think about this pick, the more I love it. Definitely feel like this is Udonis Haslem 2.0. Everyone is over-rating the height… the guy has a 7’1.5″ wingspan and is a thick yet athletic 250 lbs… will hold his own with any power forward in the league on the defensive end. So we basically got an undrafted guy who I would have been thrilled to get with either the 33 or 34 pick that we traded to Dallas. I think we’ll look back at this draft and remember that Chris Grant picked up 3 key players for the Cavs, not just 2.

  • mgbode

    6’7 230lb PF 45%FG 39%3pt 72%FT 10.6rb, 3.8ast, 1.5stl, 1blk, 2.8PF, 3.0TO (33min)

    6-8 260lb PF 51%FG 27%3pt 78%FT 10.9rb, 1.2ast, 0.7stl, 1blk, 1.2PF, 1.3TO (38min)

    Which one do you want? Do you see a big difference? How does one get drafted 35 and the other go UDFA?

    Player1 is Draymond Green (who I think will play smallball PF – if GS tries him at SF, then good luck to them)

    Player2 is Kevin Jones

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Yep, it’s funny. Green is kind of stuck between 2 positions and Jones is 100% a power forward in the NBA.