Trent Richardson generating rookie fantasy excitement

Many Cleveland Browns fans have taken to their fantasy football teams for enjoyment since 1999 as the real Browns have struggled. For the first time in a long time, fantasy owners might just be looking to the Browns for excitement.

Here’s the thing with Trent Richardson: He projects as a true workhorse running back in his rookie season, and there just aren’t many guys like that in the player pool. It would be a huge surprise if a healthy Richardson failed to finish with 300-plus touches. Yes, he’s tied to an underwhelming offense — his team averaged just 13.6 points per game last year — but he’s such a massive upgrade for Cleveland. Just two years ago, Peyton Hillis topped 1600 scrimmage yards for the Browns, crossing the goal line 13 times. Richardson is a more talented runner, by orders of magnitude.

Just to put things in perspective, 300+ touches is Frank Gore territory. Maurice Jones-Drew led the league with 343 rushing attempts and added 43 receptions if you want to see the extremely high numbers. In Peyton Hillis’ breakout year in 2010, he carried the ball 270 times and also had 61 receptions. That just goes to show how involved the outside world expects Trent Richardson to be in the Browns’ offense this year. Let’s hope those touches turn out to be yards and TDs too, by the way.

And to think all we can do is seemingly talk about quarterbacks, none of whom were drafted anywhere near as highly as Trent Richardson.

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  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    OK, so pick Richardson as my RB1.   Also, MKC said Greg Little could be a Pro-Bowler on The Bull and The Fox this afternoon, so there’s my WR1.  He’d only look that good if Weeden was lighting it up, so I’ve got my QB.  An all Cleveland team just might win my league this year!

    “Fantasy” football, indeed.  

  • mgbode

    and you can get TRich in round2 or 3, Little in round 8 or 9, and Weeden as the last pick in the draft.

    you’re gonna have a stacked team there (assuming MKC isn’t being overly optimistic, but where has she ever steered us wrong before?)

  • Mark

    Who? Mary Kay Sunshine? No way would she oversell the Browns! I’m calling for our starting 22 to make it to the Pro Bowl! Top that Mary Kay!

  • Hypno_Toad

    “And to think all we can do is seemingly talk about quarterbacks, none of whom were drafted anywhere near as highly as Trent Richardson.”

    Thank you!

  • Fryan

    This is rough water deciding to draft a rookie player for fantasy football. Just two years ago people were calling for Hardesty to be a solid 3rd round pick in FF and the best or second best rookie rusher. Wasted pick. Yet last season for anyone who picked up Green in the 4th-5th round they got a steal. Rookies are risky and that risk needs to be factored into their draft value. Richardson can be a top 3-5 performing FF RB this season, but it would be stupid for him to be drafted any sooner than the late 2nd early 3rd round. Even factoring in injuries for some current RB’s and how often they tend to get injured they still hold less of a risk than Richardson.

    Top 2 RB will be Rice and MDJ. Every year you play fantasy these guys always produce and they are the safest picks you can make. AP was till his knee. After that most guys are ? because of injury concerns, players like Gore McFadden and Foster. Then you have 1 year wonders like Charles and Hillis (for these players they as qualify as injury concerns). Same with QBs and WR. You have the sure fire guys who are going to do well. Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Fitgerald, Megatron. After that you have guys who are 1 year wonders or have injury concerns. Stafford, Johnson, Newton, Cruz. I would still take any of these ? mark players though over Richardson… minus Charles and Hillis.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    This is funny, since Craig posted an article just before this one talking about a quarterback drafted one spot HIGHER than Mr. Richardson.

  • Popeye1451

    mary k changes her mind like her clothes shes on trents side now that the egg after her picks in the draft are over    wouldnt even apperare in the paper after that brainless picks went south a know nothing loudmouth she shoukd try bingo maybe she could handel that