Sources: Dallas pick Tyler Zeller headed to Cavaliers

According to pretty much everyone on Twitter and ESPN, the Cavaliers have acquired Tyler Zeller, the 17th pick in the NBA draft in exchange for the 24, 33, and 34th picks that the Cavaliers had remaining.

It seems a little bit strange to me that Dallas would want those picks. I understand they didn’t want to take on more salary. Our own TD suggests that they can draft European players who won’t need roster spots immediately.

Either way, you can add Zeller to the haul for the Cavs it appears. Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters and now Tyler Zeller appear to be Chris Grant’s best bet at building a core in his first two available years to give it a shot.

(Update: The league has confirmed the reported deal. The Cavaliers end up with Zeller with the Mavericks receiving Jared Cunningham, Bernard James and Jae Crowder.)

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  • pete

    Man, you really are an awful fan.

  • pete

    You, too, are a disaster of a Cavaliers fan if you feel this is true.

  • pete


  • Yup

    “This year was different” you say? Really? Why? Cuz u say so! Yeah, yr right my reference to previous drafts was stupid! Of course this year is different! Cuz Floyd says so! Ohhhh, I have seen the light! And yr sooo right that picking guards like Knight or Thompson would be so much better than an athletic big man! I mean, that’s NBA 101, right Floyd? Man, you are a DEEP thinker. So sorry i doubted yr basketball genius…

  • Ritz

    A GM cannot, in any way shape or form, draft based on who may be avaliable in the next draft. Although the reasons are obvious I guess I have to list them: players get hurt, draft position is unknown, guys may or may not declare for the draft, etc. Its impossible and unreasonable. Take who you think is the best player and move on.

  • floydrubino

    No it wasn’t different. PJ3 went in the high 20’s and he is better than TT at #4 last year. Sorry I thought it was common sense not genius that could make this out. If you can’t see how deep this draft was your clueless. Not because I said so because logic says so. Arnette Moultrie, Jared Sullinger, and PJ3 going in the 20’s and you can’t put this together.

  • floydrubino

    You mean Knight or Thompson. And I am always a fan when someone will capitalize everything. Now I know you really mean it and I must be wrong. I would of rather taken Jonas Valucianuas, Brandon Knight, Klay Thompson, and several others. TT is a wasted pick and then on top of it we skip over T-Rob because we picked him last year. Fortunately Dion Waiters is a solid player but we were going to improve whomever we took there. I am not displeased with Waiters and Zeller because they are both top 10 talents but if we skipped over T-Rob because of TT and he turns out to be an all star then maybe you boneheads who argue with me about the TT pick will realize why making bad picks like the TT can make it worse because these idiots (Grant and Gilbert) are picking each player out of necessity and not the best talent and we are skipping over real talent to hand pick a mediocre team.

  • floydrubino

    Yes I’m a disaster of a fan because I expect more than these horrible draft selections when we are being handed opportunities to be great. They need to make more than 1 correct pick every decade to be good. Your the horrible fan for letting Gilbert and Grant get away with horrible basketball decisions. Waiters is solid and Zeller is decent but they are picking for a 7th seed playoff caliber team. Maybe I should accept decisions being made by people who obviously know nothing about basketball and got the job some how through connections and not performance.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Thanks have a good weekend!