Shurmur: Browns Moving Forward with Brandon Weeden Getting “Most” Reps

[Brandon Weeden is] getting more of the reps than anybody at this point, number one. Number two, as I’ve mentioned all along, we need to see him function in our offense. I think that’s in line with what Tom (Heckert) was saying. We drafted him for a reason, which is in line with what Tom was saying. In my opinion, we’re moving forward with that. At this point in the year, everybody on the roster gets reps. When you get to the season and you name somebody the starter, that’s when he gets most, if not all, of the reps. This time of year you’re working ones, twos and threes. In my opinion, there is not really an issue there.

– Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur, Thursday, in reference to general manager Tom Heckert saying that Brndon Weeden should be the starting quarterback. On Wednesday, Shurmur stated that he wishes to name a starter “sooner than later.”

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  • mgbode

    but we’re not naming him starter yet :wink::wink:

  • Garry_Owen

    So . . . when do we cut Seneca Wallace?

  • Natedawg86

    just name him the stinking starter.  Say it is his job to lose…CMON man…

  • Natedawg86

    or better question may be…why have we not cut Seneca Wallace yet?

  • Bryan

    nice.  glad the “mccoy deserves a chance” crowd is now silent.

  • Tron

    McCoy DID deserve a chance to play this year with some upgraded offensive weapons, only the Browns head brass drafted a 29 YO rookie at the same position as him in the first round. So that pretty much blew that argument up. They have to play Weeden before he ends up retiring. 

  • Big Z

    HERE HERE! I wish they would move him already!

  • Big Z

    Colt is an inaccurate, under-sized, weak-armed QB who’s incapable of reading complex defenses – that’s why they replaced him. He had two years worth of chances to prove otherwise, yet he couldn’t get it done. No more chances. Thank goodness!

  • Sgtkickarse

    Can Pat just ever answer a question in a short and normal manner? 

    Questioner: Pat, Is Brandon Weeden getting more reps to prepare him to be the starter? Pat: Yes, next question. 

    See how easy that was? I swear this guy sounds like a politician. If someone asks an easy question and it takes you a long paragraph to answer, most likely you are lying about it. Just answer the question and move on to something else Coach. 

  • Seth

    WHERE WHERE? Or do you mean “hear hear”

  • Spartaneel

    Do you really think it matters who takes the snap ? Whoever it might be 99% of the time he will be handing the ball off to Trent Richardson.

  • RaleighBob

    I can’t say a bad thing about Colt, unless I compare him to Weeden.  Shorter, smaller, less arm, less accuracy.  I’m tired of the small QB w/ heart or the big armed, dumb QB.  Back Weeden by making him the starter before training camp and start the audition for NFL relevance.

  • Big Z

    LOL! While we’re proofreading each-other’s work, where’s the question mark at the end of your sentence?