Scott Fujita: ‘What the hell are you doing, Roger?’

This week, there was quite the fallout from the players’ appeal meetings with Roger Goodell over the Saints bounty scandal. Each player walked out of the brief encounters firing away at Roger Goodell, including Browns linebacker Scott Fujita. The outspoken union leader spoke with Dave Zirin on SiriusXM and offered some more candid thoughts, describing how the frosty meetings went down and how the contentiousness between the players and the league has escalated:

“I saw him in the [appeal] hearings and he offered to shake all of our hands. Some of the other players didn’t, but I went ahead and shook his hand, and I just said to him, ‘What the hell are you doing, Roger?’ He had nothing to say. His face sure turned red, though.”

Fujita’s three-game suspension has not been overturned but both sides appear to have dug in their heels — the Commissioner’s right to suspend the players was upheld by an arbitrator, and he’s not altering his punishments. You can read his first full interview since the appeal with Zirin here.

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  • Steve

    What’s he doing? He’s making an example out of you to show the general public that the NFL doesn’t tolerate your shenanigans. I know, I know, talented football players are used to having the public throwing themselves at their feet and getting anything they ask for. Welcome to the real world.

  • Woods

    I think that you might have wanted to use the word “contentiousness” in the fifth line. I will say it for you “damn you auto correct!”

    Fujita is getting caught in the process where the NFL is trying to build a case that they are all about player safety that started a few years ago with the fines and suspensions for improper/late hits.

    With all of the focus on concussions and early onset dementia for the former players, Goodell is trying to establish that “in the NFL there can be no flexibility in the area of player safety, none, no exceptions”.

    Fujita’s reputation is well on its way to being ruined. I can understand that he would be pissed and in a fighting mood when the same person (Goodell) passes judgement, imposes punishment and also hears the appeal. He is collateral damage in the bounty scandal.

    Go Browns, Indians and Cavs

  • Brendan

    Haha, yep. Thanks for the catch and sparing me the admonishment of auto correct!

  • Wow

    You were part of the problem Fujita. Own it, serve the suspension, and move on already.

  • ParleyPPratt

    The fact that Scott Fujita is a Brown is an embarrassment. The Browns should cut him on principle.