Robert Griffin III Thought he was Heading to Cleveland

Knowing that the second-overall draft pick belonged to a team well-committed to their own quarterback, Baylor’s Robert Griffin III said that he entered the pre-NFL Draft days assuming he would become a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Via Fox Sports Ohio’s Zac Jackson, Griffin did the not-so-difficult mental accounting to see who had the most assets at their disposal and assumed that’s where he would call home.

“Once I declared for the draft, Cleveland was the place I thought I would be because [the Browns] had the most firepower when it came to draft picks and tradeability,” Griffin said. “It didn’t turn out that way and I have no idea why it didn’t.”

As has been writ large, Griffin would ultimately be drafted by the Washington Redskins after Dan Snyder completed a deal with the St. Louis Rams, sending three first-round selections as compensation. ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi subsequently reported that the Baylor product lacked the ideal size for Mike Holmgren’s team which would later use a first-round draft pick on Oklahoma State’s Brandon Weeden.

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(Source: SBNation Cleveland)

  • And Weeden thought he was going in Round 2.

  • JNeids

    Why would you want to kick Mr. Ed?

  • Natedawg86

    Who is RGIII

  • Mr. Irrelevant (Randy Lerner) also thought you’d be coming here.

  • Dee P

    Not to one up you….but John Hughes almost didn’t answer his phone…

  • Ya know when the Cavs look like they did something dumb, like drafting Tristan Thompson 4th last year, or JJ Hickson over Kosta Koufos, but then it turns out to be smart?

    When the Browns do something dumb, it’s not just actually dumb, but typically even dumber than we had even originally thought.

    (IE drafting slow footed Brian Robiskie, or TRADING UP for Montario Hardesty.. Things that people agreed were dumb when they happened, and are still dumb in hindsight). I’m guessing history will not treat us any better in regards to biffing the RG3 trade.

  • Tom

    I’m glad we didn’t get RGIII, I would much rather have Richardson Weeden Schwartz and next year’s first rounder.