Report: Former Cavalier Ramon Sessions will opt out of Lakers contract

Back in March the Cavaliers traded PG Ramon Sessions to the Lakers for a 2012 first-round draft selection which turned out to be pick number 24. Also included in the deal are Cleveland’s Christian Eyenga and Los Angeles’ Luke Walton and Jason Kapono. Kapono was bought out of his deal. Walton’s contract expires at the end of next season.

Sessions has a player option for next season at $4.5 million, and several were critical of the Cavaliers for making the move.

The Lakers failed to get to the NBA Finals with Sessions, and now it appears they will not have his services next season. According to Sessions’ agent (via Sam Amico), Ramon will test the free agent market-

“Ramon Sessions will opt out of his contract with the Lakers, his agent @Jkarnes1 says via Twitter.”

The Lakers will end up with some luxury tax relief from the deal, but little else to show for it. The Cavaliers on the other hand, have an extra asset in the 24th pick. They can choose a player (like Fab Melo for example) or package the pick for something else. Sounds like advantage Cavaliers to me.

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  • Yup

    And a big “we told you so” to the goofballs who thought this was a bad trade at the time! Esp. those who foolishly thought Sessions might not opt out w/Cleveland. He opted out w/the Lakers, for crying out loud! Well done, Grant’

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Wow, is there really a huge market for Sessions’ services? He did well with the Lakers in the regular season, but had a garbage playoffs performance and the PG market in the NBA is pretty saturated at this point. I guess he’s pumped about that monster contract he’ll get from the Brooklyn Nets after Deron Williams leaves for Dallas.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Sessions is chasing his next big contract and I think he better start running faster now. I’m sure someone will give him a lucrative deal but I think his career has shown he’s nothing but a decent backup point guard. The Cavaliers definitely did well in pawning I mean trading him to LA.

  • Jack

    A very good backup point guard and very serviceable starter.

  • BenRM

    Who was critical of the Cavs? They got a first round pick and got rid of a guy who isn’t going to stay. No team needs two starting PG’s, esp. when one of them was the ROY.

  • Hollinger was very critical of the Cavs for one…

  • BenRM

    Well he’s a big dummy!

  • cmm13

    I wouldn’t be opposed to re-signing him to a 1 year deal and then trade him again to another team in contention for another draft pick.
    hey it could happen…..McWORLD!!!!!

  • mgbode

    well just because he decided to leave a possibly contending team where he was the defacto best PG on the roster doesn’t mean he would have left a fledgling team where he was going to be a backup with decreasing minutes.

    wait a second there…

  • Lunch

    That would be interesting if the Cavs resigns Ramon, but I would think the contract would be longer than a year though.

    Lol @ the McWorld reference.

  • Hollinger couldn’t see past his stupid scale for how much salary taken on is worth what pick in the draft. He thought the contract we took back in Luke Walton was too much for the pick we got, but he forget that it doesn’t matter whatsoever because we have a massive amount of cap space and that contract is an expiring now.

    I like Hollinger, but he has a tendency to never look beyond whatever metric he is using. This often leads him to make claims that clash with common sense. Sometimes he’s right, and other times he’s dead wrong.

  • sgtkickarse

    I too seem to remember a number of people who were critical of the trade at the time, maybe not on this site as much, but definitely on the PD. They ridiculed Grant and said maybe Sessions would have stayed, they “only” got a low 1st round pick, blah blah blah. I think this shows it was probably a pretty good idea. I also would welcome him back on a couple year deal to backup and spell Kyrie. Kyrie has been hurt in college, was dinged up a bit last season, and we do need a better back up PG than Gibson.

  • Eli

    I want Ramon Sessions in L.A. city!!!

  • mgbode

    and I want him in L.A. United!

  • Kildawg

    It’s nice to have FO guys that know what they’re doing here in Cleveland. Most are critical of the Tribe’s but baseball gets most focus due to their lack of cap. Browns get focus because we’re a football town and the NBA has that ‘soft cap’ that constantly changes. Triple Crown of Championships in 2014 anyone?

  • mgbode


  • Natedawg86

    I would settle for 1…

  • Believelander

    We can has Sessions back?

  • Believelander

    Not to mention Sessions and Irving played successful small looks together where Sessions sort of played the 1 and Irving, the better shooter, took on the role of the 2. Sesh could definitely get plenty of minutes here. The question is, do we pay starting pg money for a backup/scheme pg? Whether we believe he is a starting caliber pg or not, someone will pay him starter money if we don’t.

  • Believelander

    A LOT of journalists and radio guys were playing the Derpsichord after the trade.