Phil Dawson wants to finish his career in Cleveland

The Browns were back working today and Phil Dawson has joined the team after receiving his second straight franchise tag designation from the Browns. Dawson is a great guy and a fan favorite, so what he had to say to the media today was especially nice to hear.

(On the chances he will finish his career as a Cleveland Brown) – “You know what, I’d like to. I really would. I’m not thinking about my career being over at this point, but it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to go play somewhere else. So, we’ll see what happens. I’ve told you guys before I’m not very good at predicting the future, but I’m just going to go to work like I always do and hope that things get worked out.”

(On approaching Lou Groza’s record) – “That was a goal I set in 1999 when Danny Kight and Chris Boniol were out here competing against me in training camp. If I would had admitted back then that, that was one of my goals you guys would have laughed me out of town and I wouldn’t have blamed you. So a lot of work, a lot of years and a lot of effort has taken place since then. To even be remotely on the horizon close to that is a pretty neat thing.”

Despite the poor teams that Dawson has been a part of, there is little doubt that he will go down in Browns history along with guys like Josh Cribbs as one of the very few bright spots during decidedly dark days in the history of the franchise. If he can somehow bridge the gap between the dark days and a brighter future it would be that much better. Now, the hard part…

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  • Sgtkickarse

    Waiting for Oribasi to come say something negative about Dawson. He piles on everyone else, why not the only guy left of the originals and who was sadly our only offense last year?

    But for me, glad to hear this obviously. Not sure how feasible it will be for him to keep away from his family for so long though to keep playing for the Browns. Besides maybe someday we will have some position player worth the Franchise Tag.

  • You must not read very much.  I have consistently praised Dawson, the man responsible for about 45% of our ENTIRE offense last year.

    In fact, knucklehead, I did so yesterday, right here:  http://waitingfornextyear.com/2012/06/phil-dawson-id-like-to-finish-my-career-in-cleveland/

    Check your facts before posting drivel.

  • Mike E

     Yep, for as much as he disagrees with, he does always reference the percentage of offense that Dawson provides. 

  • There are plenty of players I like (agree with?) on the Browns. I think Cribbs is a difference-maker.  Haden.  TJ Ward.  Thomas.  Dqwell.  Some others.

    Don’t use such a broad brush.

  • Mike E

     I was on your side with this, did not say anything about Cribbs, Haden, Ward etc. 

  • Steve

     Not sure why we’re hating on the guy who is so negative about the Browns. What exactly has the franchise done to prove that we shouldn’t be completely negative? The Indians deal with that attitude from a large percentage of the population in town, and they actually put competitive teams on the field.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Because it’s a football town and these people don’t know any better.  They have been lost in a losing wilderness since 1999 and are desperate for anything at this point.  That’s why the smallest accomplishment or news story is so important.  For other teams it’d barely be newsworthy but in this town it’s frontpage material.

  • Ok, understood.  My apologies.

  • Sgktickarse

    Haha alright bro, I will concede on the Dawson point. I was mostly joking anyway when I said you would find something to complain about in this article.

    I understand the negativity for sure. My brother and I talked last season about finally giving up and following some other team since it seems obvious from ownership on down that they don’t give a flying rat’s behind about the fans and putting a good product on the field. And I do wish people would stop going to the games and stop buying the merchandise if that would be the one way to get management to pay attention.

    But at the end of the day, I am still a Browns fan and I can’t stop being one. I am excited about Weeden and T-Rich and I hope we are all wrong about Shurmur being an awful coach. I just don’t see the point in constantly complaining and then badgering people who don’t agree with you. And I do think you do that way too much.