Perez, Kipnis shine on MLB network

Cleveland closer Chris Perez was on Intentional Talk on the MLB Network yesterday talking about Cleveland fans, the Bullpen Mafia, and his normal routine. He was confronted by the video of him throwing up after the game. Interestingly enough, he admitted that after he gave up the hit to Freese, he almost lost it out of his nose. Classic. A really good watch actually.

Jason Kipnis also appeared on the MLB Network yesterday, on The Rundown. Kipnis talked about his base stealing (he swears his one caught stealing on the season was supposed to be a hit and run), the Derek Lowe/Dusty Baker feud, and singing on the field. Quality stuff. And he was wearing a 2012 All-Star game shirt. Wishful thinking? Here’s Kipnis on who he modeled his game after-

“There were a couple of people…Ken Griffey Jr. was huge when I was growing up. The kind of attitude he brought to the game and how much fun he had, the way he handled his business and the way he just had a smile on his face and [ran] around the whole field, just looked like the way that [the game] was supposed to be played.”

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  • Great videos of the guys! Way to represent Cleveland!