Pat Shurmur and Secenca Wallace might not be on the same page

With regard to the role of “third quarterback” for the Cleveland Browns, it appears that there is a slight misunderstanding between Browns head coach Pat Shurmur and veteran back-up quarterback Seneca Wallace. With last year’s starter Colt McCoy still in the fold, and one of this season’s first-round draft pick Brandon Weeden expected to start, Shurmur feels that all of his quarterbacks are of the mentality that his players will graciously do what they’re asked.

“I don’t see the urgency [in naming a starter],” said Shurmur on Tuesday afternoon, “but in terms of the backup situation, I can see a scenario where all three of the players you’re talking about will be here. I think that’s fair.

“My understanding is that [Wallace] would be [accepting of the third-quarterback position]. It’s important that room is right. There will be a starting quarterback and there will be guys working behind him. I have no reservation about however it works out. I think those guys will handle it in the right way.”

But once the microphones were aimed in the direction of Wallace, his response to the identical set of questions had a bit of a different tone.

“”Probably not,” said Wallace when asked about all three quarterbacks being on the roster come Opening Day. ”Can any of you guys see all three of us being here?”

And of the willingness and desire, if needed, to be the third quarterback?

“No, not really,” Wallace said. ”We all know the third guy doesn’t dress Sundays, and if it comes down to that decision, obviously neither [Colt McCoy or myself] want to be that third guy.”

McCoy, who started 13 games last season before missing the final three with a severe concussion, refuses to allow himself to consider the possibility not starting, recently telling SI’s Dan Patrick that there is a quarterback competition in Berea.

“From my perspective I don’t want to make this about me vs. another guy,” McCoy said. “I’d much rather talk about what’s going to help the Browns this fall win football games. At the end of the day that’s all that really matters, that’s all the fans really care about, and that’s all our organization cares about I hope is whatever is best for our football team to win games.

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  • mgbode

    someone might want to tell Seneca his decision could be between not dressing, but being on the roster OR sitting at home watching games.

    the market for 32yo undersized career backup QBs isn’t very lucrative these days

  • Natedawg86

    Simple solution to me.  See ya Seneca. Instead of saying “I will do what is best for the team” it is still all about him. He is not a team player. He should be trying to make the team better no matter his role, even if it is as the scout team QB.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Exactly.  Maybe we can trade him to the CFL for a bag of air.

  • Harv 21

    Let’s be clear. This story – any Browns story, and most other stories – is about SHURMUR and how incompetent he is, because he can’t talk about anything without starting a controversy. And it’s about his AGENT who owes his entire career and all his clients to his BOSS which clearly shows that the AGENT is running the organization which is why the Browns have SUCKED since 1999. Get out Seneca, you have NO CHANCE here.

  • FidlerBD





  • VA Buckeye

    I would at least try to trade for a case of Molson XXX.

  • Again, with all humor, there is some truth.

    I’m not sure what laudable things he has done that deserves your (or anyone’s, for that matter) defense.  It’s interesting; it’s almost like people want them to be good and they can’t handle the reality that he may be the completely wrong coach for this team, and instead of coming face/face with it, they’d rather make light of those who see the problem for what it truly is.  It’s an interesting study, nonetheless.

  • Probably no one should be on the same page as Shurmur, for very serious reasons.

  • I think the Eagles would take him.  And, I think they’d give us a decent pick for him.  Maybe a 5th rounder.

  • Stinkfist

    Oh Scott… we all know the headline was supposed to read “Pat Shurmur and the Browns might not be on the same page” 

    I think you’re selling your story short

  • Hypno_Toad

    According to your sources?

  • Henry Brown

    Is this satire? It’s getting a touch stale if it is and downright idiotic if it isn’t.

  • BenRM

    Do you expect him to say otherwise, though? It seemed to me he said “yeh, I hope I’m the one dressing. I don’t really know if they’ll keep all three of us around.”

    None of it seems very controversial to me. 

  • mgbode

    Philly just drafted Nick Foles, why would they give-up a 5th for Seneca?

    (they also have Kafka is Foles isn’t ready to backup this year)

  • mgbode

    why, does he get angry if you read over his shoulder?

  • Jpbrick

    Well then Seneca, pack your bags and get outta town. We don’t need you around bringing the rest of the team down, especially when you’re undermining the coaching staff during press conferences. You should watch what you say, I would rather be getting way overpaid to be a 3rd string than end up like T.O.

  • How did you know?

  • I urge you to buy Browns seasons tickets, I really do.

    (I’m trying that out as an insult.  I think it’ll work for the fans who just don’t get it.)

  • Tonka50 Rt

    Dump wallace he sucks @@s anyway and this drama we dont need