NBA Draft Rumors: Dion Waiters Might be a Target at No. 4

The NBA Draft is officially less than 18 hours away, which means the crazy back-and-forth rumors are only now just kicking into hyperspeed. Late Wednesday night, we got the latest of murmurs possibly affecting the Cavaliers’ plans at the No. 4 pick, courtesy of ESPN’s Andy Katz:

Syracuse’s Dion Waiters could be in play at No. 4 to Cleveland, according to those close to Waiters. That would shake up lottery a bit.

There’s a lot going on in that tweet, starting with the fact that the source is Waiters’ camp. I’m not sure exactly how I should respond to that as an informed fan, considering that initially seems like pure posturing on Waiters’ part, and no one elses.

However, Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski added more validity to the report with his post moments ago:

The Cavaliers haven’t been able to get Waiters to visit Cleveland for a workout and meeting with officials, but it hasn’t extinguished management’s ever-evolving fascination with choosing Waiters at No. 4 – especially if the Cavaliers are unable to secure Florida guard Bradley Beal.

Syracuse’s Dion Waiters has quickly climbed into the top half of the draft lottery. (Getty Images)
Cleveland has intensified its background checks on Walters, and sources in direct contact with Cavs officials believe Waiters would be the franchise’s choice over Kansas’ Thomas Robinson should the Charlotte Bobcats select Michael Kidd-Gilchrist at No. 2, and the Washington Wizards take Beal at No. 3.

Twitter has been on fire late at night here with rumors about Cleveland’s possible new interest in the Syracuse scorer. With his name and Washington’s Terrance Ross’ bursting onto the NE Ohio spotlight over the last moments, this likely is just a sign of things to come by the time the draft finally is here at 7 p.m.

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  • Jaker

    No way at 4. I love Waiters, but I love Barnes/MKG/Beal so much more than him. stay at 4 and take MKG/Barnes (Beal will be gone) and try and trade back into the top 10 to get a SG or Drummond. It’s time to strike now Grant!

  • I really hope this has all been posturing and theyre really targeting MKG because I cannot understand the fascination with Waiters or Beal. Never understand how finding out a guy’s “real” height can affect draft stock so much but then again NBA GMs are consistently the dumbest GMs of any sport so I fully expect the Cavs to butcher this draft.

  • yeah…same way they did last year when all of Cleveland was anti-Kyrie, huh? Sit back…relax,,, and let Chris do his job

  • Steve

    This is probably more likely than people think. Waiters was an efficient scorer and ranked 5th on Hollinger’s draft rater, above where he’s expected to get drafted – just like Thompson last year. I don’t think he’s taken before MKG, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they passed on anyone else for Waiters (who I’d really like to get at 7 in the proposed Warriors trade).

  • Blue_Guybrush

    They should trade the Lakers’ the 4th pick, which will be Drummond’s draft rights, to Portland for the 6th and 11th. Use the 6th on Barnes or MKG (whoever doesn’t go 5th) then use the 11th on a center like Meyers Leonard.

  • Harv 21

    I see. Cavs are poised to grab him at #4 overall when less than 36 hours before the draft they still hadn’t worked him out or conducted an extensive interview of him? Uh, don’t think so. Their first pick, at #4, 6 or wherever, will be someone they have thoroughly vetted.
    This report has to be all agent. Grant couldn’t leak this to misdirect and maintain any credibility.

  • Think this is just another way the Cavs are able to keep the rest of the league in the dark about their intentions on draft night. Really think they want MKG but with multiple smoke screens over the last several weeks, not sure anyone can say for sure.

    Using all these reports, whether from agents, players, team reps, etc. is excellent gamesmanship from Chris Grant.

  • I believe (and someone correct me if I’m wrong), that Waiters didn’t do private individual workouts for any teams. So it’s not just Cleveland he wouldn’t work out for. Whoever takes Waiters is going to have to take him without the luxury of a workout.

  • Harv 21

    Even if so, still don’t see him at #4, Andrew. Never started at Syracuse, some attitude concerns as freshman (which Grant seems to avoid). I love the guy’s game, and think at worst he is Vinnie (Microwave) Johnson plus brutish driving ability. But would want him as second pick if we can trade back into the teens and if we first get one of the premier SFs, not at 4. (So now watch Grant do it)

  • Oh, I totally agree. With everything you said. I like Waiters and would love to trade up our 2nd pick to get him. But if MKG is on the board at 4 and they take Waiters, I might lose it.

    The only reason I replied was because I just wanted to clarify that him not working for Cleveland wasn’t a Cleveland-only thing.

  • Jack

    At this point, going to be disappointed without Beal. Don’t understand people pining for MKG. Can’t win in the NBA when 3/5 of starters can’t spread the floor (and 2-3 can’t score). Trade up for Beal, or take Barnes and make a move with 24.

  • Jack

    Why do you want to ensure that 3/5 of our starting lineup can’t spread the floor at all…can’t win in the NBA like that anymore.

  • Harv 21

    imagine a draft that nets Kidd-Gilchrist and Waiters. Add them to Tristan and, even if you’ve traded Andy, it’s suddenly a very physical team. Waiters is built like a fullback.

  • The Fan

    The true Sleeper in this draft is Andrew Nichols of St Boneventure, Atlantic 10 Player of the Year. He has a deft hook, a sweet 3 pt Jumper, and footwork like a boxer, if we land him at #24 we will be a playoff contender this year, check his highlights on youtube and then Book it!

  • floydrubino

    I hope this means that someone is going to move up for drummond at 4. Since Houston can’t get Howard maybe they will trade their picks to cleveland for drummond and then they will trade lowry to get another pick in the draft. I will take houston’s 3 picks in 1st round for cleveland’s 4 and 34 pick. This way we can get 4 picks in the 1st round and start filling out this roster. I will also take portland’s 6 and 11 for cleveland’s 4 and 34. If T-Rob and Beal are gone no reason to stay at 4 when you can get same player at 6 or 8 that you want. If we take Waiters at 4 it would be concerning in the sense that we could of picked up another pick and still get him. Waiters could be good player and he can score and he is polished player but I would assume we could still get him at #8.

  • steve-o

    If Portland really wants Waiters its good for them to think we do too. In a scenario where Beal and MKG are both gone at four (two players I would take without hesitation), we might be able to trade for Portland’s picks (we can probably still get Barnes at 6). If we also are able to trade Andy + other assets for 7, it’s possible we could get Barnes, Lamb and Zeller (who I think will be the best center from this draft).

  • NamedMyKidPrice

    Ive been beating this drum from the begining. I would love to somehow grab Waiters and MKG/Barnes. Barnes and Waiters may fit better together but I like the fire that both MKG and Waiters would bring the team.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’m with you I think MKG could fall to #4 so it would be between him and Barnes. I’m also with you on trading back up for a SG even if it means moving Varejao. Personally I’d prefer Lamb but tonight should be interesting. I’m hoping Grant makes things happen and can get some nice young players.

  • Jack

    MKG + Waiters = 1 guy in out entire starting 5 that can hit an outside shot for the foreseeable future…no thanks.

  • deesh

    what you don’t remember is that we have a ton of cap space to sign more scorers. We get an atheltic defender in MKG + a young scorer in Waiters + whoever we sign. Doesn’t sound bad to me.

  • Steve

    You can teach guys to shoot much easier than you can teach them to have the speed/agility/strength to get to the rim.

  • Physical, athletic, could wear opponents down. It would be my kind of team.

  • saggy

    if MKG is on the board at 4, and the Cavs still want Waiters instead of him, it may not be the worst thing. I bet they could get a TON of value for that pick, and then still get their guy. Not that I agree with this, just saying…

  • saggy

    I’ll say this: Cavs have done a wonderful job keeping everyone in the dark. This is how you play a pre-draft. Browns: take notes.

  • TSR3000

    b/c Meyers Leonard sucks.

  • Waiters rates out better than Beal and would be a very good pick. I still want Drummond based on potential but Waiters is extremely atheletic.

  • Yet when the Browns try to play it a similar way, the masses get all upset about the “secrecy” which “obviously” indicates a “clueless” FO that NEEDS to keep the fans in the loop more because it’s OUR team. Chris Perez is right: we are more loyal to the Browns. But some of us also have some incredibly delusional ideas about what the Browns owe us as a result.

  • I felt like people were pretty split about Irving vs Williams, I never thought it was that much of a debate because Williams doesnt have a clear cut NBA position

  • Dion Waiters is not going to spread the floor like that, he’s not a catch and shoot type of player