Letterman to LeBron: “Now that you’ve gotten this out of your system, you ready to go back to Cleveland and play some ball?”

LeBron James appeared on the David Letterman show last night, and right out of the gate Letterman jumped into the topic of leaving Cleveland

“Now that you’ve gotten this out of your system, you ready to go back to Cleveland and play some ball?”

Letterman asked more questions about leaving Cleveland than ESPN did on the night of ‘The Decision’. James of course side-stepped them all, but you have to respect Letterman for asking the questions, even in a joking manner. From the moment James left, Letterman has maintained it was a mistake. Kudos for backing that up when the NBA superstar is sitting next to you at the desk.

  • I thought the more interesting question, that I’m glad Dave asked, was if winning a Championship in Cleveland would have been better. I’m glad LeBron brushed it aside and didn’t answer, too. He can’t win no matter how he answers it. He’s showing a lot of maturity by ignoring Cleveland questions now. Good for him.

  • humboldt

    Totally disagree. A small display of humility and gratitude would be enormously healing for the city, just as would have been the case during The Decision.

    Every time Lebron sidesteps a question about Cleveland he looks more and more narcissistic and devoid of basic empathy. Even if only for the sake of his all-powerful “brand”, Lebron would be wise to strike a note of gratitude towards Cleveland and its fans.

  • Natedawg86

    When it is all said and done, he will go down as one of the best ball players the league has ever seen. We all know he should win at least a few more with the heat, but wouldn’t it increase his achievements if he came back to CLE and brought them a title or two? A team that has never touched the trophy?

  • MrCleaveland

    A cockroach eating caviar is still a cockroach.

  • He doesn’t play in Cleveland any more, though. If he talks up Cleveland and says how much better it would have been in Cleveland, it isolates his current team, the Miami Heat. Just look at the storm he created when he casually mentioned maybe he could see himself playing in Cleveland again. It backfired on him. He made his choice to go play in Miami. That’s where his focus should be, not on Cleveland.

  • humboldt

    Nonsense. All he has to do is thank Cleveland fans for their support. This basic act of humanity seems uncommonly difficult for him.

  • Eh, I just don’t see why he needs to thank us. If he won the title in Cleveland, then thank the Cleveland fans. If Albert Pujols wins a World Series with the Angels, does he need to thank the Cardinal fans? This just seems like a strange idea to me. I mean, thank us for what? For booing him? For rooting against him? For burning his jerseys? For saying the most awful things about him and his family? I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve some of those things, but who cares if he thanks us or not? I prefer he just shut up about Cleveland and stop talking about us.

  • MSkog

    I’m with you on this one Andrew. I can do without any of LeBron’s disingenuous comments on Cleveland and it’s fans. I think just about anything said by LeBron at this point will seem insincere. It’s good that he avoided it.

  • humboldt

    “I mean, thank us for what?”

    For unconditionally supporting him during the formative first 7-years of his career.

    “For burning his jerseys?”

    Can we please stop extrapolating from one television image to a whole fan base?

    “who cares if he thanks us or not?”

    I’m not sure why you downplay the ameliorative power an apology would have for the city. A small bit of gratitude would provide a reason for millions of people to shift their opinions of James and get over the hurt.

  • Holy Sh**!! Dave is THE BEST!

  • JoshKess

    No thanks, would rather never touch the trophy than have LBJ hand it to us.

  • Yeah, the jersey burning thing was a cheap ploy on my part. I always complain when people use that, and I shouldn’t have resorted to it myself. Totally my bad.

    But I feel my point remains w/r/t the other issues. And we didn’t support him unconditionally in Cleveland. Plenty of fans wanted him gone after the Yankee hat incident. Again, he deserved the backlash for it. But I don’t think it means he owes us a debt of gratitude for rooting for him only when he played for our team. We love the Cavaliers, not LeBron James. Or I do, anyway.

    Bottom line, I guess I kind of see where you’re coming from. But an apology is different than a thank you. I think he should firmly apologize to Cleveland. But thank us? I don’t need. If he said thank you, it wouldn’t mean a thing to me. It would just feel like more hollow words from him. I prefer to forget about him and move on.

  • floydrubino

    You must be saying something ridiculous to draw a reaction. It was a great question from Letterman but his answer was completely in line with who Lebron is. He said he could of cared less if he was on Mars and won it. Selfish answer and all about him. So this is why I’m glad he left. Right now Cleveland would of made him mayor if he won the championship. He would of been what our city represents to the world. So we want some guy who is an awful human being(not for leaving but more of who he is as a person) to be our spokesperson to the world. No thanks. Can you imagine Lebron and Gilbert representing us as a whole. That would of been awful in the long run. He didn’t sidestep anything. He said he could care less if he was on mars which is correct because he has no connection to cleveland or miami. Unfortunately for us as fans we had a superstar who was selfish and a team owner who pushed him away because he was using him and squeezing everything financially he could get out of him for his own personal gain and using lebron in thinking he would not turn his back on cleveland. I don’t blame lebron for leaving because of gilbert’s and Ferry’s handling of things but I blame him for thinking he was more important than the whole city of cleveland by not having the guts to say trade me I’m leaving the year before so we could of gotten something for him. I like Kyrie as a person more and would rather have him in all honesty. The stories of how lebron acted as a human being around cleveland the years before he left tells you who he is as a person. He is already easily the 2nd greatest player to ever play at 27 years old and there is no denying this but it’s over and I hope he goes through with what he said and moves to mars.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Hard to ignore even here when there is some unknown reason to cover it. Even still I made sure I didn’t tune in because who really cares anymore. You have a very important draft coming up for the Cavaliers tomorrow so why waste a moment on an ex-player? Get over it!

  • floydrubino

    One person who was drunk the night it happened and espn shows it over and over to exploit us. Even people who write the articles view us as these type of fans as a whole. Between this and Gilbert’s letter it made us look as a whole look like the biggest idiots. The fans that I know couldn’t be further from this stereotype. They are humble loyal fans that don’t deserve this type of view especially from one of our own. I never paid any attention to any of these cleveland sites until about 6 months ago because one of my friends told me about it and I’m in shock at how novice the thinking is as a whole. We don’t even know if that was even staged or if that person was even a cleveland sports fan. He might of been a drunk loser that when people were complaining about what happened he tried to play hero for the bar. I can’t believe one person being drunk still haunts us to this day.

  • Asinine.

  • humboldt

    “I think he should firmly apologize to Cleveland. But thank us? I don’t need.”

    I think this is a good compromise, and one I’d be happy with. He made initial overtures at an apology during the season, but I was really hoping he’d use his post-championship platform to repair the relationship a bit. Not surprised that he hasn’t, but still disappointed b/c I really don’t want to dislike Lebron…he just makes it so hard not to.

    We can definitely agree that tomorrow night is a big day for the franchise. Go Cavs!

  • humboldt


  • humboldt


  • Absolutely. No matter who the Cavs take, we’re about to have some new blood to cheer for. And that’s always fun!

  • JoshKess

    So LBJ gets to leave, win his ring (cuz he couldnt do it here) then come back and “give” us one? No thanks.