Fujita: NFL is Engaged in a “Public Smear Campaign” with Regard to Bounty Program

I’m not saying the NFL is intentionally lying. I’ve been willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they may have just been working with the information they’ve been given, even though much of that information was inaccurate and lacked credibility. It’s their cavalier interpretation of everything that’s been way off. They clearly proceeded with a public smear campaign with very little regard for the truth.

– Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita on the latest developments involving the New Orleans Saints bounty program. For his alleged involvement, Fujita has been suspended for the first three games of the 2012 season and continues to be one of the most outspoken opponents of the initial ruling. In response, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello stated that “nothing [Fujita] has asserted in his various public statements undermines the findings of the investigation.”

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(Source: Associated Press)

  • humboldt

    Someone needs to tell Fujita to stop digging and lay low for a while

  • maxfnmloans

    can we just trade him back to the Saints? if he wants to fight this fight, more power to him. however, his on field contributions are not sizable enough any more to offset the distraction. I highly doubt he’s been working a lot on football lately, and this saga doesn’t appear to be ending soon. even if his his distraction is not impacting other players (which I kinda doubt), im sure its having a negative effect on his ability to be in tip top condition, mentally and physically, for the upcoming season.

    I see no need for his problems to be cleveland’s problems. If he wants to keep fighting, he should convince the saints to trade us for him, and then the Saints can deal with their own mess.

  • BenRM

    Fujita needs to STFO.

  • Tron

    Fujita is an idiot. He ADMITTED to contributing money to an off the books program that paid players for hard hits. The only thing he’s arguing is that he only paid for good clean hard hits, not hard hits that injured players. Guess what, you still did something wrong! just accept you F’ed up and get over it.

  • Harv 21

    Understand his fury if he’s been scapegoated in the Commissioner’s PR campaign. But from the team perspective, last year he claimed fatigue from being a player rep during the lock out, and now this. Be better if we knew he was working hard to squeeze a litte more football out after the Browns paid him for a lot of missed games the past two years, and maybe mentoring the young LBs a little, rather than spending his energy scouring the internet and crafting his responses.

  • MrCleaveland

    Yeah, Fujita, we get it. You’re a victim. And the NFL loves nothing more than to go around smearing innocent players for no reason. So go get all lawyered up and take this baby to court, because it’s obviously asking too much for you to admit your errors and accept your punishment like a man.

    P.S. To WFNY, huge thanks for calling this the “Bounty Program.”

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Glad to see I’m not the only one tired of reading/hearing about it. Hopefully some of the new young LBs do well and Fujita won’t be needed.

  • BenRM

    bounty gate rawr!!!

  • MrCleaveland

    Ben, which bus would you like to be thrown under? 🙂

  • BenRM

    the one taking the Browns to the Super Bowl?

  • MrCleaveland

    Goodell: Fujita is engaged in a “public smear campaign.”

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