Colt McCoy Doesn’t Remember James Harrison Hit

In a Friday morning interview with long-time sports talkshow host Dan Patrick, Cleveland Browns quarterback Colt McCoy said that he has no recollection the infamous concussion-inducing hit by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison.

“I don’t remember the hit but I’ve seen it several times,” McCoy said. “I know the things that happened up to that point but from the hit, beyond that I don’t remember much.”

McCoy sustained the blow late in the contest and was sent back in with the team having claimed that they took the proper procedures. Claims would later be made that no one on the Browns sideline saw the hit and that they were simply listening to the player who said that he was suitable for re-entry.

Following a 4-12 season, the Browns opted to use a first-round draft selection on Brandon Weeden, a player who is expected to obtain McCoy’s starting job under center. In his interview with Patrick, however, McCoy would repeat that there is an open competition in Berea and that he is taking advantage of his first full off-season as an NFL quarterback.

“From my perspective I don’t want to make this about me vs. another guy,” McCoy said. “I’d much rather talk about what’s going to help the Browns this fall win football games. At the end of the day that’s all that really matters, that’s all the fans really care about, and that’s all our organization cares about I hope is whatever is best for our football team to win games.

With specific regard to the hit by Harrison, McCoy said he’s recovered and hasn’t experienced any symptons.

“My body feels as good as it’s felt in a long time.”

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  • Don’t worry, Colt. Neither the Browns coaches or the Team President can remember the hit, either, since they never saw it.

    By the way, if you continue to believe that let me know.  I’ll need these people around on my jury.

  • maxfnmloans

    the fact that this whole situation continues to fester is so quintessentially Browns that i just have to laugh.  With most other teams this would have been put to rest a while ago…but here in Cleveland we had the team screw up by sending him back into the game, then compounding the screw-up by trying to deny culpability with some weak excuses.  The the player’s “stage mom” of a Father chimes in, which again, probably could have been avoided had any of the coach, GM or President not acted like a 6 year old caught with their hand in the cookie jar after it was clear they erred by putting Colt back in the game. Finally, ESPN moved on (the best thing about ESPN is the corporate wide ADD, even the worst press gets boring to them after a few days), and we all hoped that would be the end of the Browns being a model of ineptitude for something other than their performance on the field.

    But, since this is Cleveland, of course it wasn’t. Instead, the team drafts a new QB, is as duplicitous as possible with their plans. That’s fine for the public, but I get the sense they’re just letting Colt twist in the wind. And if they’re letting him twist in the wind, and this disgruntles him, why shouldn’t he go one national radio program and talk about how you don’t remember that hit? Because the Browns PR department shouldn’t let a guy they basically just fired go on a national radio program and make the team look bad, again, 6 months later, that’s why.

    Or maybe the Coach, GM, President should recognize the fact that if they just brought in this guy’s replacement, that maybe there might be some bitterness on the part of the “veteran”, and maybe they should try to assuage his bitterness/sourness/disenfranchisement so that he won’t be going on national radio programs half cocked, making the team look bad, again, 6 months later, for something that should have been dealt with immediately, and would have, if the people running the store realized that PR IS a part of their job. But no, this being Cleveland, somehow whoever ends up in charge has the attitude of “We’re going to do it how we do it, and damn the torpedoes”…well, it doesn’t work like that. And frankly, continuing to feed the national perception that Cleveland is a joke is getting tiresome.  They certainly aren’t doing much PR-wise to represent the city well.  

    Hey Mike…if you aren’t worried about the coaching or player acquisition phase of the franchise, shouldn’t something like damage control, spin control or media relations be pretty high on your list?  Or are you still engraving the plate  that you’re gonna need for the printing press for all those playoff tickets?

  • Mark

    I think you are reading WAY too much into this. Colt’s interview yesterday is barely even worth mentioning. No one cares. It’s a non-story.

  • maxfnmloans

    the story is that the front office/ Team President is getting paid millions upon millions of dollars a year to avoid such things and they fail time and again. And having a player on your roster saying things like that on air is going to resonate with other players who hear about it. Even if it’s a “non-story” to us, I’ll bet you a dollar other players, both in Berea and beyond, took notice.

  • I’m confused, would you prefer they just cut Colt and didn’t have a competition? I mean it was obvious before Colt’s concussion that he probably wasn’t going to be Super Bowl quarterback. His stats were HORRIBLE. So they drafted a cannon arm QB to compete with him. So what.