2012 NBA Draft: Cavs “GM” Daniel Gibson Selects Andre Drummond

In a recent player-based NBA Draft special for ESPN the Magazine, Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard dons his General Manger hat (flat-brimmed, slightly crooked) and selects UConn center Andre Drummond as the newest player to join the Wine and Gold.

“He’s a young, athletic 7-footer with great potential,” says Cavs guard Gibson about Drummond, who ranked in the top-30 in both offensive rebound and block percentage. “And, as they say, you just can’t teach height.”

Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Harrison Barnes are selected first through third, respectively. Shooting guard Bradley Beal, whom the team has been rumored to desire by trading up to the second pick, fell to 19th-overall, scooped up by Orlando’s JJ Redick. Gibson selected Iowa forward Royce White with the 24th-overall selection.

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  • swig

    I like redick’s comment, after selecting Beal 19th…

    “All this is moot if he dropped this far because he has a life-threatening injury or a habit of punching his coaches that I don’t know about.”

  • BrownsFanSF

    Really interesting Beal got so little love out of current NBA players. Not sure what it means, but I feel like it means something…

  • TSR3000

    Gibson obviously passed on Beal b/c he would instantly make Gibson borderline worthless to us.

  • Funny how Gibson avoids drafting guards or wing scorers…that says 1 of 2 things to me, either:

    1) he thinks he is good enough to start at the 2 for this team (which he isn’t)
    2) he is scared of losing minutes to a rookie (a very likely scenario)

    Regardless of which statement is true, I’m not sure if there is a place for him on this team going forward.

  • co811809

    yea beal at 19 is fishy to me too. esp cause im someone who wants barnes mkg and drummond over beal. just not enthralled

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    LoL exaclty sorry Gibson but this is another reason I can’t wait for your career with the Cavaliers to be over. Ferry will give you a job in Atlanta don’t worry which should make your wife happy.

  • hutch058

    why is this a reason for him to go?

  • hutch058

    Thank goodness he isn’t involved in the decision making!

  • Oppie00

    I’m shocked!!! You mean Boobie didn’t pick the guy that would undoubtedly take away his playing time.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    That was a semi-joke except for the fact that as others have mentioned Gibson failed to select a guard which if you want to read into it tells you something. Personally I’ve never been a fan of his and can’t understand why he had such a following. He made a career out of one playoff series verse Detroit.

  • It means NBA players are generally awful at evaluating NBA talent. You know, things we already knew.

  • pete

    Boobie has a bright future as the GM of the Wizards.

  • “You can’t teach height”

    Just because you’re tall and athletic doesn’t mean you’ll be good *cough*Hollins*cough*

  • Nicholee

    Hollins is athletic?

  • killernut

    He picked a center. Big freaking whoop. A good one at that with potential to be great. Dont dog on him for drums at 4 if anything the guys that drafted 5 thru 18 should be dogged

  • Funny they have Gibson selecting for the Cavs. Boobie will likely not even be a part of this team this season. The Cavs have a team option for $4.8M this year.

    Do you pick that up if only for an expiring contract? Boobie is becoming a bit like Grady Sizemore.

  • hutch058

    That is true, he really has not done anything since that detroit series…i guess it wouldnt make a difference whether he stays or not actually