While We’re Waiting… Cavaliers picking fourth, Chisenhall staying and LaPorta struggling

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It didn’t take long for some to jump off the Cavs’ train– “Personally, I’m crushed. After the fourth pick announcement came down, I felt my limbs get heavy, and I was subsumed by a despondent sensation. I couldn’t hear what Adam Silver was saying anymore. I think this pick is a death sentence… Things can change from now until the night of the draft, the consensus 1-2-3 in most scouts’ and experts’ mock drafts is Davis-MKG-Beal (with the latter two in some order). I think there’s a significant drop-off after those three players are off the board. I’m not going to delineate the abilities of each player here (you can consult Kevin’s excellent draft profiles for that), but each of them, I think, have potential to be special in their own way. And at the very least, they’re going to be solid NBA starters. If another team becomes enamored of Andre Drummond or Thomas Robinson, the Cavs could still draft Beal or Kidd-Gilchrist, but, at present, it’s not a likely scenario.” [McGowan/Cavs the Blog]


“As for the other injury that looks to be lingering (as Asdrubal is already back and Santana could be back soon), though it came as a surprise that Jack Hannahan’s CALF is what took him to the DL, he finds himself shelved and – after some nice spot duty by Jose Lopez – the Lonnie Baseball Era may be upon us at the Hot Corner in Cleveland. The Chiz, who was the youngest regular in Columbus by TWO years, has arrived and it certainly looks like he has arrived for good. Certainly, he has to perform to stay at 3B for the long-term, but after years and years (and years and…yes, years) or hearing about Lonnie Chisenhall as he worked his way up through the Indians’ system, it seems as if the Indians are ready to place him in the everyday lineup for the duration of the season.

To say that this is an exciting development is an understatement, with The Chiz’s first at-bat HR only stoking the fires of that excitement as the Indians “infield of the future” moves a little closer to the “infield of the present”. While I’m not going to pretend to know who is going to be at 1B in that “infield of the future” (nor will I waste much time thinking about it right now), Lonnie’s arrival doesn’t make it hard to envision Kipnis, Santana, Cabrera, and now Chisenhall making up the middle of this order – perhaps in the near future – with Choo and maybe Brantley around them and a (hopefully) Hafner chipping in where he can…if healthy.” [Cousineau/The DiaTribe]


“A lot of Indians fans have taken to Twitter and my inbox crying for LaPorta to be called up already. After all, he is hitting .304 with 13 homers and 30 RBIs through 44 games. He’s also hit .321 against left-handed pitching. Might he be on the way? It’s possible, sure. Acta said the team would go over in-house options on Thursday’s off-day. Keep something in mind, though. LaPorta has always hit Minor League pitching well. It’s the jump to the big leagues that has typically presented the issue. It’s also fair to point out that LaPorta’s season stats are heavily influenced by a strong April showing at home.

Consider that LaPorta was hitting .228 (18-for-79) with a .794 OPS in May and .236 (17-for-72) with a .665 OPS on the road, entering Wednesday.” [Bastian/MLB]


“We are all Michael Brantley, searching for our true selves and trying to actualize our potential. And we are all seeing something different in this 25-year-old outfielder. He has become a player who allows us to see what we’d like to see. I’ve spent some time trying to make sense of his young career. It has driven me close to mad, but I feel I’ve come closer to understanding who he is, and who he might be. There are some reasons to look to Asdrubal Cabrera as a potential comparison for Michael Brantley. The biggest obstacle to a smooth comparison in this case is the fact that Cabrera hit his minor league levels slightly younger than Brantley did.” [Let’s Go Tribe]


Finally, Cliff Lee is a sneaky man. []

Bonus clip- Choo’s overthrow. [Getting Blanked]

  • dwhit110

    Wow, McGowan sure is Johnny Raincloud today, huh? The narrative makes me laugh a little, how many times have the Browns picked 6 (I’m making up the number) in a 5 player draft? Odds are if we would have gotten the 5 pick last night people would be talking about how this is a 4 player draft. 

    We didn’t take a step back last night, we just didn’t take a huge leap forward. Stay the course. With this year’s draft and a fairly healthy season from our returning team, this group will be much improved once again.

  • Jack

    People are such horrible writers…

    “I was subsumed by a despondent sensation”

    My god…take a workshop or something.

  • Natedawg86

    I hope we can trade Laporta as one of our “top prospects” to another team to pick up a missing piece.

  • mgbode

    yep, smart drafting and our #4 pick can still be a star.  is that star J.Lamb, Barnes, T.Robinson, Drummond, etc.?   hopefully, Grant and company are able to figure that out.

    Westbrook was NOT a consensus #4 pick.  Harden was NOT a consensus #6 pick.   Sometimes the consensus is wrong.

    (and I still think there’s a 50/50 shot at Beal being there for us.  Will the Wizards really take a SG?)

  • I like that attitude – the player that we draft at 4 will likely be an upgrade over what we had on the roster last year.  Constant improvement is what will get this team back up the ladder in the East.

  • mgbode

    along with Phelps and Huff? 

    (i think most other teams are wise to that game – here’s hoping though)

  • thenoclist

    That Colin guy over at the blog is pretty awful. I can hardly read his pretentious posts anymore. I’m sure the 4th pick in a deep draft is definitely a death sentence when everyone assumed we’d be in the 6-8 range halfway through last season.

  • I discuss this a bit in my upcoming post at 11. If they like Crawford at the 2 enough, they might feel Robinson is a bigger upgrade at 4. Especially with Blatche’s bizarre regression. They need defensive rebounding in the worst way.

  • Harv 21

    yeah, welcome to the blogosphere but leave your literacy expectations somewhere else. A lot of these writers try to sound smart and go for words they think they once heard somewhere, instead of ones they fully understand. The result is stuff that reads like Michael Reghi if you gave him a keyboard. No editors to fire you, no paycheck to take away, it’s all high reward/low risk so freaky deaky, go for that gusto and someone might say wow, that dude is eloquent.

  • Pete

    Don’t count out the Bobcats picking Barnes, either.

  • mgbode

    I agree with your points on the Wizards.  Really hoping they decide to “fix” the frontcourt with T.Robinson.

  • mgbode

    Sean May smiles at your post.

  • mgbode

    have you ever gone back and read some of the sports journalists from yesteryear?

    at one point, I did a research assignment on Bob Feller.  reading the articles on him from then was like reading a novel.  even the game recaps were beautifully written.

  • ssnowman

    I can imagine a potent future lineup of the following:
    RF Choo
    SS Cabrera
    2B Kipnis
    1B Santana
    3B Chisenhall
    DH Goedert
    LF Weglarz
    CF Brantley
    C Chen
    Can the Indians brass see the forest through the trees?