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Contest: WFNY and Deuce Brand Watch Giveaway

Weeden working out wearing his signature series watch

Weeden working out wearing his signature series watch

It’s time for another contest/promotion giveaway here at WFNY. This time, we’re excited to announce the kick off of a week long promotional partnership with Deuce Brand.

Deuce Brand is a young innovative business focusing on unique silicone Sports
Watches of exceptional quality & great comfort. The San Diego-based company is developed by a great team of innovative athletes that not just designed the first watch to ever be worn by NBA, NFL & MLS players but also formed the youngest company to ever receive NBA licenses.

Additionally, Deuce Brand also has released signature watches with many professional athletes such as Stevie Johnson, Nolan Smith, Courtney Upshaw, and the Cleveland Browns’ Brandon Weeden.

So to celebrate the Browns drafting Weeden, WFNY and Deuce Brand are happy to be giving away a Deuce Brand watch. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment below (using a legit email address) giving us your expectations for Brandon Weeden this season. Do you expect him to start from Game 1, how many yards will he throw for, what kind of career will he have in Cleveland, etc. It doesn’t matter, just give us your honest expectations.

Winner will be chosen at random and notified via email. Good luck!

And be sure to pay attention to our Facebook and Twitter pages for additional opportunities to win watches later this week!

  • Dream scenario: plays right away, starts every game and with help from Richardson has an above-average rookie campaign and we’ve found “our guy”.

    3000 passing yards, even on the td/int ratio, and no major injury and we have ourselves a successful first-year QB to build around…

  • Stevekess26

    Start game 1, 3500 yards, 60% completions, 20 tds, 13 int.

  • Coryharbin7322

    8 wins. Pass for around 2500 with less than 12 interceptions. Contests for rookie of year. Only falling short to Trent Richardson . Leads my fantasy team to victory.

  • I think he’ll start from week one and become the most productive Browns QB since 1995.

  • IrishTribeFan

    I think Weeds will start from Game 1, benefit from a better line and running game, throw more TDs than INTs and make Browns fans wish he had better WRs.

  • I expect Weeden to make an impact. If that is to push Colt to become a better QB or win the starting role, I think he will be an asset for the Browns.  

  • Whizkid

    Weeden starts. Browns win the super bowl. End of story.

  • VA Buckeye

    I can only assume that Weeden starts from Game 1.  Provided he stays healthy, I’ll lowball and say he throws for 2500 yards (being a Cleveland fan has forced me to have low expectations).  I’m hoping for an 8-8 season.

  • still waiting

    Weeden will start from Day 1, but with the Browns luck he’ll probably only be healthy enough to play 13 of the 16 games.  He’ll put up numbers that surpass any McCoy season, but he’ll still be a 14-20 ranked QB.  

  • candyman09

    Super bowl champs in three years. 10 year career. Go Browns!

  • Mike

    Start the season and win 6 games

  • JS614

    3,000 yards 15 tds and 15 ints would be reasonable.  Mainly I hope that he gets us a win against the steelers or ravens this season and brings some excitement and hope for the future.  No matt barkley next year!

  • Brad

    He’s starting day one so long as he’s healthy. As for yards this year, I don’t expect a lot, as I think the offense will be run based (as it should be). Career trajectory? I know the comparison is made a lot, but maybe a Rich Gannon type. Couple better than good years, solid pros pro. I hope.

  • “we expect him to be the guy.” Browns can only be so lucky that he throws for more than 2,350 yards and has the same number of TDs as INTs. waaay to soon to predict a long term future. #GoBrowns

  • jweev

    Very much like Shurmur manufactured a decent rookie year for Sam Bradford, I think the same will be true for Weeden. Approx. 3,000+ yds @ 60%, 15td-15int, and a very low ypc. Not really an indictment on neither Weeden nor Shurmur, just we will have (hopefully) a solid running game to lean on, leading to conservative play calling (yes, more dink and dunk).  Both Bradford and Weedens rookie seasons were/will be marked by strong talent at rb and a lack thereof at wr. Hopefully Greg Little can prove me wrong, go Browns!

  • Zach

    Start 14 Games and be an Solid Quarterback for the next 8 years

  • jweev

     Pretty sure 25 and 10 is better than “I don’t think he’ll be anything close to an All-Pro, game breaking quarterback”

  • Ben

    I think cleveland will go to the playoffs and weeden will have a hard battle to beat mcoy

  • ed

    I’d say he starts all 16 games, throws for 3,200 yards, 22 tds and 14 ints.  And the browns go 8-8 after not being favored  in a single game.

  • Visnick 4

    I expect competency. 

  • Hoggle

    I expect a true NFL caliber quarterback. More than likely he will play like a rookie, and with the cast around him it is hard to expect the world. But I think when you see him on TV he will look like a guy that can compete in this league and deserves to be here. 

  • Derek

    I expect him to start from day 1, throw for 3200 yards, 18 TDs and 16 Int’s. while leading the Browns to a 7-9 record.

  • Ron

    He starts game 3. Then finishes the season.

  • Daveykgb

    Weeden will start week 1 without injury throw for over 3,000 yards and 18 tds  and hopefully bring at least 7 wins


    Weeden will start 15 games including game #1.  He’ll pass for over 2,500 yards, 21 TDs and 15 Ints.

    He’ll be given consideration for Rookie of the Year, but he will not win.

    2012 will be see as a solid year for the rookie with greater expectations in 2013.

  • Salvatore Frangiamoremd

    Weeden will improve the offense by setting up the run game with the deep threat and will hopefully become franchise qb we have been waiting for since #19

  • Hurst02

    Weeden looks to me like a smarter and more efficient Derek Anderson. I can live with that.

  • steve-o

    Starts game one, snap one. Misses a couple games due to injury.

    3010 yards
    14 td’s (we will have mostly rushing td’s)
    15 int’s (at least three int’s after deflecting off the hands of our recievers)
    25 dropped passes
    22 sacks
    5 wins

    He’ll hit paydirt next year after we draft a #1 WR and our young line gels.

  • BinkDeBook

    I think he starts this year, and does relatively well… Not great, but not awful.

  • mgbode

    everyone give a hand for 2007 Derek Anderson  🙂

  • Senglish324

    Start week 1, finishes the season without an injury. Throws for 22 TD’s, 15 INT’s, 3,750 YDS.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    I’m waiting to see when you get ripped to shreds because if I said that I would and then some. 

    These responses amaze me talk about setting expectations high, sheesh.  It’s a wonder “Cleveland” fans aren’t more fried then they already are these days. 

    When it comes to Weeden I’m “expect the worst, hope for the best.” 

  • mgbode

    Matt merely copied DA’s 2007 season stats.  I noticed it (largely from the 29/19 split) and called it out.  Nothing more.

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    mgbode, you are an absolute machine for noticing this in the relative “noise” of 130+ comments. 

    I also mean no disrespect to Mr. Weeden, but thought I would set the expectations for this year equal to the best previous season’s (since ’99) quarterback performance.

  • mgbode

    2007 DA would be no disprespect at all.  Particularly for a rookie.

    and, my job is to find deficiencies in tens of thousands of lines of RTL code.  this is a welcome respite 🙂

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    He’s machine from the movie 8MM.

  • mgbode


  • Putz

    Weeden will take to the playoffs!

    Go Browns!

  • Starts week 1. 16 TDs. 10 INTs. 2,500 YDs. That is all.

  • MatthewC

    Starts Game 1, struggles (interceptions, forced throws, etc.). Bounces back a few games – overall average season.

  • Lorenzb34

    I expect him to do well but have a few hiccups along the way and lead a much improved offense

  • I think that he’ll prbly throw 60-70 yards, and probably make it into the quarter finals. I don’t know where the Browns will go from there, though.

  • Jason H.

    Brandon Weeden is the best QB that we drafted since Kosar! He can sling it man

  • Mike Bogucci

    So……who came the closest to being right?