Sporting News: Browns Pat Shurmur Ranked 26th Among NFL Head Coaches

In the Sporting News’  recent publication which ranked the 32 head coaches in the National Football League, Cleveland Browns head coach Pat Shurmur is slotted 26th overall.

In the list topped by New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin, Shurmur betters only Minnesota’s Leslie Frazier, Tampa Bay’s Greg Schiano, Indianapolis’ Chuck Pagano, Miami’s Joe Philbin, Oakland’s Dennis Allen, and New Orleans interim head coach Joe Vitt. Of this group, only Frazier has NFL experience as the bulk is made of first-year head coaches.

Shurmur, hand-picked by team president Mike Holmgren, will enter his second season with the Browns, having amassed a 4-12 record in 2011. His rookie head coaching campaign was rife with mental gaffes and controversy after the team lost multiple games due to blunders as well the well-discussed issue of redeploying a concussed Colt McCoy into the final minutes of a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Largely stunted by a shortened off-season and a complete overhaul of the team’s playbook, Shurmur — armed with a new slate of draft selections — feels that his second season with the team will provide improvement to an offense that was among the worst in the NFL.

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  • mgbode

    hopefully he starts earning his way up the list.  can’t say he doesn’t deserve to be near the bottom so far.

  • BenRM

    Agreed on both points. 

  • AMC

    I was extremely disappointed with Shurmur’s first season – not just the won-loss record but the in-game blunders.  The one thing I will give him credit for is that the team didn’t on him.  If the team doesn’t make significant progress in terms of wins and losses, then I think the Browns need to cut the cord and move on. 

  • Bryan

    That’s higher than I would have expected.  Figured he would be 32nd.

  • Boomhauertjs

    Just wait until the rookie coaches get a few games. Shurmur will end up at 32.

  • Return of the (Alex) Mack


  • MrCleaveland

    A panel of football coaches rated the Sporting News as the 26th best national sports publication.

  • floydrubino

    So basically Holmgren chose the worst coach in the league because he was his friends nephew and this site hasn’t been hammering him the way he deserves to be. The obvious reason he isn’t last is these guys haven’t coached yet. Until there is some real accountability by the media outlets and owners of cleveland sports teams we will be where we are. If cleveland fans are uninformed enough to think that Holmgren knows anything about running a team from an executive level it’s sad. He was run out of seattle because he was terrible at team building. Randy Lerner hired Holmgren to satisfy the oblivious cleveland sports fan because they see him and think how great he is because he won a super bowl. Favre’s greatness won a superbowl and Holmgren fought him every step of the way. He is a good not great coach but he is a joke of an executive. You win superbowls because of your quarterback basically and he has coached and been around the best of all time. Of course he is going to do well when you are around montana and favre.

  • maxfnmloans

    BREAKING NEWS: Burnt Sienna ranked 26th in Crayola 64 pack rankings

  • Harv 21

    pretty meaningless. Where would the Sporting News have ranked Romeo after the 2006 season? And then after the ’07 season? And after 2008 when they fell apart?

    Not sure why this is noteworthy.

  • BenRM

    The nice thing about in-game blunders is that they should be easily correctable. Things like the super vanilla offense that he really believes in, however, will prove more difficult to change. 

  • mgbode

    yeah, and Paul Brown was a bum.  any coach could have won with the best QB of alltime, Otto Graham, at the helm!

    Bill Walsh had Joe Montana, so he was a bum!

    Bill Belichick never won a superbowl without Tom Brady, so he’s a bum!

  • mgbode

    that makes them a 7seed in the annual Tri-C (Crayola Coloring Contest) tourney.  They have a tough 1st round matchup with 10seed Cerise.

  • ChuckKoz

    Shurmur should feel very fortunate, especially considering none of the coaches below him handed the ball off to his TE Alex Smith inside the 10 yard line of a loss to the Rams (for one of STLs 2 wins)

  • MrCleaveland

    I wonder how many coin flips went into making this list of 32. What criteria did The Sporting News use to distinguish between the No. 12 coach and the No. 13? Or to slot Shurmer at No. 26 rather than No. 25 or No. 27?

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    It would be more interesting if they counted coaching mistakes, ranked them on some sort of scale (i.e. lost a challenge up to lost a game), and then ranked all the coaches from last season.  This just looks like team record and favoritism.  

  • paulbip

    he is more like 31 because all the rookie coaches that haven’s coached yet were after him.  Holmgrem has failed in Cleveland.

  • BenRM

    Or how do they determine that one rookie coach is better than another without any frame of reference. 

  • floydrubino

    What has he won as an executive genius. I said he was a good coach. Why don’t you read a little more clearly my point of him being a terrible exec instead of reading 1 line anf thinking you get the whole post.

  • mgbode

    I read the whole post.  You try to demean his coaching at the end by saying it was all Favre and Montana (should have included Young and Hasselbeck too though).  

    No mention that he was the one who taught Favre, Hasselbeck, and Young (Steve at both BYU and SF).  Nor the point that GB and Seattle were terrible before he got there.  He should get consideration as a great coach.

    As an executive, we don’t really know.  He just started year3 as an exec.  He was GM/HC in Seattle, which is a different beast (and we could re-hash the majority of that Seahawk team being from him as GM, but I’d prefer not to).

    But, please continue beating the drum that he is a terrible exec for whatever reason you wish.

  • mgbode

    by which mascot would win a fight, obviously

  • mgbode

    what would be counted as a coaching mistake?   would going for it on a 4th and 2 be considered a mistake if it failed?  what if it didn’t?  et cetera

  • Ken

    ya me to…why does he get a pass from h&h,he was terrible.we should draft a coach

  • floydrubino

    And once again I said he was a decent coach. He is not even close to the status of Walsh. 
    And he wouldn’t even have Favre unless Ron Wolf talked him into picking him because Holmgren fought the favre trade from atlanta. 
    And yes he was such a great exec that he was run out of seattle.
    And that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen that you put Hasslebeck in the same sentence with Montana. 
    And the reason why I can say that he is terrible at an executive level is because he has done nothing. You do realize that this guy has been in the league for how many years and his ability is to bring in Shurmur and Childress. Yeah what an amzing exec because what I thought is that we brought him in to make some kind of splash. I guess his splash is more like a thud with the amazing hiring of a head coach who has no business even getting this opportunity. Your clueless if you thin Holmgren has done anything with any signifigance which is why we hired him.

  • Modellsux

    Mgbode just got owned. Holmgrens gotta go.

  • Ken

    i agree ,he has been a failure…starting with letting mangini stay another year…..i would say give him this year but they butchered the draft.

  • Ken

    nice…..unshurmur is getting a free pass for costing us wins   ……he may need a testosterone shot to stay up to get back in the game,or just stay awake……how many wins were losses? Wait …….yup i had an idea ……blame colt mccoy

  • Ken

    how about not seeing your qb get hammered……what the hell was unshurmore watching? how about the crappy offense? Oh wait unshumore is a defensive coach……..he gets defensive then throws colt mccoy under the bus….with all that throwing he should play qb

  • porckchopexpress

    I agree, we hired this guy to make a splash and what has he done? 
    I mean when the Browns hired Carmen Policy he made a splash by hiring Dwight Clark!  Sure he is regarded as one of the most incompetent GM’s of all time but what a spalsh!  Holmgren went out and hired Mr. NO SPLASH Heckert.
    Butch Davis made a splash by sigining free agents and driving the team over the cap causing them to be paralyzed in player movement, and then he made his Biggest splash by overriding his scouts and taking Big Money.  All boring old Holmgren and Heckert have done is make decisions that balance football needs against a very real salary cap, and make effective use of their top draft picks by taking players who fill needs.
    Phil Savage made a splash when he caused a rift that caused then Browns president John Collins to be reasigned in Randy Lerner’s empire, he also fought with Coach Crennel about playing vets vs. rookies and other things that cripple a franchise..  Stupid boring Holmgren has unified the front office/scouting department/coaching so that for the first time since ’99 they are all working under the same philosophy.
    Mangini made a huge splash by being involved in whatever mess led to the firing of GM Kokinis.  Again, all boring old Holmgren has done is give the Browns their longest stretch of front office stability and unanimity since the franchise returned. 
    If you don’t acknowledge that the front office has been in worse shape then the on field product for the past 12 years then you don’t have a clue about how bad this franchise was/is.  If you don’t acknowledge that Holmgren has at least moved the front office in a positive direction, compared to the past, then you are blinded by whatever moronic rage drives you.

  • porckchopexpress

    Or he could be a bus driv… Oh… I get what you were doing, I’m sorry.  Pretty clever though, I’l be watching you closely for more cleverness.

  • floydrubino

    How can he not move it forward a little. Cleveland has been the most pathetic run franchise ever in sports history for the last 10 years with the resources they have. The NFL is the fairest balance of competitiveness out of any professional sports and this is what we have put forward. I don’t know who your directing this comment about you don’t know how pathetic cleveland is but if it’s directed to me don’t waste your typing energy on this point because i have eaten, drunken, and breathed all cleveland sports for over 30 years now. I like Heckert and I have been consistent with this point. Holmgren is a joke because why even hire Heckert if you are going to override his decisions on the draft which is why you hired him. And then he hires a head coach who absolutely has no business being a head coach at this point of his career. Holmgren kept Mangini because Mangini was a little kiss butt who was telling Holmgren if you ask me to jump I’ll say how high. Holmgren has nothing backing up this so called football genius for a long time now. I can’t believe we are allowing Randy Lerner to run this team the way he is without putting the kind of scrutiny on him that he deserves. I care about getting my dinner ordered correctly toinight more than Lerner cares about getting it right for this team.  Why you listed these past experiences like we don’t know what’s happened in the past is pretty funny and you have a lot more time than I do.

  • mgbode

    Holmgren has brought in Heckert to be our GM(who we tried and failed to bring in a year earlier)

    Holmgren brought in Jauron, Cromwell, and Rhodes on defense.  Those are all extremely respected coaches.  And, Board (DL coach) I hadn’t known, but he has seemed to do one heck of a job as well (20yr+ coach as well).

    On offense, he brought in Childress (respected OC in the league).  Yeah, Warhop/Whipple/Wilson are a mixed bag and doesn’t seem nearly as impressive as the resume’s on defense. 


    keep your complaining going though.   we finally have one system from top to bottom in our organization.  everyone paddling the boat in the same direction.   everyone working together. 

    but yeah, nevermind, let’s just blow the whole thing up again and pickup whoever the asst. GM is from the Pats and pair him with whoever the “hot name” co-ordinator is next January and then Randy can go on the radio and make loud noises and we can overpay a bunch of middling veterans in FA. 

    sounds like a plan :rollingeyes:

  • mgbode

    “How can he not move it forward a little.”

    tell that to Butch, Phil, and Mangini for their FO prowess after Policy.

    the sad thing is that the FO has been the bigger problem for this franchise than the coaching.  we finally seem like we have the FO on the right path (Heckert is a damn fine GM) and people still get up in arms despite the fact they are working TOGETHER!!!!

    Holmgren has stated he pushed 1 choice so far and that was Colt, but only after the guys Heckert was targeting were gone.   The T-Rich trade-up to me seemed Holmgren telling him not to be afraid to go get his guy.  

    Even in these instance, both guys speak on the same page consistently.   Not sure how hard it is for you to understand that they could actually work together on things.

  • mgbode

    why should the coach watch the QB drinking alcohol?  that is what you meant, right?  🙂

  • Ishwar Gill

     You, sir, hit the nail on the head. Holmgren has done a great job hiring the coaching staff. The team is extremely young and has had 2 successful drafts (hopefully this one too). Holmgren and Heckert says that this is a five year plan, not some stupid quick fix loaded with FA, but a team that will build chemistry together. The entire O-line consists of players drafted by the Browns, do people understand how rare that is?

    Cool, rookie coach shurmur had a bad year. One without an offseason, an OC, and trying to install a new system to a large amount of rookies. Weird that things were rocky. But considering how along with all the offseason issues, we had a  3rd round QB, a RB off another teams practice squad starting, a one legged RT, injured Tight Ends, botched FGs due to poor snaps, and we STILL managed to win 4 games?! And come within a TD in most? That is pretty awesome. Name a playoff contending team that could do that. Go Browns.

  • Ishwargill

    Holmgren is awesome. He has done a great job hiring the coaching staff. The team is
    extremely young and has had 2 successful drafts (hopefully this one
    too). Holmgren and Heckert says that this is a five year plan, not some
    stupid quick fix loaded with FA, but a team that will build chemistry
    together. The entire O-line consists of players drafted by the Browns,
    do people understand how rare that is?

    Cool, Rookie coach Shurmur had a bad year. A year without an offseason,
    an OC, and trying to install a complex new system to a team with a lot of rookies (and no offseason).
    Weird that things were rocky. But considering how along with all the
    offseason issues, we had a 3rd round QB, a RB off another teams
    practice squad starting, a one legged RT along with two first year starters, injured Tight Ends, botched
    FGs due to poor snaps, we STILL somehow managed to win 4 games?! And come
    within a TD in most? That is pretty awesome. Name a playoff contending
    team that could do that. Go Holmgren. Go Heckert. Go Shurmur. Go Browns.

  • floydrubino

    So in his first year he kept mangini and in his second year he hired a rookie coach and did not even have enough time to hire an oc. So for 2 years he fumbled through everything and had average drafts and it’s time to praise him. You are so clueless about who is able to build a winner because lerner has been beyond incompetent. The only way to get through to you so you can understand my point is forever we were starving for anything. Lerner hired Holmgren which is like giving us bread and butter. Well I want filet mignon. I don’t get excited over bread and butter. I need someone that is better and I expect more than barely getting by. When he hired Shurmur is when he lost me. Way to big of an ego for someone to do that and give someone a chance at our franchise’s expense. And for the millionth time Heckert has done a good job thus far and I don’t mind him being here at all. Stop with this Holmgren hired Heckert so he gets a free pass on screwing up everything else. Holmgren is a terrible exec and that’s why Seattle could care less if they lost him or not.