Report: Browns DT Phil Taylor injured

John Telich is reporting that Cleveland’s DT Phil Taylor is getting an MRI to determine if he has a torn pectoral muscle. The injury apparently happened today at the team facility, during off season workouts.

If it is a muscle tear, it could be a six-month-to-a-year injury. Taylor recorded 59 tackles, four sacks and a forced fumble in his rookie season.

More details as they become available.

UPDATE: From the Browns PR Dan Murphy:

“#Browns DT Phil Taylor injured his left pectoral today lifting weights as part of the club’s offseason program. Further evaluated Monday”

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  • TSR3000

    No no no no no no no 

  • Fenstemakeram08

    cursed…Browns are looking smart for drafting Hughes now, I hope he’s ready to start…

  • jewpants

    quick, to the time-machine! better draft a DT on day 2 to cover for big Phil.

    what’s the over/under on getting a staph infection? 

  • Garry_Owen

    No sweat.  He’ll be back just in time for the playoffs.

  • Garry_Owen

    No sweat.  He’ll be back just in time for the playoffs.

  • TSR3000

    Hopefully just a strain/sprain situation.  Cross your fingers. 

  • Garry_Owen

    Whoa.  Don’t know what happened there.  This is getting weird.  I’m going home.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    Looks like the Browns are committed to getting their injuries out of the way early this year.  I applaud them.

  • Max


  • Max

    this is Cleveland, if we cross our fingers, we might sprain something

  • A 6-month injury?  He’d be back in time for the last half of the season.

  • Max

    why even say that? now it can happen, because you made it real. Hop one one foot, spit three times, rub your belly counterclockwise and pat your head. Its the only way to negate the bad juju

  • Max

    unless they decide to just IR him for the roster spot

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    And the beat goes on and on and on…

  • JoshKess

    All you can do is laugh at this point…..

  • MrCleaveland

    Overdoing it on the weights I imagine. Another health-related injury.

    I wonder if there’s a way for a guy to tell when he’s getting wound too tight and it’s time to knock it off.

  • mgbode

    PUP is created for just such occasions.

  • mgbode

    even if it is just a 2 month injury that means he cannot train (especially upper body) going into the season.   that just stinks.

    another note:  Bowers (microfracture guy that went from possible top5 overall to 2nd round last year) tore his achilles today for TB.  He started playing well at the end of last year.   lots of injuries happening across the NFL. 

  • Max

    If I’m reading the rule correctly, they’d have to decide whether to activate him by week 12 (Nov 25 is the Sunday of week 12), but that’s a good point. Could be close. Hopefully, it’s not as severe as D’Qwell’s were

  • BIKI024

    terrible blow if we lose Phil for any period of time, but it gives a shot for Schaefering, Hughes, Winn, Paxson..  but i hope they consider bringing in a vet FA as well..  let’s hope it’s not as bad as people are saying.. i could live with 2-4 months.. anything more would really suck.. 

  • BIKI024

    it seems like Schaefering or Paxson would probably have the angle on Phil’s spot, but we’ll see, hopefully the rooks come to play. 

  • mgbode

    that sounds about right.   I agree, hopefully it’s not a tear, is not severe and he doesn’t miss any time.

  • if he tore it off the bone his season’s over.  pray its just a strain, he’ll rehab for 6 weeks and be alright.  im surprised not more has come out, i know he’ll be re-evaluated Monday, but you know when you tear it off the bone. i think it’s gonna be alright.

  • BenRM

    Awesome! I love how many breaks we’re catching!

  • saggy

    HGH is starting to show side effects concurrent with muscle tears.  just like steroids, HGH can rapidly accelerate growth in the muscle without accommodating for the strength of the tendons and bones.  

    We are seeing so much injury because at least 80% of the NFL is on PED’s.  Their tendons, ligaments, and bones just can’t handle the extra force.

  • Lucas Vaas

    i default to the name of the blog… WFNY …again… maybe we can get barkly?

  • porckchopexpress

    I’m not trying to be a reactionary hater, without knowing exactly what happened.  It feels ot me like somebody in the training dept. needs to be fired.  There is simply no way that a guy should walk in the first week and put enough weight on a bar to tear something.  I don’t care how hard they work out on their own time, what they think they can push, that first week under supervision should be like a yoga class for the Cocoon cast.  Stretch, stretch, stretch, gentle easy, maximize flexibility.  There is simply no reason on gods green earth for this guy to be pushing any weight, let alone enough to cause injury.  The trainers in Berea have alot of marks on their record and nobody seems to do anything about it. Just really disapointed in something that should have been easily preventable. 

    As a side note, lets not push the woe is me button too hard.  Remember the Ravens lost arguably one of the top 5 defensive guys in the league and they are legitimate contenders.  Sadly I think that the Browns losing a mid pack D lineman is more of a crushing blow to them than the Ravens losing their best player.

  • DFelder

    You can probably feel it, but most of the time when I’ve injured myself after feeling overly tight, it’s because I feel like I just need to keep going and I’ll loosen up. And i DO loosen up 98% of the time.

    All I’ll say about this injury is at least it wasn’t Jabaal Sheard. Looking forward to a huge year from him.