Report: Browns among teams Plaxico Burress interested in

According to a report from Sirius XM NFL radio host Adam Schein, Plaxico Burress would be interested in playing for the Browns this season-

“Plax is very interested in playing for the Panthers. Also Cle, Oak, and Miami.”

So there you go. Does this mean the Browns are interested in Plaxico? Of course not.

Would you be interested in bringing Burress in?

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  • Denni

    YES YES YES, he is a legit threat inside the 25 yd line, granted my mother who is 57 might run a faster 40 time.

  • BexleyBrowns

    If the price is right, why not?

  • The_Matt_Of_Akron

    I’d give him a shot.

  • MrCleaveland


  • Jeff D

    A thousand times yes.

  • Lucas Vaas


  • 216in614

    Hmmm that’s a list of teams. What type of teams would you say he is targeting?? 

  • Pelder454

    Why not? He’s never been a locker room disturbance, he only had that one stupid incident with the gun. He would certainly get ample playing time. And if he actually wants to play for us, I can’t see him turning into another Braylon Edwards. Makes sense to bring him in for a season.

  • Team Brady


  • Can he catch the ball?  Yes?     ….We’ll take him!!!!

  • Garry_Owen

    So would he.  Right in the leg. 

  • TheRobot57

    Pass. His contract may be expensive. He’s basically what we want Greg Little to be. Why would we replace him instead of letting him grow? We need a more diverse lineup of receivers.

  • mgbode

    teams with an obvious lack of WR options?  though why aren’t Denver and StL on the list?

  • Garry_Owen

    Put me solidly in the “why not?” camp – but only if the price is right.  “Burress and Little” is better than any combination we have right now. 

  • JohnMellor

    No thanks, I think I’ll PASSico…. LOL ROTFL LMAO

  • Mike E

     Hey Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • Garry_Owen

    Thank you.  I’ll be here all week. 

  • dan

    Browns sign a free agent wide receiver? That’s un-possible!

  • Garry_Owen

    Boooo. . . rress.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Why in the hell would we not take him?  45 recs, 612 yards, and 8 TDs.  That would have been the most productive WR on our team last year, and Plax wasn’t even the number 1 WR on the team.

  • DontbringLBJback

    Ok… I guess I should add as long as we don’t need to pay more than 2-3 mil for the guy.

  • Vindictive_Pat

    He might be expensive, but his contract won’t be long and I think that matters more.  He’s 34 years old… nobody is going to give him more than 3 years, and maybe no more than 2.  At any rate, I think Heckert and Holmgren are in the same mindset as you.  They have a brand new QB and they’re going to let the young guys grow with him.

  • Kbu33


  • Garry_Owen

    Important caveat.  With it, I agree with you.

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    It ain’t gonna happen but I’m sure Brandon Weeden wouldn’t mind having him. 

  • BenRM

    Plax is interested in playing for anyone this year~!

  • kev

    like most of the people here: yes IF the price is right. H&H mentioned quite a few time they want a veteran WR and plaxico fits that. He still was productive for the Jets. So 3 year deal at 3 mil, with little guaranted money should be ok. The gun and prison is kind of a red flag, but i’ll leave management evaluate that

  • cmm13


  • Jongets23

    he has showed after time that he can play the position. to bring him in would not also help him in his spot but those wide receivers around him (aka Greg Little). Little has a lot to learn and Plaxico would be the perfect guy to learn from. also the browns do not have a player of hi size at the wide receiver position

  • On a 1-year deal?  Do it.

  • Kildawg

    Yeah, we could have Plax be the temporary #1 WR, could straighten out Mo Mass as well as help Little develop. What’s not to like about a veteran that can still be productive? We have vets at about every other position for rookies to third year players to learn from (Granted Cribbs is our only veteran WR but he’s more of a ST/gadget guy).

  • The_Real_Shamrock

    Massaquoi is the Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Browns I just don’t understand what people see in him. 

  • mgbode

    TO 72rec 983yds 9TDs (2010 w/ Cinci – didn’t play last year with injury and general cancerousness nature of his being)

    If we are going to sign 1 large, slow aging WR who is a good red-zone target, then shouldn’t we at least sign one that knows the WCO?

    (I am not a proponent of signing either – or Braylon.  Just saying that if we signed one of those “big” names TO would be the first on the list)

  • perfect for weedens head nod play calling, 

  • hutch058

    who needs an experienced wr that can catch? oh yeah, THE BROWNS!

    wont happen, it might actually help win……

  • C-Bus Kevin

    The Browns need a taller, experienced receiver for less than top dollar. Plax fits that bill. Given his past and age, the Browns could land him for less than his experience and success would normally dictate.

    In the end, he upgrades the WR corp. I say, make it happen on a 1 or 2 year deal. Let’s start winning NOW!!!

  • NoVA Buckeye

    he’s a great target out of the slot, but not a pure #1 or #2 wideout

  • Ericdrunk

    what do we have to lose

  • undercutt

    He had 45 catches & 8 TD last year …what’s it going to hurt to give him a 1-year deal? Greg Little needs it ….Cribbs Mo Mass,Norwood,C.Mitchell,Benjamin are not going to cut it..Do it!