While We’re Waiting…Browns Quarterback Competition, Calling Up LaPorta, Joe Carter Bobbleheads

Plenty, I’m sure: “Personally, having watched both players a number of times, I don’t think that Weeden has the tools to beat out McCoy unless the competition is rigged. The only advantage I see Weeden having over McCoy is height. In saying that, it will be interesting to watch how it unfolds this summer in both camp and the preseason. My money is on McCoy. Any takers?” [Greg Gabriel/National Football Post]

Gimme one more chance: “LaPorta has split time between first base and left field this season but has never played more than six games in a row at either position. He has now played six in a row in left field, so based on previous usage he would play first base in his next game. It bears watching to see where he plays on Saturday and Sunday as it may help show whether the Indians are seriously considering him for a callup to Cleveland to play left field. I think a callup is inevitable and may happen before the Indians square off against the Tigers on Tuesday. In any case, he is showing he is about as ready as he is going to be offensively as he has 35 games in the books and continues to show a good approach and the power is there. He now has 17 walks and 12 homers, and in his last 14 games has 7 walks to only 9 strikeouts. He is ready. Call him up now.” [Tony Lastoria/Indians Prospect Insider]

Discussing the merits of an Indians’ Joe Carter bobble head: “Joe Carter had his best years and biggest moment of his baseball career as a member of the Toronto Blue Jays. The greatest Indian of those teams that struggled to win games in the 1980s may well best be known to Cleveland sports fans for being traded away in a deal that laid the foundation for the Tribe’s success in the 90s. However, on Sunday, Carter will be immortalized with a bobblehead doll day.

Does he deserve such an honor? Yes.” [Craig Gifford/Did The Tribe Win Last Night?]

Excuse me? “In his article, Sprow argues that adding McNabb would allow the Browns to bring rookie first-round pick Brandon Weeden along slowly. He also suggests McNabb would play better in Brad Childress’ offense, which is familiar to him from his days with the Eagles. His final point is McNabb is an upgrade over Colt McCoy…The answer that keeps coming to mind is what do the Browns have to gain from signing McNabb. Drafting Weeden gives the Browns a chance to start a new era. Adding McNabb would look like a desperate move from this regime’s old one.” [Jamison Hensley/AFC North Blog]

Browns’ rookies continue media rounds in LA: “You’d think Weeden, who played in a BCS game not too long ago, would be the best player on the field with this drill. Unfortunately for him, he wore the wrong shoes. Weeden started running through the drill, demonstrating the proper way to backpedal and stay balanced at the same time.

And then…plunk. Weeden slipped and fell flat on his face to laughter from the students at his drill. (No, Browns fans, he wasn’t hurt.)

Good lesson to remember: cleats are better than dress shoes on the football field.

Meanwhile, Trent Richardson had students running through a series of cones, urging them to hold the ball tight — ‘Never, ever fumble,’ he said. Two students awed at the reason Richardson doesn’t fumble very much — his massive arms. (And his legs. And chest. A big human being.) ‘You’re gonna hurt somebody with those, man,’ a student said to Richardson laughing. For Browns fans, let’s assume he meant the Ravens and Steelers defenses.” [Joel Thorman/SB Nation]

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