Chris Perez Digs In, “Not Fun” To Play In Cleveland

The Indians are back at the park for the series finale against the Marlins. That means Chris Perez is back in the clubhouse, and he’s speaking with the press again. The Indians closer has dug in his heels on his controversial comments from last night, reiterating that it’s “not fun” to play in Cleveland. He says he’s spoken with former Indians and other players around the league who have spoken negatively about playing in Cleveland. He certainly has no plans to walk anything back, via Nick Camino:

Perez also said he’s not worried about fan reaction to his comments, stating that his teammates feel the same way but won’t say anything about it. He characterized it by saying the team’s basically playing for themselves. Via Zack Meisel:

The closer also had to meet with team General Manager Chris Antonetti and President Mark Shapiro, who will also address the media Sunday afternoon.

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