Chris Perez Digs In, “Not Fun” To Play In Cleveland

The Indians are back at the park for the series finale against the Marlins. That means Chris Perez is back in the clubhouse, and he’s speaking with the press again. The Indians closer has dug in his heels on his controversial comments from last night, reiterating that it’s “not fun” to play in Cleveland. He says he’s spoken with former Indians and other players around the league who have spoken negatively about playing in Cleveland. He certainly has no plans to walk anything back, via Nick Camino:

Perez also said he’s not worried about fan reaction to his comments, stating that his teammates feel the same way but won’t say anything about it. He characterized it by saying the team’s basically playing for themselves. Via Zack Meisel:

The closer also had to meet with team General Manager Chris Antonetti and President Mark Shapiro, who will also address the media Sunday afternoon.

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  • Ohioexpat

    More a reply to a broad group of comments about the situation. This is all about fan anger. And I see the whole “I’m not giving them any money until X” line of thinking as over-used and usually an over-reaction.

    But you have thought it through and take your position seriously. I believe you’re making a mistake though reading literally into this guy’s every word when he is legitimately agitated, knowing his personality and the context. If you’ve come to believe such an unfortunate conclusion, that the team and players really don’t care about the fans, wouldn’t you want to investigate a little more? And have you given thought to the meaning behind his words: players want to be somewhere they’re supported. Sounds fair to me. He didn’t say, “players don’t want to be in Cleveland, Ohio.” Or play for the Tribe. They want to be supported here.

  • ClevelandFan14

     Chris gives away 6 tickets every game I believe.

  • ClevelandFan14

     He didn’t. We are a first place team that is last in attendance. It is absolutely pathetic and a joke. Then throw in the fact that Chris is playing like an All-Star and still being booed without even giving up a run? Cleveland fans really are pathetic outside of the Browns. I wouldn’t want to play here.

  • Browns players have ripped this city’s fans. Cavs players have ripped this city’s fans. Now an Indians player has ripped this city’s fans. Chris Perez was right about players not wanting to come here because of the fans, weather, etc. Nobody of any worth has denied that because HE’S RIGHT. Those same people, myself included, don’t believe he should have said anything. He did and now he has to suffer the consequences. I am a fellow Clevelander but i can say that Cleveland has the most delusional and uninformed fans in all of professional sports. More players have been driven out of town by the fans here in Cleveland than any other town. It’s a joke and will continue to happen.

  • 5KMD

    Then go use that degree you got from Miami, get a real job like the rest of us that does not have so much “pressure”.

    Of course, then you life will depend on the market and economy and you will start to realize what real “pressure” is. Especially if you have a family to support.

    And Boston and NY boo people all the time. They did it to Beckett not even a month ago. Get over it, he did.

  • 5KMD

    Thanks for using that phrase correctly.

  • You’ll come around 🙂

    Thanks for the props, though.

  • See, I’m not such a bad guy after all 🙂

  • Sda4124

     You think its bad here? Go to NY, Boston, Philly. They still get top notch players.

  • You guys are missing my point. Clevelanders have this glorified view of their athletes, like they’re superheros. I’m just saying, these guys hear what you say and it can bother them, just like anybody else. Furthermore, why boo a player at home? Sure, the attending fan has the right, but what’s the point? He’s a member of the team you’re at the game cheering for. Do you think it makes him perform better? No athlete wants to fail so i fail to realize the logic of booing the home team player.

    I’m not some naive guy who hasn’t played a high level of athletics so don’t tell me what real pressure is and what other cities do. It doesn’t matter- This is Cleveland. Those other cities get players because they play in front of sold-out crowds every night. Those cities sign top free agents because they have so much revenue coming out of their ears and mouth that they sign the top free agents while spending a smaller percentage of team revenue than the Indians.

  • Guest

    Careful. Don’t put the egg before the chicken. Free Agents don’t come to Cleveland because of the history (and current) poor ownership and NOT because of intolerable fans. Chris Perez has no perspective of this. It all starts with the owners. With serious owners who are willing to open there pockets, then maybe Cleveland will win a championship someday. I suspect Mike Holmgren wouldn’t have put his legacy on the line if he didn’t have some commitment from the ownership — so that’s a good sign for the Browns.

    But the Indians? The only reason they are even decent now is because of good trades and pleasant surprises from young talent. They flipped Casey Blake for Carlos Santana for God-sakes. And Martinez for Masterson (though he has struggled this year). Derek Lowe was a reasonable gamble (the Braves are paying 10 of his 15 million contract). And I suspect the Indians will be good for the next few years with Kipnis, Cabrera, Santana, Choo.
    But the won’t win unless the ownership opens up the wallet.

    Cleveland fans are just tired of owners who only care about tax breaks and tell their GM’s to do the bare-minimum to put a team on the field.