While We’re Waiting…Browns Quarterback Controversies, Gene Smith’s Blunders, HBO Hard Knocks

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Quarterback. Controversy. “While the additions of Trent Richardson and Mitchell Schwartz will surely help bolster the team’s run game, Heckert is assuming that Weeden is an upgrade over Colt McCoy. Given basically the same weapons as McCoy, Weeden should at least offer a modest improvement – if not the hopeful transcendent leap expected of a first-round draft pick.

So with this, is the controversy now defused? If so, how about a new one?

If Weeden is to be treated as a real first-round draft pick and ultimately becomes the Browns’ starting quarterback, then what is left to debate?

The natural place to start is with Weeden.” [Dave Kolonich/The OBR]

More on Weeden’s winding road: “Weeden’s professional baseball career started off well. Selected by the New York Yankees in the second round of the 2002 MLB draft out of Santa Fe High in Edmond, Okla., Weeden sported an ERA below 3.00 in each of his first two professional seasons. But shoulder trouble and ineffectiveness plagued him the next three years, and he was eventually released by the Kansas City Royals’ organization on the last day of spring training in 2007.” [Jon Gold/ESPN Playbook]

An interview with Cleveland native Chris Rose: “Despite the Indians’ struggles during the 1970s and 1980s, Rose remained a die-hard Cleveland fan and attributes some of his success as a broadcaster to all the empty seats at old Municipal Stadium.

‘The old stadium was a great place,’ Rose said. ‘I was able to get up and move around the park and really watch baseball from all the angles. It really helped me craft my passion.'” [Mike Brandyberry/DidTheTribeWinLastNight]

The Browns on Hard Knocks? What could go wrong?: “According to The New York Post, the cable channel expects to have a team in place by June 1. The Jets, Broncos, Falcons, Texans, 49ers and Redskins have all reportedly turned down a chance to appear on the show. Well, how about the Cleveland Browns? While the East Coast media may not see the Browns as an “A-list” team, there are several story lines that could drive the plot for the reality series…”[RedRight88]

More on the continually blundering Gene Smith:”The implication of Smith’s comments was that Ohio State might be facing more major sanctions by the governing body. As it turns out, the audio confirmed Brennan wasn’t in the business of being an aspiring shoddy hack, although his future with the Worldwide Leader in Sensationalizing Sports might be bright. Smith said what Brennan claimed, but in the defense of the lame duck P.R. blunder robot, he likely could have meant they might not even be violations at all.

It’s his skillful craft at making a story bigger than it is in reality as to why OSU needs to cut bait.” [Kyle Lamb/11W]