Box Score: Indians 6, Rangers 3

A nice game all around. Jeanmar Gomez continues to look more like a number two pitcher than our actual number two with seven solid and efficient innings; Choo with his first HR of the year; C-Pez with a save and Johnny Damon with an extra base hit. It all adds up a win against the best team in baseball, along with a game-and-a-half lead over the Tigers and the best run differential (admittedly, a sorta weak +2) in the division.

You start to get the feeling about this team: “If they stay healthy…”

It’s a good feeling to have.

WP: J. Gomez (2-1) S: C. Perez (10)
LP: C. Lewis (3-1)
Scoring Summary
Bot 2nd: Cleveland
– S. Choo homered to deep center, C. Santana scored
Top 3rd: Texas
– I. Kinsler hit sacrifice fly to right center, M. Moreland scored
Bot 3rd: Cleveland
– J. Hannahan homered to deep right
Top 4th: Texas
– D. Murphy doubled to center, M. Young scored
Top 6th: Texas
– N. Cruz singled to left, M. Young scored
Bot 6th: Cleveland
– T. Hafner hit sacrifice fly to center, J. Kipnis scored
Bot 7th: Cleveland
– J. Damon tripled to deep center, C. Kotchman and J. Hannahan scored
I. Kinsler 2b300100001.283
E. Andrus ss401000001.290
J. Hamilton cf401000101.389
M. Young dh422000102.333
D. Murphy lf402100000.290
N. Cruz rf401100001.225
M. Napoli c300001102.231
M. Moreland 1b412000003.246
A. Gonzalez 3b200000000.304
    A. Beltre ph100000001.313
2B – M Young 2 (5, J Gomez 2); D Murphy (5, J Gomez); M Moreland (3, J Gomez).
S – A Gonzalez.
SF – I Kinsler.
RBI – I Kinsler (16), D Murphy (7), N Cruz (12).
2-out RBI – N Cruz.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – E Andrus 1, M Moreland 1.
GIDP – I Kinsler, N Cruz.
Team LOB – 6.
 Base Running
CS – J Hamilton (1, 2nd base by V Pestano/C Santana).
DP – 1 (A Gonzalez-I Kinsler-M Moreland).
J. Damon lf401200000.167
    A. Cunningham lf000000000.250
J. Kipnis 2b412000111.301
A. Cabrera ss301000000.303
T. Hafner dh300100002.278
C. Santana c412000101.259
S. Choo rf411210102.211
M. Brantley cf301000001.239
C. Kotchman 1b210001101.158
J. Hannahan 3b322110000.306
2B – J Kipnis (3, C Lewis).
3B – J Damon (1, C Lewis).
HR – S Choo (1, 2nd inning off C Lewis 1 on, 1 Out), J Hannahan (2, 3rd inning off C Lewis 0 on, 0 Out).
SF – T Hafner.
RBI – J Damon 2 (2), T Hafner (13), S Choo 2 (11), J Hannahan (16).
2-out RBI – J Damon 2.
Runners left in scoring position, 2 out – J Kipnis 1, T Hafner 1.
GIDP – M Brantley.
Team LOB – 3.
 Base Running
SB – J Kipnis (6, 2nd base off C Lewis/M Napoli).
CS – A Cabrera (2, 2nd base by C Lewis/M Napoli), M Brantley (4, 2nd base by C Lewis/M Napoli).
E – J Hannahan (5, field).
DP – 3 (A Cabrera-J Kipnis-C Kotchman, J Hannahan-J Kipnis-C Kotchman, C Santana-A Cabrera).
C. Lewis (L, 3-1)6.210661221.142.97
R. Ross1.10000200.691.54
J. Gomez (W, 2-1)7.08331200.992.82
V. Pestano (H, 7)1.01000100.942.31
C. Perez (S, 10)1.00000001.113.09
HBP – A Cabrera (by R Ross).
Pitches-strikes – C Lewis 106-73; R Ross 17-11; J Gomez 90-56; V Pestano 22-16; C Perez 12-8.
Ground balls-fly balls – C Lewis 12-12; R Ross 1-1; J Gomez 12-7; V Pestano 2-0; C Perez 1-2.
Batters faced – C Lewis 28; R Ross 5; J Gomez 29; V Pestano 3; C Perez 4.
Game Details
Umpires: HP–Dale Scott. 1B–CB Bucknor. 2B–Angel Campos. 3B–Dan Iassogna.
Weather: 66 degrees, cloudy.
Wind: 7 mph, in from right.

  • hanny have a good game tonite jon?  couldnt tell from the writeup..  😉

  • WFNYJon

    One of the days, Kanicki.  TO THE MOON!!!

    In seriousness: you make it sound as though I WANT Jack to fail.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As I’ve written often about Josh Tomlin in the past: I hope he’s a freak.  I hope he defies everything that anyone has ever concluded about the game of baseball.  In short, I hope that Jack Hannahan is a legit force.

    But you have to understand that everything I know about baseball suggests otherwise.  I’m not rooting for him to come back to earth.  I just expect it.

  • akzipper

    It’s time for Cleveland to start showing up for these games! This is the best they will be playing all year, and I understand like last year the team will bounce back to earth. But still, the time is now to support them. It’s just embarrassing that we’re dead last in the league in attendance!

  • mgbode

    Whoever decided to not turn the calendar in the clubhouse is a genius.  He sees Miss April on the way out to the field and thinks it’s still his favorite month 🙂

  • mgbode

    well it’s not like the team is undefeated coming off a series win of the rival White Sox and just beat possibly the best team in MLB.  or….

  • akzipper

    People are too busy worrying about out our 4-win football team, that’s not even going to play a game until september and probably finish dead last in the league. But no…don’t support a team that is actually winning. Funny thing is the Indians already have the same number of wins that the Browns had in the past 3 years combined…I love the Browns as much as anyone but get a clue Cleveland!!!!

  • we’ll, get to tomlin.  😉  it was june of last year i pointed out tomlin was WHIP-ing at a walter johnson /pedro pace.  ive had to cool it.

    in an era of global brand athletes where the after party is the thing and the game seems incidental; where the goal is lifestyle in glamourous cities and ‘championship pursuit’ is used as it’s specious cover.. hanny and tomlin leap off the page to me.

    do *you* want him to fail, im sure no.  but you have to admit there were plenty who folks last year critical of playing 31-yr-old hanny when ‘chisenhall is the future.’  methinks those people are lurking and looking for a slump/opening to renew this call.

    me?  i think he’s earned -EARNED- a secure starting position.  31 year old great glove 3rd baseman batting .250?  hell, that’s hall of fame material.

  • CJG

    I was at the game last night sitting next to the bullpen. It was the best game I’ve been to in a while. I say people need to start going to games, they are worth the money.

  • Steve

    In his prime, Robinson hit more like .275, and that was in a lower run-scoring environment. And to just call him a great glove is ludicrous. Best defensive 3B of all-time.

  • JNeids

    “Jeanmar Gomez continues to looks more like a number two pitcher than our actual number two”…while our actual number two pitcher continues to look like actual number two.

  • he was a great glove.  but i do believe his legacy is skewed due to longevity and the fact the he flashed the glove notably in world series’.  his best defensive plays were seen by all and were especially crushing if you were a reds fan at the time.  (i was.)

    i saw him.  while he gets the benefit of the doubt for his ‘meh’ stick from playing in the pitcher era, he also benefits from not playing in the internet era where his HOF status would be subject to more scrutiny.

    regardless, i stand by the comparison.  what hanny hasnt done is play every day since he was 20.  but at age 32 (ie, today), hanny=brobinson.