While We’re Waiting… NFL Draft Ends, Weeden’s MLB Career, Indians in 1st?

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Some QB insight after a rare interview with Holmgren: “Judging by Holmgren’s comments, the Browns either thought about taking Weeden in the second round or considered trading back in the first round to take him. They ultimately drafted Weeden with the 22nd overall pick because they didn’t want to risk losing him. … I get the feeling that Holmgren wants to keep Colt McCoy as the backup to Weeden. He doesn’t think it would be difficult for McCoy to adjust to that role because he ‘is a special young man.'” [Jamison Hensley/ESPN NFL Nation Blog]

Looking back with a review for the Richardson pick: “There is some debate about whether it is wise to select a running back this early since you can find productive players at the position later in the draft. In fact, I am usually the first one to make that argument. However, if there is an exception to the rule it’s Richardson, who was one of the truly elite prospects in this class and the best running back to come along since Adrian Peterson. The Browns play in a rough and tumble division where the ground game is very important and Richardson will fit right in.” [Scott Wright/Draft Countdown]

Here’s a nice Friday story on the Yankees’ relationship with now-Browns QB Brandon Weeeden: “There is no major league draft as famous as the 2002 session, which has been immortalized in both a bestselling book and an Oscar-nominated movie. … But last night the spotlight turned toward a high schooler from that draft who never rose above A-ball. That is because a decade after the Yankees took Brandon Weeden with their top pick — the next-to-last selection of the second round — he was picked by the Browns with the 22nd pick in the first round of the NFL draft.” [Joel Sherman/New York Post]

Are the Indians for real? What’s next for the team? Stay tuned to look at what’s going on: “Are they tied for 1st Place? Are they tied for 1st Place? Yes…and it can certainly be argued that the Indians simply took advantage of a favorable schedule in the early going (and I’ll actually make that argument if you want to hear it) and that this is still ultimately a flawed team (again, no dissension on that point as they have a negative run differential)…” [Paul Cousineau/The DiaTribe]

Yeah, sure, the Indians have had trouble getting their investment back from the Cliff Lee trade, but is another recent trade similar? “Time has proved that the Indians were burned to a crisp in the Cliff Lee trade. The Yankees, to date, have merely had their fingers singed in the acquisition of Michael Pineda from Seattle. Burned is burned, but the pain comes in degrees.” [Paul Hoynes/Cleveland Plain Dealer]

And, finally, a new 11W writer picks up on the SEC’s impact on the NFL Draft and how Urban Meyer might bring that to Columbus: “Well, guess what? Urban is known to recruit at the same capacity as our SEC brethren and we have seen the high caliber talent he has scooped up in his 2012 class and the 2013 class thus far. OSU commits are beginning to choose the Buckeyes over the Alabamas and LSUs. It’s pretty safe to say that it is only a matter of time before Chris Berman starts dropping OSU and Meyer-bombs and the B1G begins to prosper at draft time because of The Ohio State Buckeyes. Wait, would ESPN really let that happen?” [David Sokol/Eleven Warriors]

  • C-Bus Kevin

    I know I might be in the minority, but I’m pretty happy with this draft class. The front office is finally ‘going for it’ with an offense-heavy set of picks. I am excited to see these new Browns in action, and I think most other fans will be too once they see more points on the scoreboard.

    Also, I think the offensive improvements will show everyone that this defense is ready to win now. With more scoring, less teams will be running out the clock midway through the 3rd quarter, and some of the rushing defense stats will take care of themselves. Plus, the added DT depth will mean fresh legs are available to pressure the QB and seal more games.

    Also, go Tribe!