While We’re Waiting… Leaving Opening Day Early, The OKC Model, Trent Richardson’s TwitPic, and the Dwightmare

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I don’t approve of leaving games early, but I have a hard time killing folks for not sticking around for the full 16 innings (15 of which that were scoreless and 9 that were beerless): “There was no excuse for all of the fans who left to do so when they did.

Would you have left a Cavs game when overtime started? What about if a Browns game went overtime – would you have left at the end of the 4th quarter? Of course not – and the weather would probably be worse.

The game started at 3:05pm, not 7:05pm, so it couldn’t have been that it was getting too late for people. Perez blew the save around 5:45pm and the 10th inning began around 6pm. Sure it was a long game, but once it was over, Josh and I drove back to his house in Medina, where I picked up my car and drove to Akron. I was home by 10pm – or about two hours earlier that I would have been for a 9-inning game that started at 7:05pm.” [Ryan Isley/More Than a Fan]

Wait a minute, weren’t you the guy who said the Cavs were looking to trade into the lottery? They don’t have anyone on this roster even remotely comparable to Ray Allen. “Moral of the story: If you want to obtain a second lottery pick, as the Sonics/Thunder did that summer, you’d better have a really good player that someone else wants.

In this example, that player was [Ray] Allen. He was, and remains today, one of the game’s premier outside shooters. In fact, during the season prior to the trade, Allen averaged a career-best 26.4 points per game.

So again, if your favorite team is in the lottery … and you want to obtain another lottery pick … you need to ask yourself a question. You need to ask yourself if your team has anyone like Allen.” [Sam Amico/Fox Sports Ohio]

Who doesn’t want to read another NFL Mock Draft?  “4. Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama. Cleveland has the biggest decision of the draft and can turn the entire thing sideways with its decision. Browns are in desperate need to upgrade their receiving coprs, but a running back can sometimes open up the passing game just as well. Richardson is the most-complete back since Adrian Peterson; that’s say a lot.” [Sam Drew/Sam Drew Takes On]

Meanwhile, Trent Richardson is tweeting pictures of Browns hats.

I’m perversely enjoying watching Dwight Howard make an ass out of himself. “For the first time, Howard realized that he was driving down LeBron Street, realized the criticism that was coming his way for forcing a trade, and he hit the brakes. He slammed it into reverse, turned around and did the one thing that could give him instant gratification: Stay one more year, get a standing ovation in Orlando, and restart this circus next summer.

For the Magic, it is far more important to keep Howard over Van Gundy. It doesn’t matter that Howard will someday regret pulling this power play. It doesn’t matter that Howard hadn’t accomplished much significant until Van Gundy arrived to coach him, push him, and help make him a three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year, an NBA Finalist. Van Gundy is great, but you have to pick the star over the coach. Always. Still, you don’t do it this way. Unless Howard decides to sign his five-year extension, he doesn’t get to fire one of the NBA’s five best coaches. If he signs, well, that changes everything. That’s business.

Yet, Howard doesn’t have the courage of convictions, and that got exposed Thursday when he couldn’t simply stand there and say, ‘Yes, I’ve told management that I want someone else coaching the Magic.’ It would’ve been liberating for Van Gundy, the locker room, the franchise, but it wasn’t surprising Howard remained silent, because ownership has created a culture where they’ll constantly cover for him. If he was willing to stay five more years, well, these are flaws that you’d live with for the best center on the planet. That’s basketball. That’s business.” [Adrian Wojnarowski/Yahoo! Sports]

  • Trent Richardson is endearing himself to Browns fans, 140 characters at a time.

  • Tominnewbremen

    Atleast someone wants to come to cleveland. He must not be of of the four top ten who doesn’t. Sorry for double negative.

  • TheatreJay

    I was at the Indians game with my family. We left after the 8th inning. Why? Because we were sitting on the 3rd base side, in the shade, and we had my son who is under 2 years old with us. While we had him in layers, his hands were freezing. We did not want him to catch a cold. While I do not like leaving a game early, we did it 1) under the assumption Pure Rage would put a quick end to the game, and 2) To keep my child healthy. I feel that was perfectly acceptable.

  • Methinks someone just wants to get drafted higher (and paid more).

  • Astaff1984

    With the rookie wage scale the difference in pay is nowhere near what it used to be.