WFNY Contest: Tuition to Football Camps of Browns’ TJ Ward, Greg Little


Have or know a child between the ages of 7-16 who would like to take part in the three-day summer football camps of budding Cleveland Browns stars Greg Little and TJ Ward? WFNY would like to help provide two readers with tuition to each respective outing, hopefully giving the next generation an experience they never forget.

Here are the details:

Greg LittleYouth Football Camp

Two locations:

  • Eastside, July 9-11 at Notre Dame College
  • Westside, July 16-18 at Padua High School

Camp Details:

  • Three-day, non-contact camps for youth ages 7-16, divided by experience level
  • 7-on-7 flag football games
  • Punt, pass and kick competitions
  • Combine testing
  • Top area high school coaches teaching the kids day-to-day

For details go to or call 440-836-3424


TJ Ward Youth Football Camp


  • Canton, June 25-27 at Malone University

Camp Details:

  • Three-day, non-contact camps for youth ages 7-16, divided by experience level
  • 7-on-7 flag football games
  • Punt, pass and kick competitions
  • Combine testing
  • Top area high school coaches teaching the kids day-to-day

    For details go to or call 440-836-3424

Regular price of each respecitve camp is $225. Register by Friday April 13 and receive $25 off. Space is limited.


How can you win?

Simple. Merely comment below with a childhood Browns-related experience of your own. We will randomly pick two winners on Friday, April 13. The first-selected individual will get their choice of camp/location with the second winner getting the remaining camp.

Please remember to comment with a valid email address — we will be using this address to contact the winners.

Best of luck, folks!

  • Natedawg86

    14 years old (birthday) last game in 1995.  Rode the amtrak in.  So cold that I literally felt sick.  Tons of vulgar chants, hacksaws in the dawgpound, took the seat home with me.  “Piss on Art”

  • Deuce

    One of the most unique Browns experiences I had involving the Browns was when I was 8, but it did not involve going to a game. I played rec ball for a flag league in my city and the late, great, Eddie Johnson came to our field because he lived in the area. He signed all of our jersey’s (even though we were the Raiders LOL) and stayed the whole morning. It was a huge deal to me and was a nice element to the budding football career of a young kid.

  • Root4Cleveland

    December 15, 1985.  My father and fraternal grandfather we at the Browns game against the Houston Oilers.  My mother was at the hospital.  I was born at 2:15 a.m. on the 16th, and my father was late in arriving because of horrible weather conditions between Cleveland and Columbus.

    He had attained permission from my mother to attend the game as I wasn’t expected until mid-January.  Even with that, I’m still a Browns fan.

  • Eric

    My dad took my brother and I to the last playoff game in Cleveland.  Belichick and Testeverde lead the Browns to a playoff win over the Patriots in Municipal Stadium.

  • One of my first memories was my father taking me to a open practice when I was 12 and getting some players autographs.  He wouldn’t take me to an actual game till a few years later. Browns fan for life.

  • Believeland2012

    “Hey kids I’m Greg Little, and this is how you drop passes…”

  • **bobby**

    First browns game I ever attended. My father scalped tickets. Last row at muni stadium. Saw the browns lose to Broadway Joe Namath his final season

  • Baerga’s Gold Chains

    The first Browns player I ever met was Keenan McCardell when he came to visit the old Kingsgate Mall in Mansfield. I was 8 at the time and I remember being in awe because it was the first time I ever met anyone relatively famous.  He gave me a high five and made me feel like a million bucks.  From that point on, I would always look for him when I watched Browns games to see how he lined up and how he ran routes. 
    *Hoping to win a camp trip for my 11 year-old brother*

  • Amotter

    Maybe a week before Christmas, 1980, I was 11…all my Dad wanted was a Browns victory over the Vikes!
    A Hail Mary from Tommy Kramer to Ahmad Rashad had us stunned as we watch the TV in disbelief! My Dad threw his smoking pipe at the TV….only time he ever lost his cool! Now he is gone, and my 10 year old son stares in disbelief as I yell at the TV on Sundays….what a glorious day it will be when the Browns win the big one! Maybe we are all just crazy…but the honor of being a Browns fan runs deep! Go Browns!

  • Omar’s Magic Glove

    My Browns memory from my childhood in the 80’s/90’s was going to nearly every home game with my dad and uncles. We always got let in the games free by a ticket taker my dad knew.  We always stood at the same spot and even would get the free giveaway’s like a growl towel or posters.  
    The specific game I remember going to the most was the game against Buffalo where Don Beebe got flipped around and landed on his head!Also, we used to travel to away games.  Big groups of 20 to 40 of my uncles and their friends.  Went to a Detroit game. (Andre Ware had more rushing yards than Barry Sanders) Went to an Indianapolis game, and an Houston Oilers Game in the old Astro Dome (Dirtiest Stadium Ever and Warren Moon lit the Browns up!)  All were great times rooting on the Cleveland Browns.

  • BrownieBackers

    Mile High Statium, January 17, 1988, 1:12 left in the game against the Denver Broncos.  After watching Bernie bring us back from 21-3 deficit at halftime, my Dad and I watched as the most important Browns game in my life slipped right between our fingers when Byner fumbled.  At 12, my Dad told me stories about Jim Brown, the Cardiac kids, Dixon & Minnifield…and now when I have a chance to have my own story to tell my own kids, my heart was broken when I saw the ball fall out of Byner’s hand before he crossed the goal-line.  And now with 2 son’s of my own, I’m still chasing the one story that I”ve been waiting to share with them for more than 24 years.  Through thick and thin..forever a Browns fan.